Skylar and Liam have been neighbours as well as friends for quite a while now. Liam is one of the populars and she is just regular. Skylar has had a crush on Liam since the day they met but she has always believed that Liam sees her nothing but a friend.

One day when Skylar gets to her locker she finds a post it note on it. she pulls it off and reads 'You look really pretty today Sky, you made my day with just a single smile. Skylar believing it is a prank crumples it up and throws it away and heads to class. Then after first period she finds another post it on her locker and now is not so sure if it is a prank and determined to find out who it is.

Who do u think it is??? Read this movella to find out!!


8. Eight

 Wednesday arrived, the day of the dance.  I sighed knowing I STILL didn’t have a date to the dance, “Come on Skylar, you have to go! Pleeassee for me?” Kayla whined which made me laugh softly.

“Sky!” Someone called as we walked through the cafeteria trying to make it through the crowd to an empty table; I turned around and saw Liam trying to catch up with me.

I stopped and within seconds he was standing in front of me, he smiled down at me, he looked slightlynervous, “Sky I-I uh wanted to know if y-you wanted to um com-“ he started nervously before being interrupted, “Can Miss Skylar Jones please report to the School Office” said a voice over the loud speaker. 

I sighed, “Sorry Li, I gotta go” I said, I shot Kayla a confused look then started making my way through the crowd of people.  "Sky! Wait!” Liam's voice called behind me, I quickly turned around and saw him trying to keep up with me, “I’m Sorry Liam, Later, I promise!” I called and headed for the office.

“Hi Sweetie, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been called out late tonight. I’ve spoken with Kayla’s Mum and she said you can stay the night” My mum’s voice said into the receiver of the phone as I stood in the School Office.

Turns out I was called here for a phone call, thank the lord I wasn't in trouble!  “Okay Mum, No problem” I said, “Okay Sky, Have a good night tonight! Love you”

“I will Mum, Love you too!” I said and then hung up the phone.

Kayla and me ran through the School’s doors trying to get out as quick as possible, Mr Roy, Our Science Teacher kept us all in later than usual and we were in a hurry to get to my place, get my stuff, get to Kayla’s, then get ready for the Dance. 

“Sky! Wait!” I heard Liam yell, trying to get my attention.  I stopped Kayla and turned around to find Liam running down the steps towards us.

“Will you, uh will you go with-" he started again as he reached me, his perfect smile showing, but his words were rudely interrupted by a car horn, “That’s my mum, come on Sky we gotta go. Sorry Liam, can it wait till later?” Kayla asked in hurry, pulling at my arm.  His face went blank, “It’s really important-” he said then got interrupted once again by the car horn.  Kayla grabbed my arm and started running for the car, I looked over my shoulder to see a rather disappointed Liam, “I’m sorry Liam, Later okay?” I called and then we both Jumped in the car before Kayla’s mum took off for my place.

“What do you think Liam wanted?” asked Kayla as she straightened her hair as we got ready in her room later that night.  “I don’t know” I said then sighed as I looked at my short strapless dark black dress hanging on the back of her bathroom door.  “I’m not going…” I admitted, then plopped backwards onto her bed.

She turned around, “Yes you are Missy, come on, start getting ready girl!” she said while offering a smile, I laughed and got up.  We laughed and listened to Avril Lavigne while getting ready; doing each others hair and makeup.

“How do I look darling?” asked Kayla in a Posh accent as she did a twirl, I giggled at her, “You look fabulous Darling! What about me?” I asked, coping her overly dramatic posh accent and did a crazy pose which made her burst into laughter, “You look Amazing Darling!” she said.

“Kayla! Sky! The boys are here!” Kayla’s Mum’s sweet voice called from downstairs.  We both smiled at our reflections in the mirror then opened the door before heading down the stairs towards Liam and Zayn.

Kayla was the first to reach the bottom of the staircase and I heard the others downstairs saying how nice she looked, I held onto the rail and slowly stepped down trying to be un-noticed.

I quickly glanced at Liam, only to find him looking very handsome with his skinny jeans, dress shirt and tie along with converse and his slightly damp hair, but what I loved the most and what standed out the most, was his perfect smile.

