Annie May: 1DFF

Annie May is your typical girl. 16, Self concious, fun, very pretty, and music-obsessed. She isn't perfect however, and she understands this all too well. Well, that's until she meets five boys that are going to change her life, forever.

No major mature scenes, but triggering events may occur. You have been warned!


3. School.

As i walked through the door, heads turned towards me, obviously. Its happened since i was about 10. I walked down the hall to my locker, opened it up, and slipped my book in. As i turned around, i spotted Courtney, the bustiest, prettiest and most horrible, spineless girl ive ever met. 'You look disgusting. Thought you should know.' she said. 'Ah, thankyou. i really appreciate.' i said, sarcastically. 'Dont get cheeky, you ugly cow. Next smart comment and ill knock your freaking head of you hear?' she spat. 'ok..' i whispered. I feel threatened. I can only sick up for myself to some degree. At this point, Chloe was gone. I dont expect her to back me up. I want to fight my own battles. She pushed me against the locker and walked off. I flipped her off as she walked away. I was sick of her, and it was only my first day back. I followed on after her, and went to maths, which was also the class Courtney attended, as well as Chloe. I took my seat and pulled out my books and my stationary and began doing the work on the sheets. The teacher walked out of the room, to talk to another teacher and immediately, Courtney turned around to me and started threatening me, mocking me. 'What pleasure do you get from this you cow, what makes this any bit fun for you, i don't get it. You need to get a grip because you make me sick.' I felt good about myself, for sticking up for myself like that until she turned around and said 'URGH why don't you just kill yourself, nobody likes you. Oh and don't tell me what to do you worthless cow.' This broke me. Without hesitation, I packed my things, threw my bag on my back and ran out of the class. I arrived at the bathrooms. I locked myself in a stall. What i was about to do, was in my head, the best choice to take from here...


AN* Hey girlies<3 i hope your enjoying it, thanks for your comments and feedback, tell everyone you know, and i really appreciate it. I have loads of ideas for this story so please favourite it to see them!  thankyou all so much, i appreciate it madly, bye! ily all<3<3

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