Girl meets boy

join Hannahs journey! She ges to the oh so cute one directions concert! will they like her? hate her? do you Belive in fate?


4. girlfriend

The boys made small talk among themselves. I tuned in and out at times. "we are here" Zayn said. He takes out a nerf gun and shoots me. I deside to play along and "fall dead" onto the floor. Harry then pulls out his. "For my love" he said the shot Zayn. Niall and Liam pulled out theirs. they all ran out and shot eachother. Louis helped me laugh. we Made small talk walking in. They put my name on the "list" permnitly. I go into the bathroom and change into this: I walked out into the screaning room. Right before they go up i give them all a hug and wish them good luck. Harry was the last one to go and kissed me on the cheek. I still blushed. They go out and sing their hearts out. the dedicate their last song Moments to me and my family. I was shocked. I could feel the heat rise up to my cheeks. They showed my face on the screen at first i did not know. They ran off the stage when they finnished to make sure i liked it. Of course i did. We packed everything up and headed to the car. Harry and I were in the back walking while the rest ran. He suddently stopped. I turned to him. he grabbed my hands "Hannah, will you be my girlfriend" he asked me. I was shocked. A started to smile. "Of course" I said.I really liked him. who would say no anyways?  On purpuse to make him in shock. I kissed him on the lips real fast and skiped to the limo. For a minute he was frozen in shock. the boys were laughing. ti made me giggle a little. then as soon as i did harry snapped out of it. "Oh so you think its funny" he said to me. I giggled an nodded. He ran over to me a put me on his shoulder. he started runnign around. "Harry! put my down"! i said. he refused. I giggled then yelled. "Superman help"! "Superman is coming my dear lady" Louis yelled. he came and got me and carried my "bridle style" to the car. He then sat me down. Harry came over to me. he kissed my cheek. it made me blush and i looked at the ground. he hopped in then i hopped in after him. I once again sat in his lap. On the way there we all talked. all of us besides me and Harry got out. right as i was about to get out Harry tightened hsi grip on me. he whispered in my ear "I love you" he said. then he easily bit me ear. I turned and looked at me. "I love you too" i said. i kissed him and easily bit his lip. I got off his lap and headed out the limo. He sat their in shock. the boys asked what i did. i said. "Well, he bit my ear, so i turned around to him kissed him then bit his lip i explained. Louis was looking at me smiling. "Oh girl you got him good" he screamed! i laughed. We high fived. then louis whispered in his ear. "He will always try to get you back, but you have got to win this one, no girl has ever won againsed the harry styles. not even lasted as long as you have before melting in dreamy land" I said. I laughed. i whispered in his ear "Well thats because there probubly not good at flirting" I said. he nodded his head. "True" he said i giggled. Harry then climbed out. he put his arm around me. We walked in. They went in their dressing rooms. I stayed out where they took there photos. A while later they Finnaly came out. They took a goup picture first. Liam, Zayn, and Niall had problums looking like the were smiling for real. so then i got behind the camera man and started making weird faces. then they started to smile. Once they did for a few minutes i put a fainger up to my lips as in i was never here. then i ran back to my seat. After that that took pictures sepretly. Harry's was last so we talked the hole time. Then they asked if they had girlfriends. Only Harry couls say yes.  so then they wanted to take pictures of us. I nodded. i went to the limo and got my dress form the mall. i went into a dressing room. they did everything for me i eneded up looking likt this: when i came out all the boys jaws were dropped. I couldent help but giggle. Haryr was dressed in a tux with a red bowtie. We then tooked some pictures. We laughed, joked, and dance. He even Kissed me on the cheek a few times too.


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