"I need to tell you something Niall." I said to him.
"What is it?" he asked
"I killed my parents...''I said looking at the floor.
''What? But why?'' Niall asked.
''They were driving me nuts and I kind of killed them.'' I said.
"That's not a reason to kill your parents!" He yelled.
"Its not your life Niall stop asking questions, its making me feel bad!'' I yelled back.
"But I care Betsy, I care.'' He said.
"Just stop asking questions!" I yelled.
''Just stop." I said crying.
{A/N: A Niall Horan Fan-Fiction}


2. Betsy P.O.V

10 minutes later

''Betsy!" Ava yelled hugging me. Ava was always a hugger. ''Ava." I said still hugging her. ''Where's Iva?" I asked letting go of the hug. "Doing paper work." Ava said. ''So what did you do this time?" Ava asked. ''Shop lifting." I said. "Oh.." Ava said. Then there was an awkward silence. "So how are you and David?'' I asked. David is Ava's boyfriend. "We broke up." Ava said. "Why?'' I asked. ''He cheated on me with Laura.'' Ava said. "I told you David was no good!" Iva said joining the conversation. "I should have listened." Ava said frowning. '' Yea you should have, now your broken.'' Iva said.  "Whatever, can we go now?'' Ava asked. "Yeah I'm hungry." I said rubbing my stomach. "Your always hungry Betsy." Ava said starting to smile. ''Yea lets go.'' Iva said. ''Big Mac here I come.'' I said getting up. ''Who said we were going to Mcdonalds ?" Iva asked. "I did." I said leaving the police station. Ava and Iva started laughing. "Fine lets go to Mcdonalds.'' Iva said. "Then to the club and party!'' Ava said while doing a weird dance. Me and Iva started laughing. ''No really, we ARE going to the club and party." Iva said making a straight face. For no reason my bones started to shake. Weird. "Why am I shaking?" I asked. "I think its because a hot guy is staring at you." Ava said pointing to the back. I turned around and saw a hot guy with bleached blonde hair and deep blue eyes starring at me. No wonder I was shaking! "Lets go before something bad happens.'' I said getting inside the car.




So right now where waiting in the drive threw of Mcdonalds.

We already ordered.

1 big mac.

3 fries.

3 chocolate milkshakes.

and 2 mc chickens.


Finally we got our food.

"Lets go to your flat Betsy and umm.. give you a make over for the club." Ava said pointing to my clothes. I was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans with black sneakers. And my hair was in a pony tail. Ava was in a blue dress and wore blue high heels. And her curly blonde hair was loose. Iva was in a white dress and white heels. Her wavy brown hair was in a fancy braid. Dang. I need help on fashion. Right now we are parked in front of my flat. Me and the girls got out of the car. I grabbed the keys from my pocket and opened the door. We then went into my room. "Hmm.. lets see what you have.'' Ava said looking threw my clothes. '' EW...  no.. no... definitely no." Iva said throwing my clothes to the floor. ''You know you are cleaning this up right?'' I said pointing to the pile of clothes on the floor. "After we are done parting then I will clean it up." Iva said.

"PERFECT!" Ava said. She held a red dress with a black belt tied to it. "You know you gave me that for my birthday right?'' I said pointing to the dress. ''Yeah I know, that's why I like it.'' Ava said. "Your so mean." I said. ''I'm sorry. Now put on the dress.'' Ava said giving me the dress. ''Okay." I said going to the bathroom. I HATE this dress! Its one of those sexy dresses which show your body form. EW! GROSS! But for Ava and Iva I will do anything. I put on the dress. I looked at the mirror. "I'm in shape.'' I said rubbing my stomach. I got out of the bathroom. ''WOW. THAT IS NOT BETSY PINES. THATS A MODEL!'' Iva yelled which made me laugh. "Now wear these heels.'' Ava said handing me red heels. I put the heels on. "NOW YOUR HAIR!'' Iva yelled. ''Sit down." Iva said patting the red chair. "Ava prepare the make-up." Iva demanded.


''DONE!" Iva said clapping. I looked in the mirror. I look gorgeous. My hair looked curlier. And I had black eyeliner on mascara grey eye shadow. Red lipstick and a little bit out foundation. "DANG I LOOK HOT!" Was all I could say. Iva and Ava were cracking up. "Now lets go ladies its time to party!" Ava said leaving the room ''Oh Ava.'' I said ''You got to love her." Iva said.


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