Skylar and Liam have been neighbours as well as friends for quite a while now. Liam is one of the populars and she is just regular. Skylar has had a crush on Liam since the day they met but she has always believed that Liam sees her nothing but a friend.

One day when Skylar gets to her locker she finds a post it note on it. she pulls it off and reads 'You look really pretty today Sky, you made my day with just a single smile. Skylar believing it is a prank crumples it up and throws it away and heads to class. Then after first period she finds another post it on her locker and now is not so sure if it is a prank and determined to find out who it is.

Who do u think it is??? Read this movella to find out!!


3. Three

“He sent me flowers!” I said excitedly to Kayla as we walked through the cafeteria the next day, “Ohmigosh! That is so cute!” she squealed which made me laugh.
“I left him a note on my locker this morning” I started as we sat down at a table and started eating our lunch; she bobbed her head with her mouth full of food.
I cracked up laughing and handed her a napkin for her to clean up the abscess sauce running down on chin, she laughed and quickly wiped it off, and “My bad” she mumbled with her mouth still full.
“Did you see what Millar was wearing this morning?” she said after she’d swallowed, I shook my head, she rolled her eyes, “She looks like a-” Kayla was interrupted by an annoying voice coming towards us along with the sound of heels clicking along the floor.
“Speak of the devil” she said and narrowed her eyes at the figure standing behind me.
I turned around to see a smirking Millar, and before I could say anything she reached her hand down and placed a note in front of me, I immediately recognised it as the note I had posted for ‘J’ on my locker this morning which read, "I got the flowers, thanks! It was really sweet :) My favourite food would have to be Grilled Cheese Sandwich’s :) xoxo –S "

Millar started talking louder this time, drawing attention from other students around the cafeteria, “Are you really THAT desperate, that you’d make up your OWN Secret Admirer Skylar?”
By now everyone had overheard her and were all staring at me, I shook my head and Kayla was about to start talking before Millar interrupted by calling out to everyone, “Who would have thought someone could be SO desperate,” she said then after looking around at everyone she smirked down at me she continued, “that they’d make up their own Secret Admirer!”
One of Millar’s friends standing next to her agreed, “Lame!” she said loud enough for everyone to hear.
“What a Loser!” said Millar’s current boyfriend as he hooked his arm around her waist.

Tears started pricking in my eyes and I quickly stood up as a few more people started laughing at me.
I pushed past Millar and her gang as my eyes started becoming blurry from tears as the laughter continued.
“No wonder she can’t ever get a boyfriend!” Millar called.
A single tear escaped my now very watery brown eyes and I closed them briefly but then I bumped into someone.

“Sky?” asked a very concerned, yer familiar voice as they steadied me, I didn’t look up and tried moving past to escape everyone but the person held my arm gently so I couldn’t leave.
“What a pathetic little Loser!” called Millar’s boyfriend.
I looked down at the ground as another tear rolled down my cheek, the person that was holding me stood up straight and headed straight for the guy.
I turned around to see Liam walking towards the guy who was still taunting me, and without a second thought Liam shoved the guy to the ground, shocking everyone considering he isn't the violent type.

The guy fell back completely stunned and surprised that Liam had just shoved him, the guy just sat there, completely stunned before shooting Liam a death glare.

Millar and some others were crowding around the guy, I don’t even know his name.
Liam turned around to me and made swift footsteps towards me, as he stood right in front of me he held both sides of my face in his hands so he could look into my eyes, in a movie it would probably look like he was going to kiss me.

My eyes were still blurry from the tears and as I looked up into Liam’s big brown eyes that were filled with concern, I couldn’t hold in the tears any longer.
Liam must have been able to tell because he quickly took my hand and lead me outside to a near-by tree and before I knew it he pulled me into his chest and held me tight while I cried.
The tears all came out then, I let go of them, along with all the nasty words from my Class mates.
Liam’s arms were still holding me tight against him and he rocked us gently to comfort me, and before long, I had stopped crying and was calming down.
I sighed and pulled away a bit so I could look up at Liam with my head resting on his chest, he looked down at me and his eyes were filled with care, and sadness.
“Don’t listen to them Sky, okay?” he said as he brushed back some of my hair and he then placed a kiss on my hairline as he pulled me back into his chest gently for a warm embrace.
I hugged him back and thought about how much closer we had gotten over the last few days, I knew in that moment that Liam was someone that I knew I could trust.

“I hate him so much!” I exclaimed as I paced back and forth in my room with Kayla sitting on my bed, and Liam sitting on my lounge “Who?” Kayla asked with a hint of confusion in her voice, while Liam looked up from the homework he was doing.
“ ‘J’!” I said and crossed my arms, “I just can’t believe what happened yesterday at lunch…” I sighed and sat down next to her.
“Look sky, I’m sure he didn’t mean to embarrass you, give him another chance! A guy like him is hard to find and although neither of us actually know who he is, I say keep him!” I giggled at her last statement and she joined in.
“Give him another chance.” She said, and Liam agreed.




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