Girl meets boy

join Hannahs journey! She ges to the oh so cute one directions concert! will they like her? hate her? do you Belive in fate?


2. Fire

When i started to wake up i heard Niall say "I think she is waking up". "Hey love can you hear me" Harry asked. His voice sounded like and angel. "Harry" i asked unsertain trying to open my eyes. They all laughed. When My eyes finnialy opened they were all huvering over me. I jumped. I was in a room. Harry's maybe? They all started laughing exept for Harry. I could tell he felt really bad. Everyone but him went down stairs for dinner. I put my hand on his cheek. "I'm so" he started to say. i cut him off

Hazza's P.O.V

"I'm so" I started to say. but then she cut me off. "Shh, dont worry about it" she said. Woah. I am falling for her, and hard. Everytime i see her im suprized I can keep my cool. and my eyes dont pop out. or my eyes dont turn into hearts. Just like i the cartoons. She is geourgus. Im going to make a move.

Normal P.O.V


He kissed my cheek. I blushed. he layed down beside me. He gently put my hair behind my ear. It sent chills up my spine. Can he really like me? I asked myself. "I really like you, you no" he said. Iooked down and smiled. I looked up and looked in to big beautifull green eyes. "Now I do" I said in a hushed voice. He chuckled and took my hand. He started rubbing it. "Harry, Hannah, foods ready" Liam shouted from down stairs. Harry helped me up but kept one hand interlocked with his. He lead me down stairs to the kitchen. No one seemed to notice our hand holding. Niall told me to go sit down that they would fix my plate. I was so wore out i did not fight back. even know i dident want to i let go of Harry's hand and sat down. Liam came with mine and his food and sat on my left. Harry sat on my right. Niall across from me, Louis across from Harry, and Zayn across from Liam. We had Hamburgers and fries. (or as they say chips). They were all telling a bunch of jokes. i could not stop laughing. After we watched a horror film. i dident catch the name. I did not even watch hafe of it. vI kepp ducking my head into Harry's chest. All of them laughed but him. he would smooth my hair. He calmed me alot. After the movie i was frozen with fright. Harry had to carry me upstairs. I clenged onto him begging him not to leave me to sleep with me (Not that way you nasty! xD) He let me borrow Some of his moms stuff she left it looked like this: Well, i gave it a few upgrades. like i wore Harry's socks and The slippers, I found them laying around. Harry jumped in the bedwith just his boxers. He put his arm around me and we both fell asleep. In the morning i woke up. Harry was still asleep. we were exactly like we were when we went to sleep. I snuggled more aginsed him. I caught a little smirk on his face. "Harry, Harry where are you" the boys yelled from down stairs. "Up here" he replyed. we both hafe sat up. i broke away from him exept a holding his hand under the covers. I heard them coming upstairs. They finnialy reached the room. "Well, well, well, what do we have here" Liam asked. "VAS HAPNING" zayn shouded. I giggled. "Anyone hungrey? Ill make breakfest" I volunteer. "Aww you dont have to do that said Louis. "Yeah she does" Niall said giving him a look. I laughed. I let go of Harry's hand and go downstairs into the kitchen. I started Making Eggs, Pancaked, and Bacon. I made homemade panacke surup like my mom taught me too. There was a mini t.v. in the kitchen so i turned it on. The news was on. Why is my house on the news? They found my house on fire and My parents dead inside. My hand slipped and landed on the pan. I screamed and fell onto the floor.

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