Annie May: 1DFF

Annie May is your typical girl. 16, Self concious, fun, very pretty, and music-obsessed. She isn't perfect however, and she understands this all too well. Well, that's until she meets five boys that are going to change her life, forever.

No major mature scenes, but triggering events may occur. You have been warned!


14. School Days.

Harry's POV
I was driving up to Annie's place when I saw her dad standing outside the house, just chilling. "Hi Harry" he said. Oh my god is he going to kill me what is going on? "Hi sir, Mr May.." He smiled. Just call me George Harry. Listen lad, your a good fella and I like you, but I need someone mature who will treat her right. Your older than her and I trust you, but please don't let her down." He said, very calmly actually.
"So I'm guessing you know we are a thing. Listen George, I know every boy says this but I love her and I want to protect her. She means the world to me. I will look after her, I promise." I said, proud of her. He smiled and shook my hand. He smiled and walked inside, gesturing me in. I smiled "good morning" to Annie's mum. She waved. I walked upstairs, quietly.
I got into Annie's room and she was asleep. I got out a black vest and some jogging bottoms out. I got out a beanie and a pair of vans like I did for myself this morning. I sat next to her and shook her gently. "Wake up princess. We need to go to school. I have an outfit ready." She mumbled and opened her eyes. "Hi" she said, quietly. She sat up and stretched her arms. I laugh as she pulled a face when she yawned, she looked ridiculously cute. 
She got out of bed and got dressed, without shooing me out. "Should I leave love?" I said. "Honestly, I trust you enough to see my skin, my thighs and my hips mostly. I feel okay around you and I'm not naked anyway so it's cool." I giggled and smiled. "Why so unhappy with you're thighs? Your perfectly built babe." She pulled down her bottoms a bit to show me her cut up thighs. Gosh. My princess has damaged her skin far more than I thought. She was laid on the bed beside me, so I bent down like I did with her arms, and kissed her thigh. "These will heal okay?" she ran her fingers through my hair and hugged me. "Why do you care so much?" "You mean more to me than I mean to myself Annie. You are mine, my perfect love and I love you so much." 
Annie's POV
My boy. Love at first sight I guess and thank god it was. It saved my life. I hugged him and not going to lie I shed a tear. I grabbed his hand and walked downstairs with him. "You eaten?" I asked. "I don't need breakfast. I don't eat that much." I shook my head. We had 30 minutes to get to school."babe I don't eat loads either but I will around you, so you can around me." I went and got some bowls and cereal. I brought out some milk and spoons. "Help yourself" 
I said as I tucked in to my cereal. We had not long to eat so we had to rush but we finished on time. I kissed my parents goodbye. Me and Harry walked into the car and drove to school. I was still being picked on by everyone but Harry protected me, and even though I could hear it, he made sure I didn't get sad. He was still holding my hand and my head was down but his was up. 
He didn't care what people say, unless it was about me. He walked me to the back of the school where the older kids have their lockers and we met the boys. I've never really seen them around here loads because I'm always so far away. I let go of Harry's hand as the bell went off and said goodbye but he grabbed my hand, pulled me close and kissed me. I smiled and walked off. 
Many people questioned where I disappeared to, and Courtney was one of them. I didn't talk back because I was scared of what they would say. "ANNIE!" I heard distantly. It was Chloe. "Chloe! Oh my I've missed you! I met a guy Chloe" she sighed. I hadn't had a boyfriend for a while. 
The last one I had was unfaithful and cheated on me. this triggered me, but nobody rescued me like Harry did. He was my boyfriend, and I was ready to have one. "Really Ann?" I nodded and smiled. I pulled out my phone and showed her the picture of us both together. She smiled and said "well if your happy". "I am. He saved my life Chloe." I showed her my arms. "You should come to his house this evening with me. You can meet his friends." She smiled and nodded.
School finished and I'm so glad. I met Harry and the boys. Chloe trailed behind and I could see Niall's head lift up. He had his hands in his pockets. He lifted his head up and she caught his eye. He smiled "hello Annie, and friend." Chloe smiled and instantly looked up at him. I'm shipping this already. "Let's go back to mine love!" Harry said to me, clutching my hand. "Yeah. Lets go" Niall said. 


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