Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


7. management

The cottage was absolutely wonderful! I got a private bedroom and we'd walking to the seaside. On the back, there were chairs and a small pool. The whole environment was just perfect and I threw directly off my clothes. I put on my bikini and was looking up a towel.
"I'll go swimming!" I got out from me and ran towards the beach. I ran down to the sea and felt that it smelled like salt, seaweed and sand. It was absolutely incredible and I threw myself into the water. I swam out to the deep and just enjoyed. I could spend a whole week here, probably because Louis would still flirt with girls and stay away.


When I came up to the beach Louis came to me and smiled big.
"So you've already taken a bath?"
I sighed and nodded. I took the towel on her waist and was about to go back to the cottage. Direct Louis took hold of my arm.
"Please, you can join me?"
I sighed and got out of his grip.
Louis looked around and nodded to a couple of girls
"They're taking pictures of us and you want them to catch you when you're angry?"
I looked over at the girls and sighed.
"Are the fans all over the place?"
Louis nodded with satisfaction


I didn't say anything to him, until the girls came up to us. They giggled and looked at us both
"We saw you and wondering if we can get an autograph?"
Louis nodded and smiled big. He took the paper and pen and wrote down his name. Then looked the girls on me and one gave me a big smile.
"And you are Louis new sister?"
I nodded
She giggled
"I like you and it's you who's with Niall?"
Direct I blushed and balked
She smiled big
"It's in the newspaper today a picture of you and Niall when you're at an amusement park!"

Louis knew immediately what it was about and he saw that I didn't know what to say. Directly he took his arm around me and smiled at the girls
"They're friends!"
One of the girls looked at me for a long time
"But you kiss him on the picture!"
I was red in the face and avoided Louis. Instead, I swallowed and tried to come up with a lie.
"Well, it might look like more than what it is? It was just a kiss!"
The girls vanished away and immediately looked Louis angrily at me.
"Kissed him?"
I sighed and looked embarrassed on the ground
Louis threw out his arms and looked coldly at me
"And you want to fuck it all..... right?"


When we got back to the cabin, rang Louis many calls and management of One Direction was as crazy. It had come out to the world that Niall had been together with me and that we kissed each other. There were pictures of us all over the Internet and everyone was talking about me.


"But it's not the whole world!" Johanna got out to Louis, but he just looked cool on her.
"We can't go out with a relationship they haven't approved, the management!" he said angrily and then looked at me. "And you're not approved yet!"
I felt the tears almost came and I felt a lump in my stomach. This wasn't what I expected and I hadn't wanted to hurt anyone.
"And I can't get hold on Niall!" Louis sighed angrily. "He's gone!"
I went to my room and laid me down on the bed. I felt the tears came and I felt useless. Everything was my fault and Niall was certainly angry with me.


I don't know for how long time I had been crying until my father came to me. He sat on the edge of the bed and put a blanket over me.
"Louis will calm down!"
I looked at him tearfully.
"It's not for his sake I cry, it's for Nialls sake!"
Dad swallowed and looked into my eyes.
"Does it help if I say that they have spoken to Niall and he says it was his fault?"
I shook my head
"He will not dare meet me again! Not after this!"
Dad didn't know what to say. 


I cried so much that I fell asleep!


When I woke up I heard voices in the house. I sighed and chose to remain on my stomach in my bed. I had my bikini on me, but didn't freeze. I heard someone talking on the phone and how Johanna said something angrily to Louis. Right as it was a knock on my door.
"Are you awake?" Johanna got out of herself and stuck her head. I looked at her and nodded. She smiled weakly and came into the room.
"You need to wear clothes!"
I sighed
"Does it matter?"
She laughed lightly
"Yes, Niall is on the way here!"
I almost lose my breath
She sat on the bed and ran her hand through my hair.
"He's on his way here and will stay here a few days!"


When Niall came, I stood still in the bathroom and got ready. I heard Johanna and dad talk to him, then I heard Louis more angry voice. I wondered if Niall was as angry as Louis, but hit it off right away. Niall wasn't like Louis, or was he? I was unsure and hardly dared to leave the toilet.


"He's here!" I heard Johanna say and she tapped on the door. "Niall has come!"
I swallowed and opened. I went iffy out of the toilet and was surprised when Niall came directly to hug me and hugged me tenderly.
"I heard!" he said and looked at me. "It's out in all the papers!"
I nodded uncertain
"Aren't you angry at me?"
He smiled a little bit
"I've talked to management and they accept you!"

I was quite dull in the body and looked at him.
"But Louis said I was ..." I let my eyes drift away towards Louis and noted that Louis was ashamed. Niall just laughed lightly and released me.
"I went to them in the morning and have been sitting all day and talked to them. Nobody is mad at you and no one think that we are doing wrong!"
Louis avoided my gaze.
"It was I who enlarged it all up!" he murmured quietly. "Sorry Sarah!"
I looked at Niall again and felt relieved
"So you get to hang out with me?"
He nodded and smiled big.
"Of course I can!"


Johanna made ​​up an extra bed in the TV room and it was time to go to bed. I hugged Niall hard and gave him a light kiss before I went in to my room. I heard Niall laughed and chatted for a while with my dad, then the house became quiet. I smiled quietly to myself and wondered immediately if Niall was snoring. Maybe I should get to be sleepless and hear him in the night?


I fell asleep to the end and I dreamed actually quite pleasant dreams. I saw Niall and Louis were in the dream. I don't know what happened but it wasn't a nightmare.

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