I Miss You. ➳ C.H.

This was my one chance. My one chance to run. My one chance to show him I could leave without saying goodbye to. My one chance to show I have no emotions left. © All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2014


2. Chapter 1

*Listen to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift while reading this chapter!

Chapter 1

Olivia's P.O.V.

So I was actually doing this. I was really leaving I wold tell you how I'm feeling but I don't feel anything anymore. I set the bags I was taking on the plane with me by the front door. I walked back to the counter and found a notepad and a pen. 

"Dear Calum,

When you get home I won't be here and I won't ever be coming back. You've made a really deep cut. You've drained me of my emotions. You're so right Cal it's so much easier saying goodbye with a note. But don't worry I get it I just wasn't the one anymore. Don't call because I'm getting a new phone and number. Don't try social media I'm deleting all mine and last of all don't look for me because I don't want to be found. Especially by you.


I felt relief as I finished the note. I walked to the door and grabbed my remaining bags. I opened up and the door and looked back at our apartment we've had for the last two years. I sighed and finally let myself walk out and lock the door behind me. 


I stepped out of the airport breathing in the fresh California air. I smiled and squealed to myself. California has been my dream place to live. 

"Ms. Brooks heres the keys to your rental!" A man smiled at me.

"Well thank you sir!" And with that I was on my way to my new apartment. I looked at myself in rear view mirror hm I thought. I think I want to put red in my light brown hair.


(A/N) Sorry if it's short just really wanted to write the first real chapter! I hope you like it and what do you think so far? I'm also debating and kind of wondering if I should do Calum's P.O.V in this fanficiton?

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