Until we die

One Direction fanfic

I stumbled out of bed, brushing my frizzy hair away from my face. I stared at my posters and drawings filling my wall. Every day i wished to met them, but i never will. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my dark denim high waisted jeans with my 5sos black and white v neck t-shirt then grabbed my navy blue hoodie as it was so cold. Kicking my emergency bag under my bed i left my room to eat my breakfast. Bang! The first hit if the day. Bang! And another "you usless b***h" dad screamed from his room. "Stop it!" A voice screamed back in terror, it was mum. "I'll get that girl of yours then instead shall i?" This is it i thought. The first beating of the day. The door creeped open only to release a world of pain and screams. "STOP, PLEASE!" Screamed my mum sobbing at the door way, dad striding towards me. "Stop it you pig!" Mum was never one for swearing. Dad stopped and slowly turned his head to mum. He looked back at me. Mum quickly jested for me to run


29. Untill we die

The next morning i woke up Niall had mad me breakfast in bed and the dog had been walked and feed and he had been watching me sleep. "Today you become Mrs.Horan!" Niall declared giving me a passionate kiss his tongue in my mouth and mine in his. "I love you so much!" I whispered. "I love you to the moon and back. Saph we have been through so much and i have lost you a few times buy when you become a Horan theres no losing you. No Dan or your dad! No distractions all my love and focus will be on keeping you happy. You are never going to lose me ever again!" Niall said. We turned around and Zayn was in the door way with his phone out! "Zayn!" I shouted laughing. "What the world needs to know your love for her." Zayn said confidently. "You videoed it!" I screamed. "Yes now get dressed guys! Big day!" He said waving his hands in the air like a crazy mofo.  

After he had left and i had pushed Niall out i had a shower and got dressed in to joggers and top and invited in my hair stylist. She re-dyed my hair a dark red and then added in my fringe again it was a thick side fringe cut short, to long to be a full fringe though so it went across my forehead. She them put it in a big bun nearly on the top of my head and i had my fringe down as normal but then to little bits of hair, one on each side, fell from the bun. Georgia Rose then  curled those bits and my hair looked beautiful. "Thank you so much. Can you let Diana in please?" I asked. "Sure" she said and walked out. In came Diana, my make-up stylist and got out her bags of make-up she put some little pastel pink lipstick on me but before that she put on suntanned foundation. I had always been tanned. After them two she put on some bronzer. Know idea what that is. She started then with my eyes applying very black eye shadow to my lids then a coat of silver and then a bit of white i had no idea what i looked like because Diana wouldn't let me see until she was finished. She said that it was the smokey eye affect? Or something like that.  For my eye lashes she put on long black fake eyelashes. I thought i would look a state but i looked in the mirror and Oh my God i loved it. She quickly painted my nails again a pastel pink and my toes. Then left my to get change. I could tell this was going to be the best wedding ever. After 1 year and 4 months i was totally ready to get married to Niall! I loved him so much.

Everything went so fast and before i knew it i was in the limo drive to the venue. I had know idea where it was Niall made it a surprise. 

We pulled up at the field. There was a massive tent with sand and shells all in side. The tent had been a light pink and it had little windows all over. The we a red carpet perfectly lined up with my door going all the way down to the stone patterned alter. I walked out the car and Harry greeted me and linked arms with me. We walked down the red carpet towards the tent. Before i knew it i was at the entrance of the beautiful tent. Niall's back was turned because he didn't want to see me yet. There was all their families were there and Paul and his family. Little things played as soon as i steeped into the tent. I walked towards Niall trying not to cry. I was smiling so much and as i looked around there was pictures of us everywhere. I stopped as i reached Niall. He turned to face me. He looked so smart in his tux. He had red eyes where he had been crying. I don't know if this was just me but the whole talking bit just before the i do bit was boring i just wanted to kiss Niall and be his forever. "I do." I said looking up to Niall smiling and a tear rushed down my cheek. After all we ha been through i was finally going to be his. Forever. "You may kiss your bride." Paul said who was the vicar. Niall grabbed my face and kissed me  passionately. My arms around his waist pulling him closer. 

As it got  dark we drove to the beach where there was posts along the shore wrapped in fairy lights and drink on high round tables. Music playing off a dj stand Zayn being the dj. We danced all night to all our favourite songs. It was perfect.

After the party and all our photos had been taken Niall scooped me into his arms just outside the hotel a carried me up to our room my red hair in his face. "We'll together forever right?" I asked my big blue eyes looking up at him. "Until we die!"

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