Skylar and Liam have been neighbours as well as friends for quite a while now. Liam is one of the populars and she is just regular. Skylar has had a crush on Liam since the day they met but she has always believed that Liam sees her nothing but a friend.

One day when Skylar gets to her locker she finds a post it note on it. she pulls it off and reads 'You look really pretty today Sky, you made my day with just a single smile. Skylar believing it is a prank crumples it up and throws it away and heads to class. Then after first period she finds another post it on her locker and now is not so sure if it is a prank and determined to find out who it is.

Who do u think it is??? Read this movella to find out!!


4. Four

The next day I went the whole day without going to my locker, I had all the books in my backpack and I refused to go past there in case there was a message from ‘J’.
“Sky!” I heard Kayla yell down the hall behind me as I was getting ready to head home that afternoon.
I turned around and she reached me breathing heavily like she had just ran a marathon, “What’s up?” I asked and waited until she caught her breath.
“Go. See. Your. Locker!” she said in between breaths, I locked at her confused and she turned me around and started ushering me towards my locker.
I gasped when I reached it, there were heaps of post-it notes, from ‘J’ all over the door.

“Hey Sweetie” Said Karen warmly as she opened the door and gave me a hug then lead me inside of their large House and out of the rain outside.
I’ve lived next door to Liam for ages so I’ve been here before a lot.

I smiled at the Petite woman as she took my School bag and coat them placed them on a rack for me, “Liam, Sky’s here!” she called upstairs, within seconds I heard his bedroom door open and close and then he came jogging down the stairs.
“Hey” he said with a smile, “Hi” I said and then Karen left for the kitchen.
“Come on” Liam said as he took my hand and led me to the living room where the heater was on.
He sat me down on the lounge, “Do you want anything to drink?” he asked, I shook my head then I grinned, “What’s this I hear about Grilled cheese sandwiches?”
We both started laughing then Liam stood up, “Coming right up, ma' lady” he said, making me laugh and then he quickly jogged into the kitchen.

After a few minutes he came back out carrying two plates of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
He sat down and passed me a plate; I looked at him suspiciously and joked, “Is it safe to eat?”
He playfully rolled his eyes and took a bit of his sandwich; I smiled and took a bite.

“Wow, it’s actually not that bad” I said after taking another bite, Liam chuckled, “Told you Cutie” he said and wiggled his eyebrows up and down.
We finished eating and Liam got a blanket for us and then put a movie on as he sat down next to me.
There were random trailers playing and Liam started talking, “So what do you think of this ‘J’ guy?” he asked as he looked at the screen.
“Would it sound crazy if I said I actually think I like him…?” I asked shyly and looked at Liam; he turned his head and looked at me.
A small smile spread across his lips, “Well he’s a really lucky guy Cutie” he said sincerely.
I smiled, and then my phone buzzed, I picked it up and saw I had received a message from Kayla.
Jordan!!! It read.
What the heck is she going on about??
I decided to reply immediately, what? Lol :)
Within Seconds I got a new message from her,

What if it’s Jordan?! I’m at the mall and he just walked past with some other guys from the Basketball team and he was talking about this girl he likes!! What if ‘J’ is Jordan?!

My heart started beating faster, ‘What if it IS Jordan?!’
I replied back, Holy cow! And he’s in our Chemistry class!!
She replied back within seconds, I think it’s him! :D:D Ohmigosh Gurl! I’m so happy for you!!
My response was, eep!! But we still don’t know for sure Kay! Okay from now on, we have to keep an eye out for any more clues!! :D:D xoxo –S

“What are you smiling like that for?” Liam asked with a chuckle, I locked my phone and looked up at him, that’s when I realised I had been smiling like a fool for the last few minutes.
“Nothing…” I said with a little laugh, he grinned at me and raised his eyebrows.
“Okay Okay!” I laughed, “you know this ‘J’ ?” I asked with a big grin and he nodded slowly, “Well, me and Kayla think its Jordan Armstrong!” I squealed a little bit because of my excitement, I felt giddy knowing this secret Admirer guy could possibly be one of the cutest guys at our school!

Liam’s face went blank as I started happy dancing in my seat, I smiled like crazy and turned back to face him.
“Aren’t you Happy?!” I asked excitedly, a some-what smile spread across his lips and he nodded, “I’m really happy for you Sky” he said.
I smiled and gave him a huge hug, “Thanks Liam, You’re an amazing friend!” I squealed and then texted Kayla saying I’d call her later.