Zayn was looking at Kayla with a huge smile, I couldn’t help but wonder at what a cute couple they would make, especially considering Zayn was wearing a tie that matched Kayla’s pretty dress.  My converse hit the bottom step and all of a Sudden I realised that everyone's eyes were on me and I laughed nervously.

“You Look Amazing Sweetie” Kayla’s mum said as she gave me a side hug, Zayn nodded in agreement, “You look very nice Sky” he said with a smile.
I smiled at them, as Kayla’s mum headed into the kitchen.  Kayla smiled at Liam who was still looking at me, then glanced between me and him.

“Come on Zayn, I think we should leave them be…” she said, offering me a grin and wink before leading Him into the Kitchen.

“Hey…” I said quietly and looked up at Liam, his eyes were still glued on me, a small smile played across his lips and his eyes locked with mine, and “Hey Cutie” he said.  I laughed and put a strand of hair behind my ear, “Sky…” he started softly and I looked up and found him still smiling down on me, “You Look really Bea-”

“Sorry guys, But are we ready to go? The dance starts soon and I forgot to get fuel on the way here” Zayn rambled on as he came in.  Liam looked over at him, “um yeah sure” he said then quickly plastered on a smile. 

Kayla walked in and shot me an apologetic smile as if she knew Zayn just did something stupid, I laughed softly and linked my arm with hers, “Come on guys, we got a dance to go to” I said with a giggle and Kayla threw one fist in the air, “To the dance!” She cheered which made us all laugh.

Kayla sat in the passenger seat of Zayn's nice car while I sat in the back next to Liam, quietly listening to the conversation they were carrying. 

Something touched my hand and I jumped slightly tearing my gaze off of the darkness outside of the window to where my hand was sitting by my side on the seat in between me and Liam.

Liam's hand was right next to mine and I saw his fingers slightly brushing against mine, I looked up and saw that he was still facing the front and laughing and talking with the other two.

I moved my hand slightly so that it was closer to his and his fingers started playing with mine slowly before he entwined them with mine.  He glanced down at me, shot me a smile as he squeezed my hand before looking towards the front again.  I smiled and looked back out the window as his thumb grazed over my hand gently.

“Wooahh” I and Kayla said in unison as we reached the gym and looked around at the sight.  There was a huge fake tree in the middle with little fairy lights eliminating it, there were small fairy lights on the roof lightly up the whole room, small tables surrounded the gym, and a dancefloor was off to the side next to a make shift stage. The lights elluminated the whole room, and it looked absolouetly Beautiful.

“Wooahh” Niall's voice said next to us, I looked at him and his eyes were wide as he looked at the large food table, I laughed and rolled my eyes at him.  He had met up with us at the front of the school with his date Claire, who looked stunning in her long red dress.

The music started up as more people arrived and soon enough everyone was dancing at on the dance floor.  I stood on the side with my arms folded watching everyone, “You wanna dance cutie?” Liam walked up next to me after talking to some of his Basketball friends, a small smile was on his face.

I looked from the dance floor to him, “I’d love to” I said and he flashed me a smile and gently grabbed my hand and lead me towards the others that were dancing.

‘Yeah x3’ started playing and everyone just started jumping around, I laughed softly and joined in along with Liam.  Some more random songs continued playing and me and Liam kept dancing around and laughing together.

A smile was on my face the whole time and Liam's eyes always would end up looking straight into mine as his smile stayed in place.  I found it kind of cliché that all of a sudden Bruno Mar’s ‘Just the way you are’ started playing through the speakers, I laughed softly as Liam pulled me in closer to him and held his hands on my waist as I rested my hands around his neck gently.

Everyone else sort of disappeared, not like in a cheesy movie line kind of way, but a kind of just me and Liam, in the moment, kind of way.  Oh, who am I kidding, that still sound cheesy!

He rested his forehead against mine and smiled down at me and started singing along quietly, audible for only us to hear.

When I see your face, There's not a thing that I would

change Cause you're amazing,

Just the way you are

And when you smile,

The whole world stops and stares for awhile

Cause girl you're amazing

Just the way you are

His voice was Beautiful as he sang along with his eyes locked on mine and his forehead resting against mine.  I laughed as he continued singing the next verse.

