The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


23. Part 3 Chapter 6

When Scorpius, Rose & Albus arrived back at Hogwarts after Christmas, Scorpius began experiencing an odd sensation he’d never felt before, he didn’t want Christmas to end. Scorpius knew without a doubt in his heart that this had been his favourite Christmas ever, even with Rose’s father’s snide remarks towards him. When he had arrived at the closest place that had ever felt like home to him, Hogwarts castle, he found himself sorely wanting to return to the chaos of the burrows. Scorpius had spent the rest of Christmas getting to know the other members of Albus’ family, especially Teddy and Andromeda, two members of his own family he’d never even met before. Scorpius couldn’t really describe to Rose & Albus the relief he had felt when he discovered there were members of his family like him who had chosen a different path. For all this life Scorpius felt so alone and different and meeting Teddy and Andromeda showed him he wasn’t. He had such a wonderful Christmas he’d almost forgotten entirely about the day Teddy took him and Albus to Flourish and Blotts to research, however he was quickly reminded of this when within an hour of arriving back Rose was planning to meet up with Thalia and Sienna the next day.

Scorpius couldn’t fail to notice Albus’ smile widen as Sienna walked in or Thalia’s when she caught sight of Albus for that matter. Scorpius couldn’t pretend he wasn’t worried for the groups future if this continued. Anybody could see Thalia had feelings for Albus, and you’d have had to be blind not to see Albus’ growing feelings for Sienna. The only one Scorpius couldn’t figure out was Sienna. She kept her emotions so closely guarded he could never tell how she felt as easily as he could read Albus and Thalia. One moment she was kissing his cheek in the infirmary and the next she had slapped him, it was enough to confuse anybody. Scorpius had found himself wondering on several occasions how they would continue to work together as a group if Sienna did have feelings for Albus too. He wondered how hard it must be for Thalia to have to work with someone she had feelings for who had feelings for someone else. Scorpius found himself glad he had never got involved in messy feelings for multiple people. Scorpius’ thoughts were interrupted however by the arrival of Rose who promptly took he seat at what had by now become their usual table.

“Right. Welcome back everyone, I hope you two had a great Christmas. Now down to business, how did everyone get on with research?” Rose asked. Scorpius looked around trying to avoid eye contact with Rose and noticed the rest of the gang were doing the same. Sienna rolled her eyes at there nervousness and threw her bag on the table and took out the silver mirror which she slid across the table to Rose.

“I did every spell I could think of, dark detection spells, tracing spells, even a magic detection spell and I couldn’t find a thing. It’s like it’s a normal mirror again… except for the blood stains of course.” Sienna shrugged. Rose sighed as she took back the mirror.

“Okay so we’ve come with a dead end in the mirror department…. Thalia? Did you have anymore luck with the journal?” Rose tried to stay positive. Thalia bit her lip as she produced the journal from her satchel.

“….Not exactly. I got two more words…. I’m sorry I was trying all Christmas but this thing is hard! A lot of the writing faded so it’s hard enough to see without it being in code!” Thalia glared at the journal.

“It’s alright Tha, You’ll get there. We can start working on it together again!” Albus suggested. Scorpius couldn’t help but noticed Thalia blush and Sienna scowl slightly as he said this and wondered if Albus was aware of what he was doing to Thalia.

“Yeah you two need to be on journal duty.” Rose agreed “In the meantime though how did you boys get on looking up the staff and Morana?” Rose turned to Albus and Scorpius who looked at each other then down at the table refusing to meet Rose’s eyes.

“Well…We didn’t exactly….” Scorpius began nervously.

“We couldn’t find anything!” Albus blurted out. Rose sighed deeply.

“Seriously? You couldn’t find ANYTHING about the name Morana or a staff? Did either of you even look!?” Rose accused them.

“We did! Teddy took us the Flourish and Blotts before school started back up again!” Scorpius insisted.

“It’s not like there’s an entire section on women made of mist who may be called Morana and use creepy objects to get power!” Albus defended them. “Anyway what did you find then?”

“Well….” Rose began biting her lip.

“You didn’t find anything either!” Albus pointed at her accusingly.

“No okay! Your right it’s not like there’s a library section for this stuff!” Rose sighed in defeat.

“So we’re no closer to figuring this stuff out then we were before Christmas?” Sienna rolled her eyes leaning back on her chair.

“I guess we’ll have to continue our research here then.” Rose suggested earning a frustrated sigh from the rest of the group.



The gang struggled to get anymore work done over the coming weeks as they all became too distracted by the excitement of their first visit to Hogsmeade. The quintet were struggling to keep there focus on the mist woman when the topic of Hogsmeade was much more exciting.

