Until we die

One Direction fanfic

I stumbled out of bed, brushing my frizzy hair away from my face. I stared at my posters and drawings filling my wall. Every day i wished to met them, but i never will. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my dark denim high waisted jeans with my 5sos black and white v neck t-shirt then grabbed my navy blue hoodie as it was so cold. Kicking my emergency bag under my bed i left my room to eat my breakfast. Bang! The first hit if the day. Bang! And another "you usless b***h" dad screamed from his room. "Stop it!" A voice screamed back in terror, it was mum. "I'll get that girl of yours then instead shall i?" This is it i thought. The first beating of the day. The door creeped open only to release a world of pain and screams. "STOP, PLEASE!" Screamed my mum sobbing at the door way, dad striding towards me. "Stop it you pig!" Mum was never one for swearing. Dad stopped and slowly turned his head to mum. He looked back at me. Mum quickly jested for me to run


15. Dan.

I was woke the next morning in a rush. The paparazzi had found us in the only private house Niall had we were packing as fast as well could when the door flung open! There was man standing  there in the door way i looked down and noticed he had a gun. I whispered to Niall "theres someone down stairs!" "Its probably one of the boys" "Niall, he has a gun!"  I said trying not to raise my voice. "Where the fucking bitch that ran away from my brother!" The man said. "Shit!" I said. I think Niall was a bit disgusted  that i had just swore. "What?" Niall said looking worried. "It's Dan...my dads brother!" "Im coming slut your daddy wants you home he has special present for you. Get naked baby!" The man said. God he's so twisted i thought. "Has your dad raped you?" Niall said surprised. "Once but thats only when i was 14. He never did it again." Niall gasped looking amazed that i hadnt told him. "Come her you slut!" Dan said coming up the stairs Niall through our stuff out the window then pushed me out. It was only the second floor but we had a balcony. Niall hen jumped out and ran down the stairs me in front only to find my dad waiting also with a gun. "Do what your uncle says, get naked slut!" Said dad pointing the gun at me. "Oh and you brought a present for Dan lucky he's not into laddies." Dad said talking about Niall. "Both naked now!" Said Dan walking down the stairs behind us. I started to take off my top as the boys and Paul turned up in a van. They came out looking like the ghost busters and me and Niall couldn't help but laugh. "Shut it and get undressed you two!" Shouted dad. "Leave that princess alone!" Shouted Harry winking at me. I could tell this would make Niall jealous. "Im not afraid to shot you big guy!" Said Liam stepping out the car. "Yeah fuck off!" Said Zayn stepping out he driver rear door. Dad and Dan pointed the tuns at them and at that point all 5 of them pulled out a gun. "Shit!" Said dad running off into a car Dan following behind, dad dropped my top as he ran Harry grabbed it and gave it back putting it on me as i pulled away. He looked sad and stepped away. "Harry you twat!" Niall said, "you dare call her princess again and i will kill you!" "Im the one with the gun" said Harry pointing it a Niall when the others laughed Harry pulled the trigger and i prepared for my boy to die, but all that cam out was freezing water. Then everyone laughed at dad and Dan who had been scared of water pistols.  "Im so sorry" i said to Niall. "For what?" "Nearly killing you, twice!" I said. "Babe, i would do anything for you!" Said Niall kissing my forehead.

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