Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


9. Speaking out

As soon as Niall had to go back home, popped Louis up. Niall disappeared off with the car and I turned angrily to Louis.
"You treat him wrong!"
Louis smiled cool to me and shook his head
"I'm not friends with your boyfriends and you'll take care of it on your own!"
I sighed and walked past him into the house.
"You are impossible to be friends with!"
Louis followed me
"You too!"

I sighed again and stopped. Louis stood beside me and looked at me with his angry eyes.
"Do you regret it or do you select Niall before your family?"
Johanna heard us and came straight into the room
"Stop Lou, she need not to choose any of us., It's you who will choose!"
I smiled cold towards him and nodded
"Oh brother, it's you who will choose, I have my family behind me!"

"You don't have me there!" he mumbled cold and I just snorted.
"You don't belong to my family!"


Dad noticed that the atmosphere between me and Louis were worse than when we arrived to the cottage. I looked at him that he was suffering, but I didn't want to become friends with Louis. I didn't have a brother who was self-centered and I didn't have a brother who didn't understand that I wanted something else with my life.


Finally, one evening my father and Johanna chose to leave us alone in the cottage.
"We go out and eat!" Dad mumbled and looked at us. "We come home late and then you should have talked through everything!"
Johanna gave Louis a quick hug and then looked at me.
"Please give him a chance!"


As soon as we had been alone, I went to my room. To my great surprise upholstered Louis me and looked at me.
"We should talk!"
I turned around and looked at him.
He looked embarrassed down on the ground and seemed for once human.
"Well we, you and I!"
I sighed
"What's there to talk about, then you don't like anything in my life and I don't like your life!"

Louis pointed to the couch and then looked at me
"Sit down!"
I sighed and obeyed him. I sat on the couch and Louis was placed next to me. He swallowed, and I understood that he really wanted to be friends with me.
"Okay!" he said, looking straight at me. "I'm sorry for everything I did to you when we were in school, but I was afraid and wanted to show tough for my friends!"
I sighed
"Throughout your school days?"
He sighed
"Okay, maybe not the end, but you were an easy target!"

I looked at him and wondered if he was serious
"But you always teased me and you were always mean to me!"
Louis blushed.
"I liked you but didn't know how to show it!"
I sighed
"Neat way to show that you like someone!?"
He smiled and looked down at his hands
"When we got up in age, I never got the chance to fix it. You were already angry and you gave me no chance. Not that I deserved a chance, but I actually wanted to be friends with you!"

I assumed he was serious, but I still doubted him.
"You made me hate school!" I said honestly. "You made me hate the breaks and I was always on my guard!"
Louis really embarrassed and then looked up at me.
"I know!"
I sighed
"So why do you hate me now?"
Louis swallowed and avoided my eyes again.
"I don't hate you!"
I sighed and leaned back in the couch
"Well, Louis! You hate me and you show it clearly!"
He swallowed again and looked over at the television. He seemed to dream away and shook his head again.
"No, I don't! You don't understand how I feel when you choose Niall of all the guys around you!"

I laughed and realized that he didn't mean any of what he had said to me.
"I could have chosen Liam or maybe you? Had it gotten better?"
Louis was startled and looked at me.
I sighed
"You're crazy, I don't think it's Niall who's wrong, it's wrong about you!"
He swallowed again and I realized it was something he hadn't told me. I saw it in his eyes and I saw it on his entire body language.
"Tell me!" I said why, and noted that he blushed again.
"You will not understand!"

"Try me!"
Louis swallowed and seemed to hesitate. He looked at me and swallowed again.
"Sarah, I love you!"

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