The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


24. Part 3 Chapter 7

Thalia barely slept that night as she anxiously awaited to hear what Rose had found and discuss  the weird dream with there rest of the group. It felt like she had been lying in bed starting at the top of her canopy for 5 minutes when Gwendolyn, Amelie and Rose started to wake up. Rose and Thalia were able to intercept Scorpius & Albus on their way to breakfast to let them know about the emergency meeting in the library before class, but they had to wait until breakfast when Sienna came to sit with them to tell her the plan. Despite it being against the rules for someone to sit anywhere other than their house table, Sienna had taken to sitting at the Gryffindor table to avoid hassle from the Slytherins. Surprisingly though none of the teachers had tried to stop her. Rose had stated her belief that the teachers wanted to encourage inter-house unity but had not been able to get anyone to do it before. Whatever the reason Sienna enjoyed being able to break the rules without getting in trouble. The first week after it had stated happening people whispered and stared constantly as Sienna was the highest topic of gossip but as the gossip began to change people forgot all about Sienna Vane’s rule breaking. When breakfast had finally ended and they had all settled into the library Thalia immediately rushed into recapping her dream, desperate to talk about it with someone.

“She’s forming and army of muggles, muggle-borns and blood traitors?” Scorpius tried to wrap his head around.

“She said ‘anyone who doubts’” Thalia recapped. Scorpius’ eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“She’s looking for people who doubt wizards. That’s what they all have in common. After the second wizarding war, many muggle-borns, half-bloods, blood traitors where killed because pure blooded wizards believed in the sanctity of their magic. The muggle-borns, half-bloods blood traitors they have every reason not to trust wizards anymore and for whatever reason she’s playing on that to recruit them.” Rose theorised. Everyone sat there in stunned silence for a moment before Albus dared to speak.

“But what does she want with them?” Albus asked. Rose smiled slightly as she reached into her satchel.

“That I may be able to answer.” Rose pulled out a heavy dusty book and placed it on the table and leant towards it, pointing to the cover which read ‘A history of Squibs & Muggleborns’ “I found this in tomes and scrolls. It’s no wonder we’ve never found anything about the mist woman we’ve been looking in all the wrong sections!” Rose explained flicking through the book until she came to the page she’d bookmarked and turned it to face her friends. On the page was a large picture of a woman from what the rest of them assumed to be about the 1600s. The painting did not move as the magical ones did, which gave them the idea that it was painted by a muggle. The woman’s black curls were loosely hanging around her heart shaped face and her frown looked serious and regal. The woman’s large blue ballgown gave away that this was painted a long time ago and the feathers in her hair gave the impression that she was wealthy. None of them would have recognised her except the distant-looking brown eyes were far too familiar to ever forget.

“The mist woman.” Scorpius was barely able to make out. Rose nodded slightly pointing to a paragraph underneath the picture.

“We haven’t been able to find her because everything that mentions her is in the history of muggle-borns section. According to this her name is Morana Angelus her father was a muggle viscount from Italy and her family emigrated to England in 1693, they were a very well-respected family even in England. But when Morana was a child she showed signs of magic, back then with the witch trials going on in America, exhibiting magic was terrifying, especially since her parents had none. She’s the first known case of a muggle-born witch. The magical historian in this book found no wizards or witches living close enough to the family at the time to be able to protect Morana but was able to find a written journal of a muggle that was close to them. When Morana first started displaying magic her parents were scared, they tried to punish her to get her to stop it. The muggle talks about hearing screams from the cellar of Morana being beaten by her father. The muggle man never really knew what Morana had done but saw very strange things from Morana. He began to suspect she was a witch, as did anyone close to the family. When Morana’s powers wouldn’t stop, he parents feared for their reputation and the safety of their daughter if anyone were to find out so they chained her up in the cellar for years, after so many years she must have nearly became an obscurus, trying to block out her magic to please her parents. But she stopped fearing her magic and started fearing her parents instead. The muggle man that wrote the journal found her years later and set her free, by this time she was 13 and she knew if she showed her face to her parents again she’d be locked up so she ran away. But a year later after learning to control her magic, she came back. The muggle man that saved her heard horrifying screams at the house he ran to help and found Morana stood over there dead bodies. He was so scared he ran home and barricaded his door. He feared she’d come for him so he wrote the final entry in his journal so others would understand how he died…. But he didn’t die. She must have erased his memory of her ever existing because he has another journal from a few days later that doesn’t show that he has any memory of her.” Rose recapped what she’d read to the rest of the captivated group.

