Until we die

One Direction fanfic

I stumbled out of bed, brushing my frizzy hair away from my face. I stared at my posters and drawings filling my wall. Every day i wished to met them, but i never will. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my dark denim high waisted jeans with my 5sos black and white v neck t-shirt then grabbed my navy blue hoodie as it was so cold. Kicking my emergency bag under my bed i left my room to eat my breakfast. Bang! The first hit if the day. Bang! And another "you usless b***h" dad screamed from his room. "Stop it!" A voice screamed back in terror, it was mum. "I'll get that girl of yours then instead shall i?" This is it i thought. The first beating of the day. The door creeped open only to release a world of pain and screams. "STOP, PLEASE!" Screamed my mum sobbing at the door way, dad striding towards me. "Stop it you pig!" Mum was never one for swearing. Dad stopped and slowly turned his head to mum. He looked back at me. Mum quickly jested for me to run


16. Surpise 1

Tomorrow Niall goes away and i will have to hide away i couldn't go on tour with him i will have to say goodbye. I have been with him for 4 months thats as much as i could ask of him. "Babe have you packed your stuff?" Asked Niall grabbing my hand. "Yeah, i'll miss you!" I said squeezing his hand. "I cant wait till later! Giving you your surprise!" "Awh Niall you shouldn't have!" I said kissing his cheek. 

3 hours later

"Babe guess what!" Niall said hugging me tightly after he walked through the door way. "What?" I said turning round to face him after making him a sandwich. "You need to guess!" Niall said. "You'll miss me?" I said.  "I wont have to miss you if your coming with me!" He said. "Reallyy!!!!!" I said "OMG Niall i love you so much" i screamed jumping i to his arms and wrapping my legs around his wait i tightly locked my lips on his my tongue in his mouth and his in mine. "Your going to watch your boy on stage!" Said Niall breaking the kiss. I was so happy i fell over pulling Niall down with me. I loved him so much.

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