Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


8. My day with Niall

In the morning I awoke that Niall came in to me. He crawled under the covers and lay down near me.
"Good morning!" he whispered and smiled big. He gave me a light kiss on the cheek and I opened my eyes.
"What time is it?"
He laughed a little bit and pulled off some hair from my face
"Soon seven in the morning!"
I looked tired at him and tried to smile.
"Are you always up early?"
Niall shook his head directly
"I missed you and just thought I'd come in here instead!"

I took my arms around him and snuggled into his bosom.
"So it's okay if I go back to sleep?"
Niall nodded and kept his arms around me.
"You get to sleep, but I'm with you!"


I must admit that I couldn't sleep. Niall low and quietly hummed a song, and seemed not to notice that he did it. I laughed a little bit and looked up at him.
"You sounds!"
He chuckled lightly and nodded
"Maybe I don't want you to fall asleep?"
I sighed lightly and put my head down again.
"Can't you try to be quiet, then?"
He laughing easy
I felt how he pulled me over to him and my face landed above his.
"Now what?"
He made ​​sure I fully lay on top of him.
"Let's just hang out!"

He kissed me! It was an affectionate kiss and his lips were so cautious. I felt him handle me towards him and I smiled weakly.
"Dad is in the next room!"
Niall smiled
"And what did you think I wanted? I just wanna kiss you!"
I was embarrassed and laughed a little bit
"I don't know what you want ... what do you want?"
He pulled his hands over my back and looked into my eyes.
"Keep up!"
I felt my heart jumped and I felt butterflies in my stomach. He kissed me again, but this time we closed the eyes. I felt his lips almost caressing mine. He was so loving and I didn't stop.


Niall spun around and ended up on top of me. I felt that he had boner and I was immediately embarrassed. As he didn't see it, we continued and he spread his lips. Our tongues met up and I moaned. I felt him slowly began to move across my body and I followed his movements. One of his hands slipped inside my nightie and rubbed my stomach. He let his hand slide up to one of my breasts and he let his fingertips graze my nipple. I groaned and felt how he influenced me. Niall pressed himself hard against me and I felt that he pressed himself between my legs. It got me to part my legs and I responded to his movements. Niall groaned and let his hand slide down over my panties. He let his fingers caress me outside the pants and eventually I became almost crazy. He smiled and let his hand slip back inside the fabric. He reached my clit and immediately I pressed myself against him.
"I don't know if we ..." I mumbled but he silenced me by kissing me. He caressed me tenderly and in the end I moaned against his lips. He brought a finger inside of me and made me move on the hip. I forgot that we shouldn't, instead there was just he and I in the world.


Eventually he moved his hand quickly and I came. I felt the whole was shaking and I hid my face in his neck. I had to bite my lip to not sounding too much. I shook and eventually sank I together under him. I was almost embarrassed and looked wonderingly at him.
"Why did you do that?"
He smiled
"To prove that not everything is about sex. I'm also a virgin!"
I almost lost my breath.
Niall laughed a little bit and gave me a light kiss.
"Louis has said many things about you and include that you are a virgin."
I was embarrassed, but he shook his head directly
"No, Sarah, I didn't mean in the wrong way, I meant it as something good."
I frowned
"How do you mean?"
Niall gave me a light kiss
"You are like me, we are waiting!"


I just loved Niall more and more. He wasn't looking for my body but for something more serious. He wanted to invest in a relationship and not in anything else. I realized what a bargain he was and realized that I shouldn't listen to Louis so much. He knew nothing about Niall and I knew more.


Niall and I chose to run down to the beach. I didn't care about that Louis looked coldly at me. I couldn't care about his hatred, and spent time entirely to Niall. We swam and had enormous fun. When the fans came, he took hold of my hand to show that I was with him. It was as if the fans on the beach endorsed me and they said nothing negative to me. Instead, I was involved in some of the photographs and one fan also wanted my autograph.


As the sun began to go down sat Niall and I close together on a sun lounger. We had a blanket around us and I held him tenderly. I heard Johanna laughed with my dad, but not a single sound from Louis. Instead, he was blown away.


"So how do we do when we get back home?" I got out of me. I heard Niall sighed lightly and then he took his arms harder on my body.
"I guess we'll see each other open now!"
I looked up at him
"Are you ready for it?"
He laughed a little bit
"Sarah, the question is whether you are ready? Our fans can get angry!"
I smiled at him
"I don't have twitter and I don't have any other page on the web where they can reach me!"
He raised his eyebrow
I laughed embarrassed
"It just haven't happened and I haven't understood how to use twitter for example!"
Niall gave me a quick kiss on the lips.
"I can teach you?"
I shook my head and smiled big
"I have no use for it!"

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