"I need to tell you something Niall." I said to him.
"What is it?" he asked
"I killed my parents...''I said looking at the floor.
''What? But why?'' Niall asked.
''They were driving me nuts and I kind of killed them.'' I said.
"That's not a reason to kill your parents!" He yelled.
"Its not your life Niall stop asking questions, its making me feel bad!'' I yelled back.
"But I care Betsy, I care.'' He said.
"Just stop asking questions!" I yelled.
''Just stop." I said crying.
{A/N: A Niall Horan Fan-Fiction}


1. Betsy P.O.V

"Your going under arrest ma'am.'' The police officer said.

Well, lets just say it isn't my first time going to jail...

I've gone two jail 2 times, counting this 3.

The first time was because of murder.

Well, not just any murder. I killed my parents. I know what your thinking,

'What kind of crazy maniac will kill their parents!'

Well they were driving me nuts!

The second time was because I escaped prison and they found me.

The third time which was today, was because of shop lifting.

Right now I'm inside the police car hand cuffed. My wrist is so itchy!

It took about 10 minutes to reach the police station. They released my hand cuffs.

There was a pile of sweat around my wrist, where my hand cuffs had been.

~2 minutes later~

Finally the police is finished checking if I have drugs on me or a weapon. ''You have one phone call, use it or lose it." The officer said. I decided to call Iva. She is my best friend. So is her sister Ava. And no they are not twins. Iva has brown wavy hair with dark brown eyes. And Ava has curly blonde hair with light brown eyes. Oh and sorry I didn't mention it earlier. I have curly black hair and light brown eyes.

Moving On Now....

I dialed Iva's number. I then waited for a respond.

''Hello?'' Iva said. ''Hey its me, Betsy."'i said. ''Oh No, don't say your in prison."' Iva said. "Hehe.. Yea I need you to pick me up.'' I said. "Betsy!" She yelled. "What?" I said. "Okay, Betsy stay there. I'm going to be there in ten minutes." Iva said hanging up.

''Are you done with the phone?'' Asked Officer Perez as I nodded. "Is someone going to pick you up?" Officer Perez asked. "Yeah." was all I could say. "Then sit down and wait.'' Officer Perez said. I the sat down in a blue rough chair, which hurt my bum. And waited...


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