Katrina, Kat, Bell has had a considerably miserable life. Her father left her when she was ten, and her mother died a year ago. Now eighteen, her street life is taking its toll. When she finds herself leaving with Harry Styles from a pub in London, it changes everything...


1. Call Me Kat

*Kat's P.O.V.*

Katrina Bell. My mother was widowed when I was ten. She died a year ago. My father wasn't one of those men. No, he left to protect me. He was... abusive. I was currently at the park, sitting on a swing. Happy parents with gurgling babies walked past, most likely going home.  It was just about to be dark, so the sky was purple and orange. 

"Beautiful, isn't it?" A husky voice asked. I turned around to find a curly haired, green eyed lad looking up at the sky. 

"Didn't your mother tell you not to talk to strangers?" I asked. He replied, "Didn't yours?"

"I really wish she did." I said. He sat down on the swing next to mine.

"I'm Harry." He said. He sounded like he wanted me to say something. Like he was famous.

"Katrina," I said, "But you call me Kat."

"Bye, Kat." He said, walking away.

It wasn't the end.

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