  I was still smiling when I looked back up at Liam after I put my phone away and found him looking at me, there was something that I couldn’t exactly determine in his eyes.
I smiled at him and he smiled slightly at me before he looked away, “well are we going to watch this movie or what?” he said chuckling a little and smiling a fake smile.
“Sure!” I said and got comfortable facing the screen.
“So what movie are we watching?” I asked and stifled a yawn, Liam chuckled and pulled me back against him, I smiled and rested my head against his chest as his arms wrapped around me softly, “A walk to remember” he said.
“That’s my favourite!” I said and focused on the screen as the movie began, Liam rested his head against the top of mine and I heard him murmur something, “I know” it sounded like but he sighed slightly so I couldn’t make it out.

Hey :) Its okay, I forgive you lol :) xoxo –S
I placed the post-it on my locker the next morning and went about the day normally.
After second period I headed for my locker with Kayla and Liam by my side, I was almost there when Jordan walked past. I must admit, he is H-O-T hot!

I smiled shyly at him and he noticed then sent my one of his million dollar smiles, “Hey Cutie” he said as he passed me.
Kayla squealed quietly after he was further away from us while holding my arm, I laughed and grinned really big as I looked back over my shoulder and watched him walking away with his stride full of confidence.

I Heard Liam scoff and murmur, “Can you believe that guy?” Me and Kayla both looked up at him confused, I was about to say something but we had reached my locker and a smile spread across my face as a I saw new post-it note.

I pulled it off and read it, Thank goodness Cutie, I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself knowing you hated me :) So tomorrows the Big Basketball Game, I was wondering if you would go?? :) xoxo –J

“Ohmigosh! He asked me to go to the Game tomorrow night!” I said and the laughed softly at my excitement.
Kayla and Liam both smiled, “Arrr!! I can’t believe JORDAN may have asked you!” Kayla said excitedly, I grinned and joined her in her excitement.
We grabbed our books and then headed towards our next class with Liam slowly trailing behind, just as we reached the door Kayla went inside and I turned around to look at Liam.

“You Okay?” I asked as he slowly reached me with his gaze on the ground and his hands in his pockets.
He looked up at me and I offered a smile to try and cheer him up, a smile eventually appeared on his lips, “I’m okay, thanks Cutie” he said as he opened the classroom door for me.

Thursday night finally arrived and everyone entered the School doors, some even wore colourful costumes to support our Basketball team, it was crazy.  People who don’t even go to our school were piling through the halls heading towards the large basketball court.  Kayla and I followed the crowd as they made their way towards the door that would lead us into the hall that was erupting with sound. 

I was slightly surprised when we passed my locker and found a post-it note in that oh-so familiar handwriting.  Me and Kayla stopped and I pulled it off my locker to read, 

I’m sorry Sky, don’t be mad but I can’t make it tonight. Have fun though! Xoxo –J

I sighed and put it in my pocket after we had both read it, “I’m sure I’ll meet him some other time” I said and offered Kayla a small smile to show I wasn’t too disappointed.  She nodded and we headed for the now pack Gym. We held onto each others arms as we climbed up into the second row of the grandstand as People started cheering even though the game hadn’t even started.

Finally our team and the visiting team came running out in their basketball uniforms and the gym erupted in cheers.  Me and Kayla stood up like the rest of the people in our row and cheered them on as both teams sat on their benches and started talking to each other.  Number 9, Number 13, Number 3 I read some of the numbers on the back of our team’s shirts as they sat with their backs towards us, then I realised Number 17 was missing.  “Kay…” I said and grabbed her arm gently, “Yeah?” she asked and threw a chip into her mouth, I grinned at her before saying, “I think I found another clue…”  She looked at me confused, “Number 17 isn’t here” I said and she nodded slowly before she grinned and put it all together, “Number 17, ‘J' isn’t here…Jordan isn’t here!”

I smiled and bobbed my head, she smiled at me and I looked back down at all the players just as Number 6 looked around and locked eyes with me as he saw me.
I smiled and waved at Liam and a huge smile pulled across his face then after a few minutes he turned back towards his coach who was talking to the team.  After a few more long minutes the game began and all you could hear was the sound of sneakers hitting the ground, the random guy’s commentating’s voice through the speakers, people cheering whenever someone scored or the chubby guy call out ‘Hot Dogs! Hot dogs anyone?!’

