How it all happened

Okay so this book talks about how Elissa from my first book knew all the members of 1D and much, much more.


1. How I met Zayn

         Elissa's POV

       I met Zayn 14 years ago and he was my first boyfriend and we lasted for 1 year. Here's how it happened.




     14 years ago: 

        My mom and dad brought me to school and lts say I would not let them leave. So right after they left I met Zayn and let's just say he was hot and he asked me if I would want to go to his house so I said yes and my parents let me go to his house. He then asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes, and then we kissed onthe lips for I don't know how long, and the we watched tv and ate pizza and chocolate and popcorn, and we drank hot chocolate and pop and juice and we fell asleep on top of each other.

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