Until we die

One Direction fanfic

I stumbled out of bed, brushing my frizzy hair away from my face. I stared at my posters and drawings filling my wall. Every day i wished to met them, but i never will. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my dark denim high waisted jeans with my 5sos black and white v neck t-shirt then grabbed my navy blue hoodie as it was so cold. Kicking my emergency bag under my bed i left my room to eat my breakfast. Bang! The first hit if the day. Bang! And another "you usless b***h" dad screamed from his room. "Stop it!" A voice screamed back in terror, it was mum. "I'll get that girl of yours then instead shall i?" This is it i thought. The first beating of the day. The door creeped open only to release a world of pain and screams. "STOP, PLEASE!" Screamed my mum sobbing at the door way, dad striding towards me. "Stop it you pig!" Mum was never one for swearing. Dad stopped and slowly turned his head to mum. He looked back at me. Mum quickly jested for me to run


17. Surprise 2

3 months later 

"Wow your concert was amazing and it easy every time you do it!" I said hugging Niall tightly. "Lets get back to the hotel babe." We all walked back and got into bed me Niall and Harry the Louis Liam and Zayn. 

I woke up the next morning and none of the boys sere there. They had all left.… on my birthday i was turning 19 today and they had left me. I started to cry and then my phone rang…"hello?" I said. "Hey babe. Sorry we aren't there we popped put for breakfast but we will be there for 20 mintues then we will be back." Niall spoke down the phone in his cute accent. "Okay" i replied trying not to cry. He didn't love me i could tell. What did i do? Why doesn't he love me? I began to weep. 21 minutes had past and he wasn't back i cried so much. I went to fix up my make-up creating my eyes to have 2cm long eyelashes and smokey eyeshadow with pale pink lipstick i put on my plain pastel purple maxi dress and and pastel purple 5inch heels and my directioner necklace Niall bought for me on then sat on the end of the bed and waited for my prince to come home. 

After 9 minutes i got a phone call i answered because it was Niall "hi" i said trying to sound happy. "Hi come over to Zayns room." I ran as fast as i could in my heels to Zayns room i didn't even say goodbye to Niall i just hung up. I stopped out side the door fixed my red hair in the bun so it didnt fall out then walked in. 

He room was full of lots of people even Paul. They all shouted surprise. And to think i thought they had all forgotten. I was so happy i started to cry, but they were tears of happiness. Niall rushed to my side. "Whats wrong babe, dont you like it?" He questioned looking sad. "No i love it! I thought you forgot." I said wiping tears from my eyes. "I would never forget babe!" Said Niall hugging me. "MOVE!" Louis shouted me then handed a present. "Louis, you shouldn't have." I said. "Open it!" I said getting excited. "Okay" i ripped off the One Direction wrapping paper. "OMFG! Louis. Thank you so much!" It was the new iphone 4s. I jumped up gave him a huge hug holding him tight when Zayn walked over and handed me a present…i ripped off the same wrapping paper. "Awh Zayn." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you but i dont have a dog." "Oh" Zayn said looking back at Harry. Liam came to me and handed and small present. I opened the box and out came a little necklace with two L's one Z, H and N. "it's the letters of all our first names." Liam said smiling at me. I let him put the necklace on me. Harry walked over with a massive box and placed it on the floor because it was obviously heavy. I opened it and inside was a little brown sausage down with big round black eyes looking up at me. I was sat shocked. A word not coming out of my mouth. "Now you have a us for Zayn present." Harry said. "OMG Harry. Thank you so much. I love it. I love you so much omg thank youu!" I said not realising i said i loved him Niall became jealous quickly. "I love you to!" Harry said hugging me. I pulled away, "what?" I said looking up at him. "Nothing. Look how cute this little guy is!" Harry said bending down and opening the cage.  Niall walked over to me "my turn!" He said getting down on one knee. "I love you Sapphire. I always have and always will. I love everything about you, your smile, your laugh, your dimples, your hair everything and i never want a day to pass without you in my arms. I want to stay with you forever and grow old with you. Saph will you marry me?" Niall proposed! I started to cry again tears of joy i just couldnt bring the words to say yes i was so shocked. "Niall…i…i" i looked down at the floor. "Niall i love you so much. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes a billion times yes!" I jumped into his arms as he span my round kissing me tightly. Harry ran out the room as fast as he could he looked like he was crying. I ran after him leaving Niall. "No one follow i will cheer him up!" I said running off!

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