Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


11. Go across borders

I ended up in a vacuum. One side of me loved Niall and wanted to be with him. Niall was perfect and I knew that he could make me happy. Yet I couldn't stop looking at Louis with new eyes. Okay, he was tattooed and not at all boyish. Still, there was something that attracted me and made ​​me daydream about him. I went crazy! It didn't matter how I did, I would hurt someone!


I chose to stay away from Louis and he had the same thought as me. We went a long way past each other and talked barely. Dad and Johanna didn't notice anything, because we weren't fighting. Instead seemed the calm life coming to us and everyday life became normal. I met Niall and I went to school to get my grades. Nothing special happened and the fans over the world saw me as Nialls new girlfriend. Slowly but surely, I was approved and on twitter, everyone began to write nice things about me and Niall.


One evening, I sat in bed and studying for a test. Louis came into the room and looked at me with a curious look.
"You know that the disc that I burned? Do you still have it?"
I smiled at him and pointed to the desktop
"Check on the shelf among the discs!"
I followed Louis with my eyes and watched as he found it. He looked at the disc for a while before he turned around. I saw the lust in his eyes and knew we still had that feeling between us.
"Is it well with Niall?" he asked during receding and I nodded immediately.
"He's fine!"
Louis smiled and looked at my books.
"What are you reading?"

I sighed a little bit
Louis came up to the bed, and looked at the book
"Need help?"
I looked up in surprise at him and met his gaze. Louis looked at me with big eyes and I chose to nod. He was happy and sat directly next to me in the bed.
"Okay so what pages shall you have to the test?"
I showed him and Louis smiled at me
"I'm hearing you?"
I nodded and smiled in response. He sat so close to me and I felt his leg brushed against mine. All of a stack Johanna her head in to the room and smiled weakly
"Good that you are helping her Lou! We dash off a few hours and get home before dark., You have food in the oven and call if there is something!"


As soon as we had heard the door close Louis threw himself over me. We kissed each other and I realized that it would happen again. He tore off my clothes and we landed naked on each other. Louis penetrated quickly and he got me going crazy again. This time he lifted me up in his arms and pushed me up against the wall. I took my arms around his neck, the legs around his waist and felt he was moving quickly inside me.
"Damn, I missed you!" Louis mumbled between kisses and I could do nothing more than smile. I groaned loudly and heard how he pounded my body hard against the wall. I don't know how long we were doing it, or if any of the neighbors heard us. Finally, I screamed right out and felt my body shake. Louis was so excited that he came at the same time. We silenced each other by kissing and we tried not to scream. He pumped against me one last time and then he looked straight into my eyes.
"I get mad if I don't get you!"
I swallowed
"I have Niall!"

Louis dropped me down on the floor and kissed me again. He was so loving and affectionate towards me, but I knew it was an illusion. It could never be us and Louis also knew about it.


We chose to sit and watch television. When my dad and Johanna got home we looked like normal siblings.
"Have you studied?" Dad asked me and I nodded. I felt that I blushed, but it was dark in the room and my dad didn't see it.
"Louis helped me!"
Dad nodded and disappeared into the kitchen
"It's good to have a brother sometimes?"
Louis grinned a little bit and looked at me with an amused look.
"Brothers are great to have!"
I threw a pillow at him and looked at the movie again.
"Stop it!"

Johanna smiled at us.
"It's nice that you are friends!"
Louis looked at her and smiled weakly.
"Well we're probably friends, I think?"
I smiled at Johanna.
"Why do you say that?"
She looked at us
"Just a month ago you were teasing all the time and now you are like siblings!"
Louis looked at me and I understood what he was referring to.
"As brothers and sisters?"
I gave him a cold look
"Don't push it!"
He giggled and Johanna disappeared into the kitchen. Louis just looked at me and he liked the subject.
"But brothers and sisters?"

I growled warning against him and chose to looked on the television.
"Stop Lou!"
He laughed a little bit
"Siblings are taking care of each other in all kinds of weather. All clothes and in every room!"
I looked at him coldly, and showed that he wouldn't bring up the subject.
"You should learn to be quiet!"
Louis moved closer to me and took his arm around my shoulder.
"Really? Equally quiet as you were before?"
I was embarrassed and ashamed.

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