Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


12. Niall

So we came to where the puncture. One Direction were invited to a movie premiere and so even their girlfriends.
"You have to come!" Niall begged and looked at me. "Everyone will be there and I don't want to go without you!"
I sighed and frowned
"But I have nothing to wear?"
He laughed a little bit and gave me a light kiss on the cheek
"I promise to make sure you will get some clothes! You can go naked, I don't care, as long as you following me!"
I gazed at him before I nodded
Niall was thrilled and hugged me tightly.
"God, how I love you!"


Both Louis and Niall liked the dress. They had took home a make-up artist for me and in the afternoon I was makeup. I put on my dress and got the hair to be perfect in my head. I'd even got new shoes from Niall. Everyone gathered in his house and when I was done Niall smiled big at me. He walked up to me and gave me a hug.
"YOU are beautiful!"
In the corner of my eye, I saw that Louis agreed, and he looked at me with envious eyes. I knew he wanted to be the one to took me with him, but I was with Niall.


Everyone wanted to take photographs of me and Niall. We walked along the red carpet and he held my hand tightly. We smiled, stood and looked nice and tried to look natural.
"You're good!" he got out of himself as a compliment and I smiled at Niall
"Thank you, I learn from a pro!"
He laughed and hugged me tightly.
"Honey, it's you who's a pro!"
I smiled and gave him a light kiss on the lips. He answered it and looked into my eyes. I saw how much he loved me and I saw how happy he was. My heart hurt and I realized that I was playing with his feelings. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be the two of us? Still, I didn't want to drop him. Niall was all that I needed and he was so lovely. The question was how much I loved him? 


I saw Louis standing further away in his own little solitude. He talked to Harry, but his eyes were fixed on me. He couldn't let go of me and I felt embarrassed. He was supposed to be my brother, but he wasn't? What did I feel for Louis? I let my eyes drift back to Niall and I looked into his gorgeous eyes. I had feelings for him. Talk about that I was split in two parts!


I kept close Niall the entire evening. After the movie, there was dancing and festivities in a hotel and I got to talk to many famous people. Niall held my hand tightly and was proud that I was there. Further away stood Louis and he was anything but happy.


Finally Niall and I went out to the taxi. People took pictures and he made ​​sure I got into the car, then he sat down next to me and closed the door.
"Sarah, I want you to sleep over!"
I paused and looked wide-eyed at him
"Do you mean,,,?"
Niall smiled big.
"I want us to do it tonight, I love you so much and there's no one else that I want to give my self to!"

I wanted to scream no, and I just wanted to go home. What could I say? No I'm not a virgin anymore! I've had sex with Louis!


When we got back to Niall, he put on music in the background and lit some candles. Then he turned completely around to me.
"I love you so much!" he said and pulled me into his arms. I felt how he pressed himself against me and our lips met. He was so wonderful to kiss and I almost forgot my doubts. He lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. I wanted to scream no, but couldn't! Niall pulled off my dress and he looked at my body. I saw that he loved me and pretty soon we were naked. He landed on top of me and kissed me tenderly. I felt his tongue searched for mine and he groaned loud. His hands caressed me and right as it was slid one hand down between my legs. I felt he reached my clit and he made me groan. Niall knew what he would do, but I didn't feel the same excitement as along with Louis. I wanted and I was excited, but at the same time I screamed no. Niall reached for a condom and put it over his member. I looked wonderingly at him and he just smiled big.

"I don't want to have children yet!"
I felt him lay down on me again and he penetrated. I felt how he filled me and he groaned aloud. I spread more on the legs and tried to take away Louis from my thoughts. I closed my eyes and felt Niall pressed himself into me.

"You're tight!" he whispered approvingly and seemed to think I was a virgin. I chose to remain silent and took the legs around his waist. Niall was quick and pretty soon he lay and groaned loudly over me. He came and started pushing one last time into me. I was disappointed and felt that I shouldn't have gone so far. Niall panted and pulled his member out out of me. He put the condom in a bag and then crawled under the covers. He fell asleep almost instantly.


That night I cried myself to seam. I felt so split and I felt like the criminal. I regretted everything and just wanted to die.

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