I Miss You. ➳ C.H.

This was my one chance. My one chance to run. My one chance to show him I could leave without saying goodbye to. My one chance to show I have no emotions left. © All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2014


3. Chapter 2

* Listen to "Little did you know by Alex and Sierra while reading this.

Chapter 2

Calum's P.O.V.

I tried to shake off my jet leg as I exited my cab. I brought out my key as I stood in front of my apartment door. 

"Liv I'm home!" I shouted. I waited for a response but heard nothing. I looked around the apartment and seen certain pictures and decorations gone. I furrowed my eyebrows together and walked into the kitchen when I came across a note.

"Dear Calum,

When you get home I won't be here and I won't ever be coming back. You've made a really deep cut. You've drained me of my emotions. You're so right Cal it's so much easier saying goodbye with a note. But don't worry I get it I just wasn't the one anymore. Don't call because I'm getting a new phone and number. Don't try social media I'm deleting all mine and last of all don't look for me because I don't want to be found. Especially by you.


That's when I felt myself fall apart. I had no words to say except that I was so sorry. I thought Liv liked when I left notes because it was easier. I felt like such an asshole. This whole time I thought we were fine she was breaking down right in front of my eyes. I threw the note across the kitchen. I grabbed the glasses next to me and threw in against the wall. It shattered into pieces just like my heart was. I walked into our bedroom and plopped down on the bed letting the tears flow freely.

I grabbed my phone dialing her number. Please say you didn't change your number yet. I listened as it ringed. After awhile her voicemail came up.

"Hey it's Liv sorry I couldn't answer the phone leave me a message and I'll call you back." I heard her giggle in the end and I heard her squeal. "Cal stop well sorry gotta go!" *Beep* 

I felt my voice screech as I started to speak.


Olivia's P.O.V.

I looked at myself in the mirror I loved the red in my hair. It really made my green eyes stand out. I looked at myself one last time and grabbed my purse before exiting my new apartment. I walked to the board walk and just watched all the things around me. I breathed in the fresh air I heard my phone buzzing. Fuck I thought to myself I still haven't changed my number yet. I kept metaling cussing at myself as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. My heart dropped as I seen Calum's name appear across my screen. I just stood there watching it. Finally it stopped ringing and alerted me that I had a new voicemail.  I rushed back up the way I came reaching my apartment. I couldn't have a break down in front of the all those people. I sat down on the couch and played the voicemail.

" Liv Im so so sorry.." I heard Calum's voice screech.

​" I should have seen the signs were right in front of me. I love you so much and I just want you to come home. I know this might not be your phone anymore but if it is I want you to know I will do anything to find you. I love you so damn much and I'm not letting you slip through my fingers. You mean the whole world to me and I want you to know that. Liv please just come home.." The voicemail cut off as he started crying even harder.

This was harder then I thought. The tears were pouring from my eyes as the cries were stuck in my throat. I couched my heart as my breaths start to quicken as my chest heaved in and out. My panic attacks always scared me. I clutched my hair as I tried to calm myself down. I finally got calm enough to walk to my bed. I cried and cried until I fell asleep.

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