Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


5. My boyfriend

In the morning, Louis was anything but happy. He even was angry against Johanna which made ​​me smile a little bit. Both she and dad were silent. They gazed at Louis and eventually they couldn't keep silent.
"So what happened?" asked Johanna and immediately looked Louis up on her.
"Not much!"
She sighed
"Lou, I see that you are angry about something and I want to know why!"
Louis gave me a quick glance and then looked back at his mom
"Ask Sarah who goes around flirting with guys!"
I sighed
"I was just talking with Niall!"
Louis looked coldly at me and Johanna understood immediately what had happened.
"So you're mad because Niall and Sarah liked each other yesterday?"

I looked at her in surprise
"Did you see that?"
She smiled a little bit and nodded at me.
"Everybody was talking about the cute girl that Niall followed!"
I blushed prompting Louis to just become more angry and he looked cold at all in the kitchen.
"So you think it's okay that my sister flirts with guys at my party?"
Dad looked at him and laughed a little bit
"It was innocent and it was just Niall she was talking to!"
Louis threw the spoon and looked at dad
"So you'll just accept this?"
Johanna tried directly to pacify Louis and looked seriously at him.
"We have no such rules in our family, and you must agree that we are like this, or you must move. She did for God's sake, nothing with him. They talked!"

Louis stood up and shook directly on his head
"She's my sister!"
Dad smiled a little bit and shook his head
"She's my daughter and you're not her biological brother!"
Johanna agreed
"She did well before you come home. Why should we change everything just because it doesn't suit you?"
Louis didn't answer and left the kitchen and almost ran up the room. I laughed a little bit because he behaved like a child. It was a new side of him and I liked it.

"He's just so anxious about his private life!" Johanna mumbled as an excuse, but I heard that she tried to persuade herself.
"He'll get over it!" Dad said and then looked at me. "Niall spoke to me yesterday and I don't think he's the type of guy who's looking for only one thing!"
I smiled
"No, he was actually really nice, and he did nothing more than talking to me!"


I chose not to disturb Louis. He was already angry and seemed to want to stay in your room all day. Therefore, I was surprised when my father came into my room.
"You have a visitor!"
I turned around and looked at him.
"Send her up!"
He smiled shrewdly and laughed a little bit.
"It's not a her, it's a he!"


Niall stood in the hall and he looked lost. He blushed when I showed up and didn't know which leg he would stand on.
"I was just passing by!" he got out, and I saw that it was just an excuse. I felt honored and the entire stomach tingled at me.
He nodded and swallowed.
"So I thought we could maybe do something together?"
I nodded immediately and was well aware that my dad and Johanna were eavesdropping on us.
"It's okay Dad?" I said therefore slightly higher and direct them came out into the hall. Niall just smiled and he realized that they was just curious.
"It's fine!" Dad smiled out and looked at Niall. "But you make sure she gets home on time and not have to walk alone!"
Niall laughed a little bit
"I promise!"


Niall even opened the door for me so I could get in the car. He got behind the wheel and smiled big at me.
"So we'll do something fun or you just want to hang out?"
I smiled big and couldn't let go of him with my eyes.
"Some fun I suppose!"
He smiled
"There's an amusement park nearby. Do you want to go there?"
I nodded immediately and laughed.
When we drove away, I noticed that Louis was in his window and followed us with his eyes. I knew he was angry and he would surely scold me in the evening. For the moment I didn't care and told myself that he was just crazy.


Niall took me to the carnival and when we started to walk along the street, he took my hand in his. It was crowded and I understood that he meant well. We didn't want to lose each other.
"So do you bring girls here all the time?" I asked. He smiled and looked at me with his blue eyes.
"No, actually you're the first!"
I swallowed and felt my stomach just tingled even more.
"And that means?"
He laughed and pulled me towards an amusement ride.
"The fact that I'm not used to have with me a girl!"
I enjoyed!


We went all the rides that we could and we threw balls at a market stall. I had really fun and laughed more than ever. Eventually we ended up on a hill and we sat down to rest for a bit.
"I want to tell you something!" Niall got out of himself and smiled at me. "I like you!"
I smiled
"And I like you!"
Niall looked down at his hands, and I knew that he was trying to collect himself. He blushed slightly, which was just cute.
"Sarah, I mean more than a friend!"
I lost my breath and just gaped. We had just met and yet he chose to say those words. Okay, he didn't say he loved me, but still!
"Oops!" I got out of me and realized how wrong that sounded. "I mean, okay!"
Although it sounded silly and I dropped the words all the time. Niall looked directly at me and a huge smile spread on his lips.
"You are blushing!"

I rambled a few unintelligible words and it got Niall just becoming more amused by me.
"So you feel something for me?"
I chose to just nod and before I could react, he kissed me. It was one of those soft kiss as I saw in romantic movies. Nialls lips were soft and it felt as if we had already kissed before. I followed his movements and it was just perfect. I couldn't dream of ending up where I was, which made ​​me just smile more.


When Niall ended the kiss, he took my face in his hands and looked into my eyes.
"So that means maybe we should hang out more?"
I nodded and swallowed
"Well, maybe, if you want ... if I mean ..."
He smiled big
"You're cute when you're not sure, and when you don't know what to say!"

He released my face and he didn't want to let me go. He took my his in his and held it tightly.
"So we'll see if we fit together?"
I nodded and looked as Niall became serious.
"There's only one thing you should know about. I can't go out with it in public with us yet!"
I understood him. Johanna had talked about how hard the guys had to get a girl that they trusted. Although it hurt me, I chose to go on Johanna's line. There were a lot of fans out there and I didn't want to be hated.  I looked around and realized we were in a public place. The question was whether we should hold hands where we sat. Niall was reading my mind and smiled weakly.

"There's no one who knows that Niall Horan is sitting here!"
I looked at him again and nodded.
"So I can't tell my friends about you, about us?"
He looked at me a long time before he answered.
"The people who you trust, but no more!"

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