Girl meets boy

join Hannahs journey! She ges to the oh so cute one directions concert! will they like her? hate her? do you Belive in fate?


10. drama, drama and more drama

She leaped to get me but i ducked. The boys surrounded me to protect me. "I can handle it" I insisted. They all left my side but Harry. "don't do it love its not wroth it. I don't want to see you hurt again" Harry said. I look down at my hand and flex it. I started working towards the limo again. Harrys hand was ripped from mine. I turn round. The girl smashed her lips to Harry's. okay. THATS IT! i charged at her and knocked her to the ground. I repeatedly punched her. She kneed me n the stomach causing me to groan and punch her in the ribs. Zayn ripped me apart from her. Liam got her off me. I struggled in his arms. i fought against his arms trying to get another go a her. Harry comes and calms me. I look down at my hands to see her blood on my knuckles. My body gave up on me, causing me to faint in zayns arms. 
  When i came back to my senses i was still outside, but i was in Harrys arms. He was carrying me. I looked up at him. He kissed my head. Right when i open my mouth to apologize Harry pecked me on the lips. "Don't" he whispered in my ear. "But-" i started. Harry interrupted me. "If some other guy tried to kiss you i would of done the same thing" he assured me.  I just leet it slip. y head really hurt so i feel back to sleep in his arms. 
   This time i woke up in bed in mine and Harry's room. T-bone was at my feet, while Harry was asleep holding onto me. I Looked at the clock 10:30 am.  I kissed is head. "Good morning babe" i say. "Morning love" he relied. I adore his morning voice. We headed downstairs with t-bone tagging along. We found the boys playing truth or dare, so we joined in. 
  "truth or dare Hannah" Louis asked me. "hmm Dare" i replied. "You have to sit in Liam's lap for the rest of the game" he said. Without saying anything or looking at Harry i sat in Liam's lap. He wrapped his arms around me. I shot Harry a apologetic look. he was mad. but once he saw my face he brushed it off. "Zayn truth or dare" Louis questioned. "dare" Zayn responded. "I dare you to sit on Hannah's lap" he said. wonderful (sarcastic). i thought everyone looked at me. i said that out loud oops. i blushed. Zayn said in my lap. Louis was about to ask someone else when harry cut in. "Zayn I dare you to get off her" He growled. Zayn did as told. "truth or dare Hannah" harry asked. I could tell he wanted me to pick dare.  "Dare". "Come sit in my lap for the rest of the game" he said. I did as told. As soon as i sat down i felt his body relax. i wrapped my arm around his back. he put his chin on my shoulder. I looked at the boys. Apparently Niall left. as soon as that thought floated in my mind here came Niall with food. "Liam truth or dare" Louis asked. "dare". "I dare you to kiss Hannah on the cheek". 
  Thats when Harry jumped up. he picked me up and carried me o our room. he kissed me on the cheek. "There i did it for him" Harry said. he was obviously pissed off by the tone of his voice. Harry sat me on the bed before laying down and pulling me against him. "Mine all mine" he mumbled. I looked at him. did he really get jealous? but the more i thought of it, i would be too. I put a hand on his face lightly rubbing my thumb back and forth on his cheek. No boys came up. I guess Louis realized he crossed the line. 
  Harry suddenly laid his nose on mine looking me in the eyes. Damn those green eyes. They make me fall in love ll over again every time. "I want you to be all mine" he stated softly. "looks like that is already true" i responded. He kissed me. This kiss was full of love. After a few minutes he pulled back. "I love you" we said at the same time. we laughed. He turned on the tv. we watched it for about an hour. "want to go out to lunch" he asked. "count me in" i answered him. But neither of us moved. we were to comfy to get up. Louis comes in. "can I talk to Harry alone" he asked. I nodded. I got u and shut the door behind me. i started walking away. I heard Louis talking. "Why are you letting that thing ruin the band"? He was referring to me.

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