Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


6. enemies

When we got home in the evening followed Niall with me inside the house. He held my hand tightly and Johanna saw immediately what had happened. Niall smiled embarrassed and followed me into the kitchen.
"I promise, we've just been talking!"
She laughed and gave Niall a hug
"I trust you and I have always done that. Ever since you became popular you have been the same Niall!"
He smiled and released her.
"Yes, but it's an adjustment to be with your daughter!"
Johanna gave me a quick glance and then looked at Niall again.
"She's not my daughter!"
Niall looked embarrassment down to the ground.
"I'm just accustomed about the fact that Louis always talking about her as his sister!"
I was surprised and looked at Niall.
"Did he talk about me?"

Niall nodded
"He always bragged about how good-looking sister he got and that he would see to it that ...!" Niall stopped and realized that he had said too much, but I forced him to continue. Niall swallowed.
"Louis warned us to touch you, but I fell for you already when I met you the first time!"
I didn't know if I should laugh, smile or even cry. Much information!
"But I was so young?"
Niall smiled big
"But beautiful!"

I gulped and realized that he had the same feelings as me. The first time I saw Niall I was about to faint. I still remember the feeling in my body and how I followed him with my eyes.
"And Louis noticed that!" Niall got out of it. "He didn't like that I looked at you!"
I blushed and realized that Louis had reason to be angry. He really didn't want me to be with his friends. But at the same time Louis couldn't decide over  me. I lived my life.


When Niall had gone I went up to my room. I lay in bed and thought through the day. I had feelings for Niall and I wasn't going to let Louis stop them. I wasn't going to give up this time and go back to being a wimp. He had decided over me when I was in school, although he wasn't aware of it. Now I was older and I could make my own decisions!


"Did you have fun?" I heard Louis say and I looked toward the door. I nodded and smiled weakly.
"I had really fun!"
I saw that Louis was still on bad mood, and he showed it with his whole body.
"So what did you do?"
I sighed
"I will not tell you, but if you want to know, we were at a carnival!"
Louis came in the room and looked at me closely.
"Nothing else?"
I shook my head and looked at him again.
"Why do you care?"

He sighed
"I don't want Niall's using you!"
I sat direct up in the bed and looked cold on my so-called brother.
"What do you mean? Would he hurt me or what?"
Louis shook his head and didn't want to leave me in peace.
"Guys are just looking for one thing! Sex!"
I laughed cold
"And you think that I'll tell you if I have sex or not? Do you having sex with girls?"

Louis looked annoyed at me and waved his arms.
"I just don't want you to end up in his bed and change your mind, I know how easy it is to be a girl and end up there!"
I laughed cold
"Because you have used girls?"
Louis sighed again and sat down on the bed.
"No, but I just don't want you ...!"
I was angry at him.
"If you want to know the truth, I haven't even thought about sex until now!"
Louis looked down at his hands
"I just meant ..."
I was so angry that I cooked
"You don't have to do with my sex life or not, but if you have to find out I'm a virgin and I'm not going to jump on Niall just to have sex!"

Louis blushed and seemed to have lost the anger. He looked at me and I saw that he was sorry.
I swallowed
"You just apologize and tell you to repent, yet you're always mad at me, why?"

He avoided my gaze
"I care!"
I laughed cold
"You don't care about me. When you care about a person you support her and make sure she's happy. You want me unhappy and that all my friends disappear!"
He shook his head
"That's not true!"
I sighed
"So you came to my friend's party just to be nice, then you fucking up my life just to be nice?"

Louis stood up and looked at me with his sad eyes. He looked like a scared puppy ​​and I wondered what he meant. He repented about all he had done to me or he just played theater for me?
"Sarah!" he whispered "Believe me, I care about you!"


I felt ambivalent! Louis seemed to care, but at the same time he seemed to hate me. I didn't understand what he meant or what he wanted. I felt that he was a difficult person and I hated him for that.


The day after my dad come in to me and smiled big.
"Wake up bunny, we shall have a family weekend!"
I sighed and yawned wide
"And that means?"
He sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Johanna has borrowed a cottage and we are going there for a few days. Sunbathing, and just get to know each other!"
I took the pillow directly over my head
"Has this anything to do with Niall?"
Dad smiled and shook his head
"We just think that you and Louis should give each other a chance and tried to get along."

I wanted to scream out straight.
"Why is it so important that we get along? He will still move away!"
Dad sighed
"Please, darling!" he swallowed. "I just want us to be like a normal family, such a family you always wanted!"
I removed the pillow from my face and looked at him.
"But that family was without a Louis!"
He smiled weakly and tried to find the right words.
"But now, he's there and please, join us!"

I sighed
"Okay, what should I bring with me?"
Dad smiled contentedly.
"Swimsuits, summer dresses and things that you always have on you! The cottage is located near the sea and we have walking distance to a small village. You'll love it!"

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