Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


2. Louis nice?

Johanna was overjoyed and went to the airport to pick up Louis. Dad looked at me with a serious expression and I knew what he would say.
"Yeah, I'll try to be nice!" I mumbled and gave him a hug. "I promise to behave and not to say nasty things all the time!"
Dad hugged me back and swallowed.
"He will only sleep in our house until he finds his own home!"
I sighed and let my dad.
"Yes, and he will be moving soon?"

Louis old house he had sold. I don't know why he did it, but because he was now without a home, we were his resort. Louis had been given a room far from mine and I had made ​​sure to get a lock to my door. Dad knew what I felt for Louis, but I wanted to keep my promise. It would certainly not take long time until Louis found a new house and he certainly wouldn't want to live with us.


When Louis came into the hall, I tried not to show my hate. He was startled when he saw me, which made ​​me sigh
"I'm still not a witch!" I mumbled and directly looked dad at me cool.
I sighed and looked at Louis again.
Johanna couldn't bother and gave a big smile to her son.
"Are you hungry? We have food if you want?"
I was surprised when I noticed that Louis looked at me from the bottom up. I wondered why, and wondered if he even recognize me? I chose to leave them and went out to the kitchen. I'm laying out the food and heard them talking in the hall. It would be a switch to have my former enemy in the house, but I would try. My father wouldn't suffer just because I and Louis hated each other.


When we sat and ate the food, saw Louis on us and talked on about China and many other countries. Dad was impressed and listened with big ears on him. Johanna was so proud that she didn't know what she would say. I sat and just picked at the food. I heard Louis told them about food and other things that he had tested.

"You should travel when you get older!" Dad said suddenly to me and I looked directly at him.
"And why do you want that? Want to get rid of me?" I realized that I let my temper take over and looked directly down at the food.
"Woken up on the wrong side?" Louis grinned at me, but I chose to remain silent. He laughed a little and didn't seem to give up. "Last time I saw you, you were probably angrier?"

Johanna sighed directly and gave Louis a warning glance.
"You shouldn't be mean to her!"
Louis just smiled and was generally amused that I was so impressionable. I chose to swallow my pride and looked down into the food.


When we had washed the dishes and made ​​to order, Louis came in with a bag.
"I bought something for you guys!" he said, and placed it on the table. I was going up to my room when he stopped me. "I bought things for you to!"
I sighed and stayed. Louis smiled with satisfaction and opened the bag. He had purchased several things that I wasn't interested about for Johanna and my dad. To the end he picked up a package and gave it to me.
"And this is for you!"
"Thank you!" I mumbled cool and took the package. I stood behind them again, but Johanna looked puzzled at me.
"Don't you wanna see what it is?"
I sighed and Louis followed me with his eyes. I put the box on the table and opened it.


To my great surprise, he had bought expensive perfume, makeup, some clothes and sweets. Not that it was really strange, but it was a gesture.
"Thank you!" I got up again and right away he came over to me.
"A hug sis?"
I saw that my father held his breath and I chose to once again swallow my pride. I gave him a little weak hug. Louis took his arms around me and he chose to hug me tight and long. In the end, it was almost embarrassing.


I don't know what had happened to Louis, but a small part of him really wanted to be nice. I thought it was because my father and Johanna were in the room. He would certainly be cruel when they were gone and I dreaded that moment. Therefore, I came into my own room with an uncomfortable feeling. Louis had something planned and I guessed that it wasn't a good plan? Maybe he would make a fuss and when I least expected he would do something to me? It was Louis who I remember. He made ​​sure I got in trouble or that I was teased.


When I started school, walked Louis in the third grade. He had cool friends and all of us in the class looked up to them. For some reason he found me fun to tease. When I got out on the break, he could call me "Tit!" or "You, that little thing". Many laughed and took the portion of the nicknames. I had to fight for years to get rid of those who teased me. Once I got older I got into his school again. Again, he did everything to annoy me and many times I ran home great weeping. When I chose to be tough, to speak up, we ended up often in the principal office. He warned us again and again, but never did he do anything to put an end to it all. My dad didn't know about all the events, but I think he just sighed and thought it had with my age do. We had a tough time at home with the economy and I didn't worry dad unnecessarily. Instead, I kept silent and endured days of school. Now, when I was sixteen years, was Louis back and the only thing I saw before me was his nasty face. How he laughed at me and the way he teased me for stupid things.

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