Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


3. spoil the party

In the morning dad and Johanna left for jobs. I went as usual down in my nightgown and picked up what I wanted. I sat at the table and ate. I heard Louis woke up and how he flushed the toilet. He came down the stairs and to my great surprise, he smiled at me.
"Good morning!"
I didn't answer but ate on. Louis laughed right a little bit and took what he wanted to eat. He sat down at the table and smiled at me.
"So you always wake up on the wrong side?"
I sighed and gave him a quick glance
"Stop being so silly! Nobody can hear you and you can be the idiot you are!"
Louis looked surprised. He ate a little, but let me not go with his eyes.
"Okay, you don't like me coming home?"

I ate.
"What do you think?"
Louis looked down at his food.
"You know that I don't have anything against you?"
I looked at him quickly
"Like when we were in school and you treated me like a shit?"
Louis smiled rather sheepishly and looked at me long before he talked on.
"It was a long time ago?"
I shook directly on the head and gave him a cold look
"You blew my whole school and every time I thought you were gone you showed up again. Much like now!"

It looked as if Louis was ashamed, but I figured I could have imagined that reaction. He looked at me again and seemed to collect his thoughts.
"It was a long time ago and I'm not the same guy anymore!"
I ate and didn't respond. Louis seemed like forever, don't give up and looked at me.
"Please, give me a chance?"
I looked at him and tried to read his face. I couldn't, and looked at him as I always did.
"Prove that you have changed you then!"


At the evening I would go to a party. I put on a black dress and made ​​sure everything was perfect. When I came down to my dad, he smiled proudly at me.
"You remind me of your mother!"
I hugged him and smiled big.
"Thank you and I come home on time!"
Johanna smiled and looked at me from top to bottom.
"New dress?"
I smiled and nodded
"I bought it a month ago just for this evening."

I didn't hear that Louis came into the room. Not until I turned around and met his gaze. I noted that he inspected me closely and looked long at the dress.
"Isn't it challenging for a sixteen year old girl?"
Johanna laughed
"Lou, you usually like these dresses on girls?"
I saw that he liked the dress but there was something in his eyes that said the opposite.
"Everybody got those clothes!" I said cold to him, and he met my gaze.
"But you're my little sister now!"
I laughed cold
"As if it makes any difference?
Dad gave me a warning glance and then smiled against Louis
"She's going to a house further away and I know of who has the party. We are used!"


I was angry when I left the house. How could Louis have the nerve to interfere in my life? He shouldn't even bother and I wasn't his sister. I was by myself and lived my life. I was so angry that my friend Caroline balked.
"What happened?"
I looked coldly at her
"My so-called brother believe that I dress to challenging!"
She laughing direct
"Ah, Louis? Oh god what you are lucky to have him as a brother!"
I shook my head and we went into the party.
"I'm not happy and I hate him!"
Caroline looked disappointedly at me
"But he's famous?"

"Doesn't matter!" I responded immediately and went straight up to the table with drinks on. I noted that they had poured pure liquor in the soft drink and I smiled instantly.


The party was as I had imagined. I chose not to drink too much and I had fun. Right as it was the girls started screaming and some ran to the door. I was talking to Simon and he balked.
"I think we've got great visit!" he mumbled. I turned my head and saw Louis standing in the doorway. Directly I became angry. I stood still with Simon and looked back at him.
"You're staying here!"
Simon nodded and smiled at me.
"You don't want to talk to him?"
I sighed
"I can talk to him tomorrow and what is he doing here?"

Right as it was, I felt a tapping on the shoulder.
"I'm here to check how you're doing!"
I turned around cold towards Louis.
"Stay out of my life!"
He smiled sweetly at me and seemed not to care about what I said.
"So this is how it's to have a party?"
Caroline came up to us and giggled delightedly.
"He's better looking in real life!" she said, and immediately met Louis amused her gaze.
"Thank you!"

I almost fainted with anger and saw how everyone just stared at him. I looked cold at Louis and pushed him away from me.
"Then go to those who want to suck up to you!"
Louis raised his eyebrows
"The girls aren't as funny as you are!"
I heard how everyone thought it was cute thing to say, but I chose to continue hating him.
"Stop Lou!"
He smiled big
"So now you call me Lou?"
I turned my back to him and pulled with me Simon to another room. Simon laughed amused and seemed to want to stick around and listen to Louis.
"Why do you hate him?"
I saw cold at Simon.
"Don't you remember how he was against us?"

Simon didn't seem to understand what I was talking about.
"He was like all the others in his class!"
I sighed and looked directly so that Louis didn't follow us.
"He was and is an idiot!"
Simon gave me direct a hug and smiled with amusement.
"It was a long time ago and he's not the same person!"
"Everyone tell me that!" I mumbled cold. "But I see the same old fool like before!"


Louis stayed away, or at least from a distance. I had fun in the end and couldn't worry about him. He shouldn't ruin my night. All the girls looked at him and I noticed that several of them started talking to me. They showed that they courted and eventually I got enough.


I took on my jacket and left the party earlier than planned. Without I noticing it came Louis right after me. He came to the end to me and stopped me.
"What do you have against me?"
I turned around to him and just wanted to scream out straight.
"You know it!" I whispered cold. "You're no different and your the same Louis as before!"
He smiled weakly
"I have changed!"
"You prove nothing!"
He smiled and let go of my arm.
"Please give me a chance!"
I sighed
"You said the same thing this morning but this proves nothing to me. Instead, you follow after me to a party and destroy everything!"
Louis looked troubled.
"But it was because I care!"

I started walking again and he followed me.
"Please stop being so angry!"
I shook my head.
"Not until you let me be!"
Louis sighed a little bit and didn't seem at all pleased with the evening.
"If I let you be then?"
I smiled weakly.
"Then, I believe in you!"


When we came home, looked dad baffled at me
"Are you already home?"
I sighed and pointed at Louis.
"He came!"
Johanna looked blankly out.
"But Louis was just ..."
I interrupted her
"He showed up and everyone was screaming. Then he says he cares? If you care so much, you can at least trust me?"

Johanna became embarrassed and nodded
"We trust you and maybe we let him do it because he wanted to!"
I understood nothing
"And you let him?"
Louis stood beside me and seemed pleased.
"Clearly they let your brother see how it was at that party!"
I looked at him coldly
"You're not my brother!"
I heard my father cleared his throat and I realized I was too mean, but I was also too tired to bother.
"I go to bed!" I mumbled and chose to leave them. I heard Johanna began to whisper to Louis, but couldn't care more about him.

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