Her lips, her lips I could kiss them all day if she'd let me

Her laugh, her laugh She hates but I think its so sexy

We swayed slightly to the music as Liam sang softly to me, everyone else moving around us slightly to the music as well.  The song ended and Liam smiled down at me, his eyes crinkling slightly at the edges which made me smile.  Another song started playing softly and Liam held me close to him as we swayed slowly to the music, I closed my eyes and listened to the music.

I remember what you wore on the first day

You came into my life and I thought

"Hey, you know, this could be something"
'Cause everything you do and words you say

You know that it all takes my breath away

And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true That I can't live without you

Maybe two is better than one

There's so much time To figure out the rest of my life

And you've already got me coming undone

And I'm thinking two is better than one
I remember every look upon your face The way you roll your eyes

The way you taste

You make it hard for breathing
'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away

I think of you and everything's okay I'm finally now believing
That maybe it's true,

That I can't live without you

Maybe two is better than one

There's so much time To figure out the rest of my life

And you've already got me coming undone

And I'm thinking two is better than one Yeah, yeah

Someone coughed behind us and we both pulled away slightly as the music continued to play.  Jordan stood there with a huge grin on his face, “Would you like to dance, Gorgeous?” he asked confidently, I looked back at Liam and saw disappointment wash over his face, but he quickly offered me a smile, “It’s okay, go…” he said and pulled away from me.

Jordan immediately grabbed a hold of my hand and confidently led me over to the very middle of the dance floor, I looked back over to find Liam rubbing the back of his neck and watching after my direction, his big brown eyes filled with disappointment.

Jordan quickly swivelled me around and held his arms around my waist,  and I reluctantly draped my hands around his neck slightly, realizing how different this felt to when I was dancing with Liam.  Instead of being gently and caring, it felt more forceful, and possessive.

He moved us around slowly as the song continued, I felt slightly regretful as I saw Liam standing there still watching us-  “You look really hot tonight…” he said as he pulled me closer to him.

That's when I realized that Liam had been right along, just as the song slowly came to an end.  Jordan didn’t care about who I was, he just thought I was hot…

“uh Thanks” I said, not even looking up at him, “You okay Sam?” he asked.
Sam? Really? He doesn’t even know my name. 

I was about to say something when all of a sudden a very familiar voice started talking through the speakers.   

I quickly turned towards the small make-shift stage,  my eyes widened and my heart started beating quicker as I realised who it was…

“I’d like to dedicate this song to a very Special Girl…” Said that oh-so-familiar voice through the speakers, and I spun around to face the make-shift stage, to find Liam, sitting on a stool with a few other boys sitting on stools next to him.  I recognized Zayn and Niall, who was holding a guitar, almost instantly.  Then next to them were two other boys, Harry and Louis, who were also friends with Liam.
Liam scanned the room before resting his eyes on me and finishing with a smile, “Sky.”

I could have melted into a puddle on the ground with the way he smiled at me and said my name, but he nodded at Niall, and he began to strum the tune of an un-familiar song.
I smiled and Jordan started dancing with me again, trying to pull my attention back on him, but then I heard Liam's sweet voice start singing,

You're insecure,
Don't know what for,
You're turning heads when you walk through the door,
Don't need make-up,
To cover up,
Being the way that you are is enough,

Everyone else in the room can see it,
Everyone else but you,

Realisation finally hit me like a lightning bolt.  That's  that song!  The song that 'J' wrote, for me…
Confusion filled my head, and Liam must have realised I was slowly putting it altogether because he kept singing, but smiled at me shyly.
I stepped away from Jordan and took a few steps closer towards the stage, Jordan tried calling me, but I was a woman on a mission, and to be honest- he’s a jerk, Liam was right.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else,
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,
But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,
You don't know,
Oh oh,
You don't know you're beautiful,
If only you saw what I can see,
You'll understand why I want you so desperately,
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe,
You don't know,
Oh oh,
You don't know you're beautiful,
Oh oh,
That's what makes you beautiful

I continued walking through the crowd, beneath the pretty white fairy lights hanging from the roof, making my way through the crowd of classmates, towards Liam- my mind and heart both racing.
Images and Words raced through my mind as I continued making my way closer to him; Kayla, Mum, Joran, ‘J', Liam, School, My Locker…

You Look really pretty today Sky, you made my day with a single smile…

I hope your day gets better cutie xoxo  ps: I’m not pranking you, I would never hurt you -J

You kind of do know me Cutie, But how about we play 20 questions? :) My favourite colour is purple, what’s yours? Xoxo -J 

Did I ever tell you how pretty your eyes are?? :)<3

If he really loves you then he’ll forgive you xoxo ps: you’re not the stupid one–J

I now stood a few metres away from the Make-shift stage, watching Liam, and listening to the words of the song.

