Girl meets boy

join Hannahs journey! She ges to the oh so cute one directions concert! will they like her? hate her? do you Belive in fate?


1. Concerts and drowning

Hannah's POV

This was the big day of the one direction concert!I rushed to get ready. (outfit on side picture) SKIP i sat in the lower section. I am a dedicated fan as Zayn would say. They are all pretty sexy. I was enjoying listening to one thing. All of a sudden they all stopped and looked at me. I saw the sparkle in their eyes. At the end of the song they got off stage. The arena started to clear out. I was just about to leave when the manager said they wanted to meet me. "Holy crow me" I thought in my head. I followed him. There was a hudge croud waiting to see them. He put me right up front. They smiled at me. Harry winked of course i blushed. they all laughed. I went and greeted them. They were really funny. i took a picture with them. they let me have it for free. They asked for my number so i wrote down my name and number on Harry's arm. Just before i left Harry asked "Do you have a ride home pretty thing"? I smiled and said "Kinda, i planned on taking the bus home for two hours". They all looked at eachother. "Stay with us for the rest of the night and we will drive you home tommorow"Harry suggested. i smiled. "I will have to ask my parents" i replyed. i took out my phone to see it was dead. 'darn it" i mumbled to myself. Liam held out his phone. "here use mine" he said. "Thanks liam" i said and smiled at him. I walked out the room and called them. they said it was ok as long as i called them in the morning. I was so flipping happy! i walked back. "they said yes" i said. "Great" Louis said. We left and hopped in the limo. I sat inbetween Harry and Liam. by doing that i took Louis's seat. I got up and looked for anoth one. Louis pulled me onto his lap and said for me to hit there. i giggled. "Ok thanks" i said while blushing. I saw Harry give Louis i dirty look. I pretended like i dident see it. The ride was long. i was so tired. I apparently feel asleep on Louis. I woke up by him kissing my cheek. "oh" i said startled. He rubbed my back. "shh" he smoothed me. The rest were already inside. We hopped out. Harry saw us coming and opened the door. I smiled and thanked him. I walked in to find Liam and Niall sitting on the couch. Liam patted the spot next to him looking at me. So i sat there. I looked up and asked "where am i going to sleep i can sleep on the couch" . "no, no, you sleep in my bed and ill sleep on the couch" he insisted. "Thanks Harry, but you dont have to do that for me here is fine" i said. I smiled at him. "Oh yes i do" he said arguing back. "Well im not moving" i said. i smiled at him. All the boys look at one another . Harry picked me up. he carried me to the back door. Liam opened it then i saw a pool. "oh no" i squealed. "Do you agree to let me sleep on the couch" he said smirking. "Fine" i said in deafeat. He smiled that cheecky smile. he kissed me on thec cheek and threw me in. Oh no! I cant swin. I cried for help on the top of my lungs. Liam dived in after me. I dont know what happened after that. I blacked out.

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