Until we die

One Direction fanfic

I stumbled out of bed, brushing my frizzy hair away from my face. I stared at my posters and drawings filling my wall. Every day i wished to met them, but i never will. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my dark denim high waisted jeans with my 5sos black and white v neck t-shirt then grabbed my navy blue hoodie as it was so cold. Kicking my emergency bag under my bed i left my room to eat my breakfast. Bang! The first hit if the day. Bang! And another "you usless b***h" dad screamed from his room. "Stop it!" A voice screamed back in terror, it was mum. "I'll get that girl of yours then instead shall i?" This is it i thought. The first beating of the day. The door creeped open only to release a world of pain and screams. "STOP, PLEASE!" Screamed my mum sobbing at the door way, dad striding towards me. "Stop it you pig!" Mum was never one for swearing. Dad stopped and slowly turned his head to mum. He looked back at me. Mum quickly jested for me to run


24. Oh My God

Once back at the house we received a letter. It read: Dear Ms S Rose im so sorry for the inconvenience but we have mixed your test results up with another patient who had the test you do not have a brain tumour. Sorry again. American hospital. Liam also had a letter from the hospital. It read: dear Mr L Payne, im sorry but we have mixed up the test results. We are sorry to say that you have a permanent brain tumour. We were all stunned. "Why did yo get tested?" I asked. "We all did!" Said Niall. "Why?" I asked. "We need to every month." I couldn't believe it Liam had a a brain tumour!

The next morning i woke up put on my navy Hollister joggers and Niall's brown jack wills polo shirt with a dark dull orange  hoddie that had Hollister up the arms. I grabbed Scarletts lead and attached it to her collar then left not saying a word to the others. Walking down the road heard running i started to cry i new Niall would follow me i turned around with my eyes shut as i was crying and gave him a big kiss my tongue in his mouth and he put his in mine. I grabbed his hand then walked off with him. His hand felt different. I looked up and saw that it was Harry. I had just snogged Harry! He was looking down at me shocked. "Holy shit!" I shouted. "I love you too!" Harry said bending down to give me another kiss. "No Harry! I thought you were Niall! Get lost!" I was still pissed off with him and i was even more pissed off now. "What? No you said Harry." "Fuck off Harry!" I said running off with Scarlett. Tomorrow was the wedding and Harry was NOT ruining it. I stopped at a bench and put up my hood. Suddenly i felt a knife at my throat. "How dare you say that to Harry. Die bitch." The knife got closer to my throat. "Wait!" I shouted slowing her down. "You dont know what happens behind the scenes of their 'perfect' life. You know it's the complete opposite. They live in fear for their girlfriends for people like you crazy enough to kill them.  Niall he taken a knife for me once and I'm sure he will again." I said closing my eyes ready to die. "Piss off bitch face!" I heard Harry say. "But Harry i love you!" She said. "You mustn't love me if your going to kill my best friend." He replied. She dropped the knife and ran off. And so did i. I ran all he way back home and didn't care. 

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