Until I came between them

I hated him throughout my childhood, yet he and I become a family. Our parents got married and my bullies Louis came into my life. He that had plagued me throughout my childhood and now I was his so called sister ....


13. Break up

I suffered in silence and chose to swallow my pride. I had done it with Niall and okay he wasn't Louis. I simply had to bite the bullet. I turned seventeen and Niall gave me a gold necklace. Louis chose a bracelet and I must admit that Louis gift made ​​me happiest. I felt like the bad girlfriend and realized that I couldn't continue.


Johanna and I were home alone one evening. She sat with the laptop on her lap and read newspapers on line. I looked at the television, but let my thoughts drift away. In the end, I looked at her.
"How did you know it was dad you wanted?"
Johanna looked crestfallen up at me and smiled weakly.
"He made me feel so good and he's the only man who makes me feel butterflies in the stomach."
I sighed a little bit
"And how did you know in your heart that he was the right person for you? Was there more guys you chose between or just dad?"
Johanna looked at me long and I knew she understood. She knew it was about me the questions was about. She swallowed and put down the laptop.
"Okay, you have doubts about Niall?"

I sighed lightly and nodded
"There's another guy and he loves me too!"
Johanna watched me closely.
"Who are you happiest with?"
I was about to start crying.
"I don't know!"
She came over to me and gave me a hug. I held her and let the tears come.
"I'm so divided!"
Johanna stroked my back gently and then released me.
"The other guy, he loves you?"
I nodded
"I think he loves me. He has said it, and he gives me the eye!"
I wiped away the tears and she took her arm around my shoulder.
"Sarah! Choose the one that you feel inside, in your heart, you want, anyone who makes you feel better and forget that Niall is one of the guys!"


I made ​​a choice before it went too far!


The following day, I went home to Niall. I broke up with him but didn't tell the reason and Niall cried. I knew I hurt him, but the truth had hurt him even more.
"It's Louis who's said something?"
I shook my head
"No, nothing with Louis to do!" I lied. "I don't feel the same for you anymore and it would be wrong for me to stay!"


When I left the house I cried in rivers. I barely saw anything in front of me and I panicked. What if I did wrong? Think so didn't Louis want me or what if I deep down don't want him?


When I got home I locked myself in the room and I cried. I laying down with the pillow against my face and hoped that no one would hear me. Outside the door I heard Johanna whispered to Dad and right as it was, I heard Louis voice.
"What happened?"
"She has broken up with Niall!"
"Sarah has broken up with your friends, so now you need not to worry anymore!"
"But why?"
Johanna was silent for a few seconds
"She admitted yesterday that she loves another person and I advised her to listen to her heart!"


I fell asleep and couldn't bother me that Louis found out the truth. Perhaps it was the best for the moment, just as well?

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