“Wow. I kind of feel sorry for…” Thalia frowned slightly.

“I don’t!” Scorpius and Sienna said at the exact same time, the smiled briefly at each other and understanding passing between them.

“Yeah she had awful parents, but so do lots of people.” Scorpius shrugged.

“Just because she was mistreated doesn’t give her the right to murder the people who mistreated her.” Sienna insisted.

“That’s true… but still I feel sorry for her having to grow up like that! I think we forget sometimes how lucky we are to grow up in this time. I mean yeah it’s kinda sucky sometimes, our muggle relations have a long way to go and a lot prejudices still exists but at least our parents aren’t torturing us!” Albus reminded them. Every stopped for a moment to consider this when finally Thalia spoke.

“Wait a minute… you think she’s forming an army of muggles, muggle-borns, squibs and blood traitors… to end magic?” Thalia asked, Rose sighed

“I didn’t know until you told me about your dream. It makes sense I guess that she’d form an army to get revenge on the magical community that got her tortured. She never wanted magic but she learnt to use it to so against rest of the community.”

“That book is the first solid clue we’ve got in a long time but it’s not conclusive proof that that’s why she’s forming her army. I think we need to see what else we can find about her in muggle-born history books.” Scorpius suggested the rest of the gang reluctantly nodded and eventually they disbanded with the plan to continue search for anymore books about Morana.





After a month of searching Thalia’s birthday came and went without anyone noticing. It wasn’t until she made a passing comment about it one breakfast that the gang even realised they didn’t know her birthday. It was even more shocking when Scorpius shrugged and admitted his was in 2 days as well. That afternoon after Transfiguration Rose caught up with Albus and Sienna after making sure Thalia was heading to her divination class and Scorpius was on his way to muggle studies.

“guys I was thinking. This morning when Thalia and Scorpius mentioned there birthdays I felt really guilty, Thalia’s been going through a tough time recently what with…. Homesickness” Rose lied glancing at Sienna who understood what she meant. Sienna felt a huge twist of guilt as she remembered that the reason Thalia was having such a tough time was because the boy she was crushing hard on …. liked Sienna more. Thalia was the first real friend Sienna had ever had, she’d only ever treated her kindly and she was such a good person, and how did she repay this kindness? By taking the boy she liked away. And yet despite her feelings for Albus, Thalia didn’t hate her. She still treated Sienna as a friend, even encouraged her to be herself and leave Jaspers gang. And now to top it all off Thalia didn’t even think they cared about her birthday. Sienna wasn’t feeling like the best friend.

“And Scorpius hasn’t even had a real birthday. He didn’t exactly celebrate with his father. Scorpius and Thalia are such good friends to us so I was thinking… what if we threw them a birthday party?” Rose beamed as they began ascending the staircases to get to the 4th floor.

“A birthday party? Aren’t parties like against the rules?” Albus asked confused.

“Well… technically yes but I was thinking, what if we decorated a space in the room of requirement and snuck out tomorrow night. Just us 5 that way we can’t get in trouble? I’m sure I could even persuade some of the house elves to bake us a cake! It’ll be great! What do you guys think?” Rose nervously asked. Sienna grinned in response.

“Breaking the rules, cake and I don’t have to stay in the slytherin common room? Count me in!” Sienna beamed.

“Rose Harmony Weasley! Breaking the rules! What would your father say!?” Albus joked Rose rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue. Albus laughed as she pushed him aside.

“I’m in. Scorpius deserves an awesome birthday party and Thalia’s always so kind to us she deserves something back!” Rose beamed and began getting her notebook out as they walked to take notes.

