I Miss You. ➳ C.H.

This was my one chance. My one chance to run. My one chance to show him I could leave without saying goodbye to. My one chance to show I have no emotions left. © All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2014


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

4 months later

Olivia's P.O.V.

I woke up with the sweats for the millionth time this week. My bad dreams have been very intense this week and I was getting real tired of it. The bags underneath my eyes only got worse everyday. I was deprived of sleep for the fear of going back to sleep would only result in another bad dream. I looked at the clock it was 3:58 in the morning. I threw the comforter of my legs letting the cool air hit them. I felt goosebumps right away on my legs that were covered by nothing but some shorts.

I tiredly walked into the kitchen opening up my cabinet getting a glass out setting it on the counter. I opened my fridge the was half way filled with things I could quickly make. I finally found and reached for the orange juice and poured some in my glass and putting the jug back. I swiftly turned on my tv and let myself fall on the couch. I flipped through the channels not finding anything so I turned on the music channel and picked up my laptop. 

I go on to my new twitter that I had made after deleting my old one. I went through my feed retweeting a few things. Till I came across someone I was following had retweeted quite a few tweets of Calum's.

"Calum5SOS: My hearts walking outside my chest somewhere."

"Calum5SOS: My heart breaks a little more knowing that your name will never appear across my phone again."

"Calum5SOS: Where are you and I'm so sorry. I cannot sleep. I cannot dream tonight."

"Calum5SOS: Will you come home and stop this pain tonight?"

I felt a rush of sadness wash over me as I read them. I wiped a tear away as I read the last two knowing he couldn't sleep. I knew they were Blink 182 lyrics but Calum would post lyrics if he meant them. I wanted to go home so badly but I knew that I couldn't. Calum needs to fully understand what he did to me. Also because I'm deathly afraid of going home and it going right back to the way it was. I need to distract myself. I needed something to keep my mind of things. So I decided to go job searching.

I needed to forget who I was.


Calum's P.O.V.

"Mate you really need to clean this place up." Luke said looking around my apartment that was filled with some pizza boxes and beer bottles.

"Whatever." I sighed.

"You need to get out of this funk dude I know you miss Liv but you have to move on! You need to forget." He huffed.

"I can't and why are you here anyways." I half shouted as Luke just shook his head.

"Well management sent me over here to tell you that we have a couple gigs this coming week in LA and we leave tomorrow." Luke smiled.

"I can't go! What if Liv comes home?" I asked.

"Damn it Calum! Its been 4 months she's not fucking coming home!" Luke screamed and sadness filled my eyes at his words. 

"I'll meet you at the airport tomorrow." I breathed.

"I'm sorry Cal I just want to see you happy." Luke said as he exited my apartment.

But I don't think I could ever be happy again.


(A/N) And that was chapter 4 I hope you enjoyed! Leave me comments I love reading them I reply to everybody! But OMG Calum is so sad!! Do you guys feel bed for him or for Olivia? Love you all xx 

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