Annie May: 1DFF

Annie May is your typical girl. 16, Self concious, fun, very pretty, and music-obsessed. She isn't perfect however, and she understands this all too well. Well, that's until she meets five boys that are going to change her life, forever.

No major mature scenes, but triggering events may occur. You have been warned!


1. Annie May.

Hi, I'm Annie May, or Annie. I'm 16 and I'm from London, England. I'm a typical girl, I have flaws, but who doesn't? I like boys, and makeup, and hair and teeny cute, little objects. I love to get the latest clothes, and be part of the latest trends. Need I say more? Oh, and there's also this other thing..I suffer from severe depression.


AN* Hi Guys! I'm rhiannon! I'm from England, I'm a Directioner and a belieber! And I will be writing this fan fiction! I know its short but the rest of my chapters will be longer, this is just my introduction! So no hate please, I'm fully aware of it! And I also wanted to get to know you a bit better! I have a competition! I am choosing names for the girlfriends of Zayn and Louis ( the rest of the boys are taken by my friends, sorry!) And I need to know your names, hair colour, eye colour, and also if you want to be with Louis or Zayn! It will be awhile until the boys are introduced so you have plenty of time! Get writing! Love you all :) byee! -rhi.

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