Skylar and Liam have been neighbours as well as friends for quite a while now. Liam is one of the populars and she is just regular. Skylar has had a crush on Liam since the day they met but she has always believed that Liam sees her nothing but a friend.

One day when Skylar gets to her locker she finds a post it note on it. she pulls it off and reads 'You look really pretty today Sky, you made my day with just a single smile. Skylar believing it is a prank crumples it up and throws it away and heads to class. Then after first period she finds another post it on her locker and now is not so sure if it is a prank and determined to find out who it is.

Who do u think it is??? Read this movella to find out!!


9. Hi Again

Wow its been so long since I've been here. Anyways this fanfic is like so fetus and everything and I haven't updated the sequel because I didn't feel like having one anymore and so I deleted it. I decided to just keep this up.

I actually haven't been on here in like a year because I moved on to wattpad so follow my account there -> @quiffedhemmings

I have published a couple fanfics on there and maybe Ill put them here idk  \_('_')_/


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