“Right so I was thinking Sienna you should do decorations tonight since you’re the only one they won’t notice sneaking off. And Albus you can write to Uncle George and Dad and ask them to send us some presents as quick as they can, and you can get Louis’ music thingy to play music on…” Rose fumbled around the word as she planned.

“You mean his iPod?” Albus laughed as Rose shoved him.

“I’ll head down to the kitchens during lunch and ask the house elves to help with the cake then I’m going to go and convince James to give me his map for the night so we can see if anyone’s coming. Then tonight I have a special birthday present to prepare… gosh there is a lot to do! Do you think we’ll get it all done by tomorrow?” Rose panicked.

“Relax Rosie, we’ll get it done.” Albus rested his hands on her shoulders reassuringly as she smiled.




“What kind of an emergency are we even talking about Albus?” Thalia demanded the next day as Albus lead her and Scorpius up the grand staircases.

“Rose didn’t specify she just said there was an emergency and to meet her in the Room of Requirement, so Sienna could come too.” Albus didn’t even stop to explain.

“Do you think it’s something dangerous…” Scorpius wondered trying to catch up with Albus as he flew up the stairs.

“Nah, I’m sure it’s not she would have said if it was.” Albus clarified. Scorpius’ eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“Then why….?” Scorpius began

“Look lets just get there and find out!” Albus interrupted. When they finally reached the room of requirement Albus held Thalia and Scorpius back.

“I’ll open it!” He insisted. Scorpius shrugged in response. Albus rushed in when the grand door finally opened. Thalia and Scorpius gave each other a quick glance of confusion as they shrugged and entered anyway.

“SURPRISE!” They were greeted with party poppers being pulled and some Weasleys Wizard Wheezes mini fireworks exploding. The pair took a look around the room and were stunned to find streamers and balloon hanging everywhere including some balloons on the floor.

Scorpius noted a snack table in the corner of the bright yellow room filled with a variety of snacks for Weasley’s wizard wheezes and honey dukes, but his eyes instantly fell to the beautiful lilac and green cake raised on a cake stand in the middle of the table. In the centre of the cake were five iced figures, on the left was a black haired green-eyed boy sat leaning towards his friends. Next to him was a girl with wild orange hair held back in a braid, with blue eyes and freckles all around her face, she was smiling at the boy she was sat next too. Scorpius instantly recognised it as himself, a boy with brown eyes and pale blonde hair that flopped over his eyes in exactly the same way Scorpius’ did. Next to Scorpius in the middle was a girl with jet black hair tied into two loosely curled pigtails with crystal blue eyes that was laughing at her friend next to her, he recognised this girl instantly as Thalia with Sienna sat on the far right laughing with Thalia, Sienna’s tight blonde curls draped over her shoulders and her deep brown eyes weren’t nearly as terrifying in icing. A cake with the five of them on.

Thalia however had first noticed the small pile of shiny wrapped presents and realised this was a birthday party. Her eyes then noticed the bright yellow walls weren’t just covered in streamers and balloons they were covered in pictures Scorpius had taken of them all with his camera. A photo of Albus and Sienna talking by the tree next to the great lake that Scorpius had taken without them knowing. A picture of Rose, Thalia and Sienna in the great hall laughing at a joke Sienna had just made.

Albus and Scorpius playing an intense game of wizards chess that Rose had stolen Scorpius’ camera to get. Sienna and Thalia walking to class and pushing Scorpius’ camera out of there faces as they noticed him. Rose and Albus sat in the courtyard silently reading next to each other. Thalia and Rose in there dormitory the night they’d stolen Scorpius’ camera and took pictures of themselves for him to find when he developed the pictures. Thalia reading Albus’ tarot cards as he rolled his eyes with a smile. Rose and Scorpius excitedly working on a school project together in the library and snatching the camera back when they realised Albus had it. Scorpius with Rose and Albus this Christmas opening their presents together taken by another member of the Weasley-potter family. Sienna smiling as she leant against the castle wall talked to Albus who was jut out of frame. Rose with her hair in a messy bun frantically studying in the common room. Scorpius reading a muggle comic book on his bed taken by Albus. Albus eating in the great hall and sticking his tongue out when he realised Sienna had been taking a picture of him. Thalia balancing on the courtyard wall and walking across it until she jumped down gracefully at the end. And her favourite picture of all, a picture they’d taken of the five of them down by the lake on the last day before summer last year, Thalia beaming at Sienna was pulling a funny face while Albus laughed at her, Rose sat nicely on the ground smiling up at the camera and Scorpius with a ear splitting grin on his face laughing at his friends.