“I guess we can all have a look through Tomes & Scrolls to see if we can find anything else, it’ll be good to have fresh books to look through” Scorpius suggested. Sienna frowned.

“I’m gunna have to pass on that blondie, as exciting as book shopping sounds, I’d be crucified if Jasper’s lot caught me with you goody goody Gryffindors!” Sienna didn’t sound the least bit sad to have to miss book shopping, but the news made Albus frown.

“Maybe they’d be okay…” Albus began.

“You don’t know Jasper’s lot, all the slytherins are like Jasper and his little girlfriend Hydra and if I cross them I’ll have nobody in my own house, I’d never live it down!” Sienna sighed.

Thalia couldn’t help but notice that for the first time for just a split second she’d let her guard down and showed she was disappointed by the ever so slight falter in her reluctant smile. Thalia couldn’t help but wonder how hard it must be to have to keep up a persona for so long just to keep other people happy. She felt a twinge of guilt as she realised she’d never felt that pressure before. Thalia surrounded herself by people who loved and accepted her for every part of her and for every choice she made, Sienna had never been given that luxury. She’d been trained from birth to be the person other people wanted so she wouldn’t end up alone and years of conditioning had left her unable to change that need to fit in. Thalia began to think of the way Sienna resembled a chameleon, changing herself so much to adapt to her environment for self-preservation that nobody knew who she really was. Thalia was snapped out of her thoughts by Rose’s piercing voice.

“That’s okay Sienna we understand, we’ll go check it out and we’ll have a meeting after Hogsmeade next week to look at what we found.” Rose suggested.

“Sounds good, is that all we need to discuss? Because I am REALLY behind on professor Longbottom’s herbology homework and I need to start getting through it!” Scorpius admitted. Rose sighed in response.

“Come on, let’s get back to the dorm and I’ll help you get through it. You know you really should have got through this weeks ago!” Rose said sternly.

“Since your going to be helping Scorpius with herbology…” Albus sheepishly began. Rose rolled her eyes.

“What do you need help with?”

“I haven’t really done the transfiguration homework yet...” Albus stalled.

“The one that’s due tomorrow?! Honestly Albus!” Rose lectured as her and the boys began to leave. Rose stopped to turn towards Thalia.

“Tha? You coming? Anything I can help you with?” Rose asked patiently. Thalia looked between Rose and Sienna who was sweeping her blonde curls out of her eyes as she packed her satchel.

“No, I’m all caught up thanks though, I’m going to stick around for a bit though, you guys go on.” Thalia smiled as Rose shrugged and followed the boys. Thalia turned her attention to Sienna.

“Sienna? Can we talk?” Thalia asked nervously. Sienna raised an eyebrow but took a seat again.

“If this is about Albus again…” Sienna began

“No, no I’d rather not even think about that! Actually it’s about you. I was just wondering why you don’t ever want to hang around with us in public?” Thalia asked. Sienna chortled in response.

“Have you ever met Jasper and his cronies? They’d make my life in the common room hell if they knew I didn’t mind Gryffindor’s, yet alone if they knew I was hanging around with them! And that’s just Jasper, I can’t even begin to imagine the twisted things Hydra would make the other slytherin girls so to me! Trust me it’s just a lot safer for all of us if we hide us all hanging out!” Sienna grabbed her satchel and started to raise from her chair when Thalia grabbed her arm.

“Wait! Look I know Jasper’s not nice people but… surely not everyone in there is like that? I mean you’re a Slytherin and your nice, surely there must be other Slytherin’s like you? ones you could stick with in the common room?” Thalia suggested. Sienna gave a sad smile.

“Truth be told, I barely even know anyone in my house except Jasper’s lot. If Jasper tells us not to talk to someone we don’t speak to them. We do what Jasper says and in return… he protects us.” Sienna admitted. Thalia’s eyes widened.

“That’s not who I thought you were.” Thalia admitted. Her words hit Sienna with an impact neither of them were expecting. The room was silent for what felt like days before Sienna could finally speak again.

“You don’t even know me, so don’t act like you do just because we have a similar taste in boys! You know nothing about who I am!” Sienna’s eyes looked positively dangerous at that moment. Thalia knew the safer option would be to apologise and walk away but she also knew she’d never forgive herself if she didn’t try.

“Maybe I don’t know everything but from what I do know I thought you were stronger that that. I thought you were strong enough to think for yourself and stand on your own two feet and not let Jasper make all your decisions for you. You shouldn’t let him control you like that! We’re your friends not him!” Thalia pleaded. Sienna took a deep shaky breath to calm herself before replying.

“You goody goody Gryffindors think everything’s about being brave! Well it’s NOT! Some us don’t want to be brave, some of us just want to survive! And Jasper helps us do that!” Sienna snarled trying to break her arm free of Thalia’s grasp.