Harry sang the last line and Niall let the chords of the guitar ring quietly and people around us started clapping and cheering at the boys performance. I didn’t.

Instead, I stood there completely Wonderstruck. Awestruck. Shocked.

After he shot me a cute, and shy little smile he stood up and smiled at his mates, before the five of them made their way off of the stage.

As soon as they had stepped off, a girl and a boy from our School came out and the guy sat down where Liam had been sitting with another guitar in his hands.

The guy started strumming a song while the girl smiled from Liam to me before looking around at everyone else, then they started singing together,

You Seem quite nice for a girl with good looks

And I'm the kinda fellow that'll make you feel better

when your life gets shook

So give it a chance according to your plans

I bet I'm not number one on your list to kiss,

but please understand... 

I looked around quickly for Liam before I found him walking towards me with that famous Smile of his on his face.   It felt like everything was going in slow motion, but before I knew it; he was standing right in front of me.

You seem quite shy, but you're oh so cute

And I'm the kind of girl that would love to be yours

if you asked me to, So just take a chance,

try to hold my hand I swear I'd never let go

I really want to come out and tell you

Oh darling, I love you so If you'd ask me for my heart,

there's no way that I’ll say no Oh darling,

just take a chance please

So we can stay together till hell starts to freeze

My heart was beating fast as he looked down at me, smiling shyly. One of his hands reached behind him towards his back pocket and then he slowly brought his hand back, with something hidden in his closed grasp.

You seem quite right for a boy like me  and

I wanna know would you treat me well

would you treat me like a queen

Because I'd like to show you and make you see

That although we're different types

We were meant to be

He held the small object in both hands, quickly looking down at it before looking back up at me, and his eyes met mine.

And Before I could say anything, he unfolded what seemed like a small piece of paper in both of his hands and held it so it was readable.

I dropped my gaze from his eyes and looked at the small note;

You’re Beautiful Sky xoxo –Liam James Payne :)

My head shot up and I looked at Liam, he seemed nervous but offered a tiny smile.  I looked down at the note again and covered my mouth with my hands trying to cover up the huge smile that was puling across my lips, I shot my eyes up to lock with Liam's and pulled my hands away from my mouth so he could see the huge smile on my face.

Within seconds his perfect teeth were showing in a really big smile, I laughed softly and quickly stepped forward before wrapping my arms around his neck, I felt him start to shake as he chuckled softly and wrapped his arms around my waist tightly in a warm embrace, lifting me slightly so I was on my tippy-toes. 

He placed me down gently and we pulled away slightly after a few seconds, his arms still wrapped around my waist, but so that we could look at each other.

“I really like you, Liam” I said quietly and smiled up at him shyly, his eyes twinkled slightly and he reached one hand up and stroked my cheek softly before gently cupping my chin and inching closer to me, slowly.

He stopped as his lips were inches away from mine and searched my eyes, I smiled up at him and he grinned before gently kissing me.

Butterflies, Fireworks, Electricity shot through my body.

As we pulled away Liam smiled at me, looking slightly dazed, his cheeks flushing slightly, as did mine.

I laughed softly and ran my fingers gently through his hair before resting my hand on his cheek; he smiled at me and played with the ends of my long hair in his hand gently.

“It’s about time you two!”

Me and Liam both looked over his shoulder to find Kayla, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry all smiling at us.  Liam laughed softly and turned back to face me.

"Ps” he said with a smile before gently placing his lips on mine one again.

Oh darling, I love you so If you'd ask me for my heart,

there's no way that I’ll say no

Oh darling, just take a chance please

So we can stay together till hell starts freeze

The two singers slowly finished the song as Liam slowly pulled away and looked at my lips before looking up into my eyes only inches away from his, And lips formed into yet another smile, just like me, as he leant his forehead against mine. 

“I really like you too” He said.


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