Annie May: 1DFF

Annie May is your typical girl. 16, Self concious, fun, very pretty, and music-obsessed. She isn't perfect however, and she understands this all too well. Well, that's until she meets five boys that are going to change her life, forever.

No major mature scenes, but triggering events may occur. You have been warned!


5. Who Is He?

His POV*

'Harry. My names Harry.' She looked up at me, shaking, still bleeding, white as a ghost yet the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever come in contact with. 'Whats your name?'......

Annie's POV*

I dont know why but this boy, this Harry boy. The second he started speaking, I automatically felt safer and happier. I automatically regretted everything i had just done. I automatically loved him, and all i knew about him was his name. Well, thats until i looked up and saw his beautiful curly hair. 'Annie. Yeah im Annie..' i said, not in the most confident manner. He took my hand and pulled me up. I slipped and fell into his arms. Of course i was blushing but when i looked up, he was just smiling and laughing. 'Er, theres a bit of er..theres blood on you..your shirt..' I said, feeling guilty. When he looked down, he just smiled. 'its ok sweetie.' he replied, softly. He got a tissue and wet it, wiped all the blood off of my arm and kept the tissues in his bag to get rid of the evidence. This was our secret. He grabbed my arm and kissed it, before wrapping it in tissues and tying it up. 'Thankyou!' i said, more confidently. I hugged him not even thinking of what i had just done. When i realised, I quickly let go..


Harrys POV*

She hugged me. What a cutie. I loved it, she was a warm, huggable person. I now knew that. She let go of me and put her hands behind her back awkwardly. 'What was that for?' i asked, shocked. 'You saved me Harry. Thank you.' She said. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her again. 'Anytime.' She smiled. We sat down in the bathroom and just chilled out. We exchanged phone numbers and stood up. We sneaked out of the school gates and walked down a couple of alleyways. She was lovely, and I liked her. I dont care that i was older than her. This made it better. I can protect her. I can protect this beautiful, innocent young girl.



THIS CHAPTER IS CUTE AS HELL OMG I LOVE IT. comment what you think so far!<3 thankyou all -rhi.


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