“Sienna, people who tell you who you can and cannot talk to are not your friends. People who control your actions aren’t your friends. If you cannot be yourself around Jasper, he’s not your friend. Look carry on playing Jasper’s little puppet if you want but if you ever decide you want real friends who will be there to support you for everything that you are and everything you want to be, then you know where to find us. We’re always here Sienna. You just need to figure out where you want to be.” Thalia released Sienna’s arm and quickly left through the library door before she could even reply. Sienna stared at the library door Thalia had walked out of in shock.



The next morning Thalia couldn’t help but feel guilty about her talk with Sienna. She knew in her heart that she meant what she’d said to her but part of her felt guilty about the way she’d said it. Thalia could barely sleep that night thinking about how Sienna would react to there conversation. She knew deep down that she was right but she also knew that this friendship they all had was so important to Sienna and pushing her like that could have jeopardised it for Sienna. So when Sienna walked through the doors with Jasper and his gang the next morning for breakfast Thalia felt a terrible twinge as they all came towards them.

“Well well, Look it’s the Slytherin reject, the let down son, the ugly know it all and the freak together as usual! Well I suppose beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to friends” Jaspers nasty remarks were followed by a cruel screeching laugh from Hydra Dean who was clingy possessively to her boyfriends arm. Thalia couldn’t help but notice however Sienna had her arms crossed across her chest and her eyes had fallen to the floor pretending not to have heard.

“God, no wonder all your parents rejected you. If my children turned out to be freaks like you lot I’d leave too! Speaking of which, how is your mummy Scorpius? My dad heard from the ministry that your mother hasn’t turned up to any meetings for weeks now. Everyone’s thinking she’s done a runner! I bet she has hasn’t she! I don’t blame her, I’d rather live on the other side of the world than have a traitor son!” Jasper smirked as Hydra and the rest of his crew laughed as though this was the funniest thing they’d ever heard. Scorpius’ face was solid trying his hardest not to show any emotion. Rose’s face was flushing red with anger and Albus looked like he was about to climb over the table and smack Jasper’s face.

“Jasper, I swear if you don’t shut up….” Albus threatened. Jasper rolled his eyes.

“Oh and what are you going to do? I’d be far more threatened if it were your brother or your famous father threatening me! Even your sister is more intimidating than you! You don’t have anything in you! You’re just weak. Tell me Potter, how disappointed was your father when you came? No one would even be able to recognise you in your own family you’re than unimportant! What a shame the famous Harry Potter got a son like you.” Albus fell back into his seat in shock trying desperately not to show how much those words effected him but much like Scorpius Thalia knew neither were doing a very good job at it.

“Lay off.” A quite voice came from behind Jasper. His crew split apart to reveal the blonde haired girl that had made the comment. Thalia’s caught her breath when she saw Sienna’s eyes daring to meet Jasper’s.

“What did you just say?” Jasper said slowly and dangerously. By now half the hall had turned to watch the showdown. Jasper had given her an out, a way to take back what she’d said. But Thalia saw a defiance in her hazel eyes that would make grown men weep, she saw Sienna’s posture straighten to bring herself to Jasper’s full height, her hands clench into fists by her side daring Jasper to fight back.

“I said. Lay off.” Sienna’s icy voice firmly stated louder this time. Jaspers glare deepened.

“What do you think your doing Sienna?” Jasper’s controlled voice getting even tighter. Thalia noticed that Albus’ mouth was hanging open at the exchange and Rose’s hands were covering her mouth in shock and Scorpius’ eyes looked like they were about to bulge from his head.

“Making a choice. I’m telling you right now Jasper. Lay off them or you’ll have me to deal with.” Sienna warned. Jasper’s eyes darted to the rest of the hall that was staring at him.

“What? So you think you’re a goody goody Gryffindor now? In case you forgot Sienna, you’re one of us. The sorting hat looked deep into your mind and saw that we were the same and you…” He pointed at the Gryffindor table in general then back at Sienna. “Are different. It’s not use pretending to be somebody you’re not Sienna. Your one of us, not them.” Sienna laughed cruelly at this making Jasper jump slightly.

“That is where you are so wrong. No one’s like anyone. We are all different. And thank Merlin I’m different from you lot because being like you guys, well that would be worst person I could be. You are right in a way though. I’m not a Gryffindor, I’m ambitious and vain, I can be self-centred and sneaky, I’m a slytherin. But just because I’m a Slytherin, doesn’t mean I have to be like you. It’s people like you that give us a bad name. So no I’m not a Gryffindor, but I prefer hanging out with them then jerks like you.” Sienna smiled towards the group. Albus caught her eye and for a brief moment Thalia noticed his silent admiration towards her. Jasper tried his best to regain his composure but Thalia thought his face still resembled a sour lemon.