The game was going good, our team was currently tying with the other team and with only minutes left someone needed to Score.  Me and Kayla stood up and continued cheering for them; I smiled as Number 6 glanced up at me and smiled before he stole the ball then scored just before the buzzer went off.

“And St peters Wins!!” the guys voice boomed through the speakers and our whole side of the Grandstand erupted into louder cheers as our team patted each other on the back, I laughed slightly at them, all sweaty and slapping each others butts, that’s kind of funny if you ask me.  The coach ran up to Liam and pulled him into a head lock then gave him a noogie while messing up his hair.

Liam was laughing and smiling like crazy as more people ran up and patted him on the back and what-not.  By then me and Kayla had reached the ground and were walking over to them to congratulate him.  Liam noticed us and made his way through the small crowd of people, thanking them as they said words of encouragement to him.
I smiled as Liam came walking towards us two, his face filled with happiness.  “Congratulations Li, you did amazing!” I said and as he reached me he pulled me into a tight hug, “Thanks Cutie” he said against my ear, his breath tickling me slightly.

I laughed and we slowly pulled apart, Liam's eyes were still locked on mine when Kayla started speaking and he tore away from my eyes and looked at her, “Congrats Payne” she said and he thanked her and gave her a side hug.  

“Well I guess I’m going to get going” Kayla said after a while and looked at her watch, I nodded and got up from the bottom row of the bleachers, “Yeah I should get going too, Kay can you drive me home?” I laughed softly and she nodded, “I can take you home Sky, I live next door remember?” Liam said with a smile.  “Thanks” I said and gave Kayla a quick hug before walking with Liam out to his car after he changed his shirt and put a hoodie on.

We drove a few minutes in comfortable silence before Liam spoke up, “I’m glad you could come tonight Sky” I turned my view from outside the window to him and smiled, “No problem, I’m glad I came, even though ‘J' couldn’t make it…” I said.
“I’m sure he had his reasons Cutie” he said as he glanced at me from the driver’s side, “Yeah your right…” I said and looked back out the window with a small smile on my lips.  I heard Liam chuckle, “You really like this guy don’t you?” he asked and I turned back to him, “Yeah…” I said shyly and smile, “I’ve kinda had a small crush on Jordan for a while now, and the fact that he’s my Secret Admirer, I don’t know- it just makes me happy” I said with a giggle.

“You don’t even know it’s that Jerk” he said dryly, I snapped my head around to look at him, “He’s not a jerk Liam” I said with a bit of attitude.  “Please you don’t even know the guy” he said matter-of factly, “For your information Liam, he’s actually pretty sweet. Besides I am absolutely positive he is ‘J', all these clues point to him and if it IS him then he is not a jerk” I stated while narrowing my eyes at him.

“He can't be 'J'!" Liam said frustrated, “And how would you know?!” I asked and crossed my arms,  “I don’t know okay?! I just know for a fact that this guy is not ‘J' Sky, Jordan's a jerk!” he said and glanced at me.
“stop the car” I mumbled, “what?” Liam asked rather confused, “Stop.The.Car” I said through gritted teeth and he pulled over on the side of the quiet road only a few houses away from mine.

“What are you doing?” he asked slightly annoyed as I opened the door and stepped out into the cold air, “Walking…?” I said as If it were obvious as I slammed the door shut.  The window rolled down, “Sky get back in the car” he said softly, “No” I said as I started walking.  His car inched forward slowly as I continued walking, “Sky, I said please get back in the car, its cold out there!” Liam's concerned voice rang out through the window next to me, “And I said, no. Just leave me alone okay Liam? I’m finally happy knowing some guy actually likes me and you go ahead saying he’s a jerk, gee thanks for the support Liam! This whole thing is just stupid! Your stupid” I said angrily at him and all of a sudden his car halted stop and he turned off the ignition before hopping out and walking over to me, I stopped and looked up at him confused.

“I’m stupid?” he asked and glared at me, “Really sky? I’m not the one going on about all this Lovey Dovey Crap about some Jerk, honestly Sky! Your too busy and stupid going gaga over him that you can’t even see what’s right in front of your eyes! You can’t even see that I’m just trying to look out for you! You’re the stupid one!” he said as his brown eyes were filled with all sorts of different emotions.  My eyes filled up with tears of hurt, sadness and anger as I pushed past Liam and swiftly walked to my house.

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