Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


4. Niall and the party

I tried to live my life, but Louis went more and more on my nerves. He never teased me or did something stupid. He just was there and I just felt more and more hatred towards him. Eventually I realized it was me, just me who felt that way. Louis himself seemed happy with life and just laughed at me.
"You should get yourself a hobby!" he said meaning. "You can't go around and hate me all the time!"
Dad agreed
"Lou does nothing wrong!"
And that was what made me the most angry. He did nothing wrong! He did everything right!


Eventually, Louis and the others in the group should have a party. They chose to call it a party, but it was to gather everyone in a large banquet room and have a reason to get together. Although I was invited. Dad was careful to make sure all dressed nicely, especially me. He thought I would choose the ugliest and try to make fun of Louis. Instead, I dressed in a matching dress and actually looked okay.


Louis had ordered a limo and when the car drove up to the house was all up in the sky. Dad was so impressed and Johanna just bragged to him. Louis noticed that I did everything possible not to give praise and when we went out to the car, he smiled big at me.
"And you will not like it?"
I shook my head, but felt silly at heart. I looked at him coldly and jumped into the limo. Louis sat next to me and we had our parents facing us. Louis chose to lie low and put no energy in me.
"There will be those who take photographs!" said Louis. "Not at the party but outside."
Johanna laughed lightly.
"I'm used to, but it will go well!"
Dad agreed and then looked at me.
"And try to smile!"


I must admit that I lost my breath. When we arrived to the place, it was filled with screaming fans outside and a lot of people took pictures. I was directly almost scared and Louis saw it. He smiled reassuring to me.
"Welcome to my world!" he whispered sweet. "Just take a deep breath and smile!"
I nodded and then looked at my dad. He just smiled at me and held Johanna in her hand tightly.
"We fix it!"


When we got out off the limo, took Louis an arm around my waist and helped me to get right. I couldn't resist and I looked around at all the fans. They stood and screamed and seemed anything but normal.
"I'm used to it!" Louis whispered to me and I just looked at him wonderingly.
"If you can get used to this?"
Louis just laughed lightly and brought me forward. He stopped and let the photographers take pictures of us. He chose not to talk to reporters and pretty soon we came into the room. Direct came Niall Horan against us.
They hugged and then saw Niall on me.
"And you are Louis's sister?"
Louis laughing
"Well, we're not brothers and sisters, but her father is with my mother!"

Niall smiled big at me
"I remember you, but you were much younger the last time I saw you?"
I just blushed and got back that feelings I had for him. Niall was anything, but that who Louis was and he also had beautiful eyes to look at.
"Yes, she has grown!" Louis said, looking pointedly at me. I chose not to say anything, and looked around the room. It was filled with relatives and friends to all the guys. I couldn't believe how many people could fit in a single place.


I must admit that I had fun. I danced with siblings of some and I talked with everyone. There was a light atmosphere and pretty soon I forgot all hatred I had towards Louis. Instead, it was fun to be a part of his life, but nothing else.


"So you have fun?"
I almost jumped and turned quickly around to Niall. He laughed lightly and looked at me with amusement.
"I'm sorry I scared you!"
I just smiled at him and felt myself blushing
"No problem!"
He looked at me with the most gorgeous eyes that you could have.
"So you have fun or not?"
I smiled
"Super Fun!"


In the end I let the nervousness go and I slowly began to learn about Niall. He was very welcoming and seemed nice. He laughed a lot and was amused by the little things. I couldn't help but love his laugh and in the end I laughed as much as he.


Finally, we dared ourselves to even dance. It was a quiet song and all older was up on the dance floor. Niall took his arm around my waist and the other he held my hand. I took my free hand around his shoulders, and then we moved to the beat of the music.
"I'm not directly dancers!" he whispered tenderly in my ear. I just smiled and noted that he sometimes accidentally stomp on my toes.
"It doesn't matter!" I replied and smiled big. "I can't dance!"
We spun around and eventually he became better at not stomp on my feet.


Right as it was I saw Louis. He was standing in a corner talking to some guy, but his eyes were fixed on me. It was as if he followed me with his eyes and he seemed anything but amused. My first thought was that he wanted to ruin my evening, but then I realized it was because I was dancing with Niall. Why did Louis feel so strongly about it? 


Eventually he came up to us and knocked Niall on the shoulder.
"May I dance with her?"
Niall nodded uncertainly and released me. I followed him with my eyes as he walked away and then looked at Louis.
"What was that about?"
Louis took his arm around my waist and my hand in the other.
"You flirt with him?"
I sighed
"And what have you to do with it? I didn't flirted, but I call it rather to get to know some of your friends!"
Louis looked at me with cold eyes
"I don't like it!"
I sighed and tried to keep me calm.
"And I don't care!"


As soon as I could, I went back to Niall. He looked a little puzzled at me and seemed unsure.
"Was Louis angry?"
I shook my head and smiled big at him.
"What does he have to be angry about?"
Niall smiled weakly and looked at me.
"He doesn't like to mix in privacy with the group and he looked coldly at me!"
I couldn't bother me
"He's not my brother and I don't care!"
Niall seemed to calm down and I felt his hand on my waist.
"Okay, then I don't care either!"


The evening ended with me having falling for the Irishman. He took me by storm and I loved his innocent way of being. He didn't flirted open, but he gave me glances and compliments. Niall didn't try to kiss me or do something else. He was just there by my side and he seemed to enjoy my company.


"Can I have your phone number?" Niall whispered when people started to go home. I nodded and gave it to him directly.
"If you promise to call?"
He smiled and put the note in his pocket. Then he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.
"I promise!"


I was in heaven! I was so happy, but tried not to show it. Louis seemed anything but amused and looked coldly at me.
"He's my friend!"
I walked past Louis for the exit.
"And I'm not your friend!"
He followed me and finally he grabbed my arm and forced me to stay.
"Sarah!" he said tightly. "I'm serious!"
I turned my face and looked directly at him coldly.
"Me too!"

There were a few seconds of silence, and I looked so angry at him that I could. Finally my dad came and disturbed us. Louis played as if nothing had happened, which I managed also to do.
"We just talk!" murmured Louis, but Johanna looked suspiciously at us.
"Extremely cold talk?"
I swallowed and smiled at her
"You can't imagine!"


When we got back to the house, took Louis with me into the kitchen and looked at me for a long time before he said anything.
"I don't want you hanging out with Niall!"
I chose not to respond and didn't have a single word to tell him. Louis almost boiling with anger and looked into my eyes.
"Come on, Sarah, there are lots of other guys that suits you better!"
I said nothing and he sighed lightly
"He's my friend and I don't want my sister to going out with Niall!"
This time I chose to respond.
"I'm for the last time not your sister!"
Louis didn't listen to my words.
"Jobs are jobs and family is family!"
I swallowed hard
"I'm not your family!"


You can say that the evening ended in chaos. We were angry at each other and I didn't understand what he had against Niall. Why was it so important not to let me see him again?

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