Annie May: 1DFF

Annie May is your typical girl. 16, Self concious, fun, very pretty, and music-obsessed. She isn't perfect however, and she understands this all too well. Well, that's until she meets five boys that are going to change her life, forever.

No major mature scenes, but triggering events may occur. You have been warned!


13. Happy.

Harry's POV:
Wow, she was stunning, smart, funny and cute all in one, and she was mine. I walked over to he car and the lads were waiting in there looking out at me. I know I had a grin on my face but I couldn't get rid of it, and I didn't want to. I'm going home now and I'm so exited. To sit down? No. To sleep? No. To Skype my princess? Yes. I went in and put on the kettle. I went in to my bedroom and took off my clothes and threw them into the wash basket.(laundry bin) and laid down. I opened up my laptop and but it on the bed next to me.

Annie's POV:
I went upstairs smiling. I could see my dad looking rather confused in the corner of my eye but I just smiled. I just grinned. I took of my clothes and put on a Ramones vest top and some bed shorts. I laid on my bed where me and Harry had play fought earlier and flipped up my computer screen. I logged on to Skype only to see Harry's video call request pop up. "Hi princess. I miss you love" he said quietly. The boys must have been asleep.
"Hey!" I said quietly. "I miss you too Harry" I said. For the whole of the night we just laughed and talked about or our day. I began to get really tired and I just started drifting off. I could hear Harry laughing and giggling and then I finally couldn't hear anything else. I was fast asleep..
Harry's POV

Annie fell asleep on Skype an she looked so peaceful and so beautiful. I don't know if she wanted to turn Skype off or not but in glad she didn't because this way, I know she's okay and I know she's had a good sleep. I kissed the screen where her face was and smiled before drifting off as well. We were in each others company all night. 
*Next day*
Harry's POV
I woke up and looked at my computer screen only to see Annie still on the screen. She was snoring and mumbling in her sleep and it was so so cute. I got up, got on my grey jogging bottoms on and a black vest. I put on a beanie and some vans and walked out the door. I was going to pay someone a visit I think. B
I hope you guys think this is as cute as I do! Tell everyone you know, this book is going to keep going for ages and I love it so far, I'm having so much fun. Thank you for all the support. -rhi.


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