“You threw us a birthday party?” Scorpius barely choked out.

“it was Rose’s idea but we all helped.” Sienna admitted. Scorpius couldn’t help but notice it was kind of odd to see her out of her school uniform. She was now wearing a lime green tank top underneath a dark green plaid shirt with ripped denim shorts and black converses with a black choker around her neck.

“We felt bad we didn’t celebrate your birthday Thalia and Scorpius has never had a birthday party, so we figured we’d throw you a combined party.” Albus smiled popping another party popper spraying confetti everywhere. Albus was wearing a red English national quidditch team t-shirt underneath a maroon jacket and his old faded black jeans with his worn-out trainers.

“I know it’s against the rules… but they’ll never catch us in here see!” Rose reminded everyone. Scorpius smiled, noticing how pretty she looked tonight, she had her hair in a neat braid falling down her right shoulder which Scorpius figured must have taken a long time to get that neat. She was wearing a pale blue dress with an oversized royal blue cardigan and navy tights, Scorpius noticed she looked a lot taller with her kitten heal sandals on, and when he studied her face he noticed she was wearing faint makeup, barely noticeable but defiantly there. His heart did a flip flop when she smiled at him. He felt his face getting hotter and decided he had to look away.

“Come on let’s open presents then!” Albus excitedly declared.

Scorpius got a box full of school supplies from Albus which included a notebook, some pens, a homework planner, some pencils and erasers a ruler and some coloured pens and highlighters. Scorpius found out Albus had got this stuff from his brother James who last year started selling muggle school supplies to Hogwarts students. Albus thought this would be perfect for Scorpius since he loved school work and he enjoyed figuring out muggle stuff. And Sienna had given him some muggle magic tricks from Weasleys Wizard Wheezes that had been shipped over next day delivery. Scorpius thoroughly enjoyed trying them out at the party making everyone else laugh.

Thalia had received a book called ‘unfogging the future’ by Cassandra Vablatsky that Albus’ dad had sent him. It used to be a textbook of his back when it was on the syllabus. Thalia who had a particular fascination with divination ever since her terrifying experience in that class found that book a very thoughtful gift. Sienna had given her a packet of Flirting Fancies, one sweet made the person who eat it more confident and flirty for 24 hours. Thalia knew deep in her heart that Sienna had given this to her in hopes that she might move on from Albus and she appreciated the gesture. Rose had given her a dream journal she’d brought from James’ muggle supply store. Which Thalia found interesting and useful as there were just beginning there topic on dream journals in divination.

After opening presents and watching Scorpius do muggle magic tricks Sienna turned on Louis’ music player and they all started dancing, Scorpius was the first to get tired and want a break so he made his way over to the snack table to get a slice of cake, Rose quickly joined him.

“How’s the cake?” She asked as she cut herself a slice.

“Amazing! How did you even get one anyway?” Scorpius asked. Rose leant next to a bite of her slice.

“I made it, the house elves helped me out a lot though!” Rose admitted.

“Thank you for doing all this Rose… it’s incredible! I’ve never even had a birthday card before yet alone a party!” Scorpius took it all in.

“You and Thalia are such amazing people you deserve amazing birthdays” Rose glanced up at Scorpius watching him stare at all the decorations.

“Actually um… I wanted to give you my present. I got it from James’ there wasn’t a lot of places to get presents on such short notice but… I hope you like it.” Rose reached under the snack table and handed him a dark metallic green present with a lime green bow in the front, as Scorpius teared off the wrapping paper he could see a hard leather bound book but when he undid the strap the  pages inside where blank.

