Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


16. management

Louis sat near me on the couch when my dad came home. I took Louis's hand tightly in mine and was afraid. Johanna sat in front of us and looked at dad directly.
"Something has happened between our children!"
Dad looked at us and then at her
She cleared her throat.
"I forgot some papers at home and would pick them up. When I got home they lay on the kitchen floor and had ...." she paused and looked away embarrassed. "They had sex!"
Dad looked at her and then at us. He didn't believe her and shook his head directly
"Maybe they did something else!"
Johanna shook her head
"I had to pick up your daughter's panties and I saw Louis private part!"
Dad paused, staring straight at me.

I avoided his gaze and looked away. Direct looked dad on Louis and sat down on a chair
"YOU with my daughter?"
Johanna sighed
"Your daughter was on it!"
Dad looked at me
"But you ..."
I sighed
"I happened to fall in love with Louis for a while ago and we haven't dared to tell you about it!"
Louis agreed
"We wanted to wait until the right moment!"

I felt the way he held my hand tighter and he looked at Dad.
"I love Sarah and I've just been waiting for the right time!"
"To have sex?" asked dad directly but Louis shook his head
"That she wasn't too young and that she was mature enough to make her own choices!"


Johanna and dad were eventually forced to accept the relationship. They felt that I had made my own choices and they didn't want to come between us.
"But!" said Johanna warning and looked at Louis. "You say nothing to others until we have discussed it with the management!"
I sigh direct
"They will think that I'm looking for ...!"
Johanna interrupted me
"You should have thought about that before, but I'll talk to them!"

Dad sat longer and just stared at us.
"You were such enemies?"
Louis smiled weak
"Well we were that but not after a while!"
I agreed with him
"But we spoke out and then one thing led to another!"
Johanna interrupted us
"I don't wanna know what happened. Suffice it that I came into the kitchen today!"


Johanna rang the management and Louis got to go there for a meeting. It became a crisis and I realized that Niall would find out the truth. I chose to stay out of it and let Louis take care of everything. Self I felt bad because of how the truth came out, but at the same time it was nice to not have to lie anymore.


In the evening Louis come home and he pulled me into his room.
"Niall is devastated, but at the same time he had imagined it!"
I hugged Louis and looked into his eyes.
"Will he get over it?"
Louis nodded
"I think so, but he needs to be away from me for a while. I remind him of everything!"
I sighed
"I knew he would get hurt and ..."
Louis put his hand over my mouth.
"Now it's as that is, we should be glad that we have each other?"
I nodded and tried to let go of all thoughts that come up.
"Okay, we have each other!"


There was an outcry on the Internet. The fans wrote more nasty things about me than I could have dreamed of. They called me everything from whore to fortune-hunter. I chose to swallow the pride and not to bother. They didn't know me and they had no idea about anything.

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