“It’s a journal…” Rose explained “…I thought maybe you could use it to write. I proof read all your essays Scorpius and there quite beautifully written. You have a bit of a talent with words and I figured you might want to try writing in here…” she nervously explained, Scorpius stared at it in shock.

“You really think I’m good at writing?”

“I think you have quite the talent for it” Scorpius noticed her cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

“Thank you. Thank you for everything Rose…” Scorpius paused for a moment letting the beat of the music go through him. “… Who would have thought when we were in first year that you’d be throwing me a birthday party!” Scorpius shook his head incredulously. Rose laughed in response.

“We were pretty angry back then!” Rose shook her head.


“Okay, I was pretty angry back then. I was kind of an idiot too…” Rose stared at Thalia Sienna and Albus dancing together in contemplation.

“Why on earth would you think that? You’re the smartest witch in our class!”

“Well yeah I’m intellectual but… I let a petty prejudice opinion stop me from making real friends… if I hadn’t grown out of that and seen how wrong it was… I wouldn’t have all you lot as my friends… I wouldn’t have you, and that would be quite lonely because your quite the most amazing person I’ve ever met Scorpius Malfoy.” Rose met his eyes. He stared at her in shock.

“Do you really mean that?” He faintly asked, she nodded in response. “Well I’m glad you grew out of that too because a world without knowing Rose Weasley seems like a pretty awful world to live in because you’re the most fascinating person I know.” Rose smiled and blushed hard at this for a moment before shaking her head and taking a deep breath to change the subject.

“I actually got you another present too kind of… I figured no one else would know when your birthday is so I thought I’d tell some people I know would want to give you a happy birthday.” Rose pulled a shiny gold envelope out from under the table too. It was addressed in turquoise letters to Mr Scorpius Malfoy.

“A birthday card?” Scorpius studied the envelope, Rose giggled.

“Open it!” Scorpius carefully edged open the letter and found a card with the Chudley Cannons Quidditch team zooming around on the front and in big bold black letters it said ‘Happy Birthday’ it was the inside however that made Scorpius speechless.



Hope you have an amazing day, Rose wrote to us telling us

About your party. Hope she’s thrown you an awesome party!

… or at least I hope Albus hasn’t let her make it too lame.

Anyway, I was thinking about sending something to you,

But I decided this would be better so I talked to

Grandma and she agreed wholeheartedly with me.

For your birthday we want to extent an invitation to spend this

And every other summer afterwards if you’d like

With us. We have a spare room you could live in at Christmas

And summer when your not a Hogwarts. We understand if you’d

Rather stay with your dad, but the offers there if you want it.

Grandma knows just how lonely that big mansion must be

And we want to remind you that you do have family

Who love and care about you, us. Even if you don’t want

Too we’re just glad to be able to offer it.

Have an awesome birthday


Love Teddy & Aunt Andromeda.

P.S Grandma’s cooking really isn’t that bad and the house

Has plenty of room for you and I’d love to spend summer with you,

It would be like having a little brother. (not that Albus and James and Lily

Aren’t like siblings but having you to LIVE with would be amazing!) – Teddy.


Scorpius’ heart caught in his throat and he found himself unable to speak.

“What? What is it? I thought you’d like a card from Teddy and Aunt Drom? Did they say something wrong? Do you not like it?” Rose panicked at the tears forming in Scorpius eyes.

“No Rose it’s wonderfully fantastically beautifully amazing! They’ve offered to let me live with them!” Scorpius suddenly did something without even giving it a second thought. He grabbed Rose and squeezed her in a tight embrace. Rose was sin such a state of shock for a moment she couldn’t so anything but then as she realised what this meant she hugged him back.

“Oh Scorpius that’s wonderful! You’ll love it with Aunt Drom and Teddy!” Rose said delightedly holding onto him tightly. Scorpius tried to hold back the tears forming in his eyes and he felt Rose’s breath on his shoulder.

“Thank you Rose Weasley!” 

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