“Fine. You want to choose to be a freak and a disappointment like them? Go ahead. But I’m warning you Sienna, you will regret this!” Jasper inched his face a millimetre from her but Sienna’s eyes only narrowed. She refused to show intimidation or fear as he glared at her.

“No I don’t think I am. I’ve got friends, I’ve got them, and I’d much rather them over you lot any day.” Sienna smiled. Jasper rolled his eyes and led the rest of his gang over to the Slytherin table as Sienna bravely took a seat next to Thalia at the Gryffindor table. The gang stared at her in amazement and pride.

“Sienna you just…” Rose began but found herself speechless for the first time in her life.

“That was AWESOME!” Scorpius beamed patting her on the back. She smiled at his confidently.

“I know. That git had it coming! No one tells me who I can and cannot be friends with!” Sienna smirked.

“You are truly amazing. Every time I think I have you worked out, you go and surprise me.” Albus couldn’t take his eyes away from her Thalia noticed much to her disappointment.

“Oh please Albus, you’ll never work me out!” Sienna laughed.

“Sienna… what you just did…. you can’t undo that. That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen but… the rest of the Slytherins are going to make your life hell now!” Thalia sympathetically said.

“Yeah well let them try. You were right Thalia. I’m Sienna Vane, I am the boss not anybody’s servant!” Sienna smiled boldly at her. He smile wavered though as she saw Thalia’s face drop.

“I don’t want to be the reason the Slytherins give you hell though.” Thalia admitted much to the confusion of Albus Rose and Scorpius. Sienna smiled though.

“Thalia. You’re the reason I got away from those complete and utter vile people! You reminded me who my friends were. You reminded me that you are my friend not them! You’re not at fault, I owe you!” Sienna surprised everyone yet again by giving Thalia a bone crushing hug which Thalia reciprocated “Thank you” Sienna whispered as they hugged. Thalia smiled as the broke apart.

“Don’t thank me, I’m just glad you don’t have to hide behind those gits anymore!” The gang chuckled as the continued their breakfast talking nonstop about what Sienna was going to do now with the slytherins.




The gang could barely hold in there excitement as they entered Hogsmeade for Sienna and Thalia this was there first time experiencing the village, however Rose, Scorpius & Albus had been here many times throughout there childhood. But the experience of going alone without adult supervision was thrilling to them. Rose was keen to head straight through the crisp snow to Tomes and Scrolls but the rest of the gang had managed to convince her to go to get a drink at the three broomsticks first. As they all took a seat in a quiet booth in the corner Scorpius’ eyes glanced around as he took his coat off until he noticed a familiar head of blue hair coming toward them.

“Teddy!” Scorpius exclaimed. Teddy beamed as he made his way to the gangs table. As he approached he noticed Teddy wearing a three broomstick uniform and carrying a waiters notepad.

“Hey dudes! What are you guys doing here?” He asked excitedly as he flipped his book preparing to take there order.

“Our first Hogsmeade weekend!” Albus smiled. Teddy shook his head in disbelief.

“Wow! I can’t believe you’re all old enough to be going on Hogsmeade trips! What are you all now 13?” Teddy asked.

“Well there 13…” Albus said pointing to Rose, Scorpius and Thalia. “…we just turned 14” he pointed between himself and Sienna who were sitting close.

“God! Seems like just yesterday you and me were playing catch with the bludgers in the garden Rosie!” Teddy reminisced. Scorpius couldn’t help but notice Rose’s face turn red.

“How’s Andromeda?” Scorpius asked keenly. Teddy smiled slightly.

“Grandma’s okay, she’s getting old though, forgot the levitation charm the other day bless her!” Teddy frowned. “She’ll be really excited to hear from you though! She’s missed you since you left after Christmas.” Teddy confessed. Scorpius couldn’t hide a smile.

“I’ve missed her too, Your grandmothers so lovely and caring.” Scorpius remembered fondly the few days he’d been able to spend with the closest thing he’d felt to a loving family in years.

“Hey! You remember what she said! Call her Aunt Drom! She’s your aunt too cuz!” Teddy grinned his hair turning from blue to orange as he did.

“Oh my god you’re hair!” Thalia jumped out of her skin as Sienna’s eyes bulged from her head. Rose stifled a grin at there reactions to this.

“Guys it’s cool, he’s a metamorphmagus, he can change his appearance at will. This is Teddy he’s…well he’s sort of an honorary cousin of ours since Albus’ dad is Teddy’s godfather. He and Al were practically raised together.” Rose introduced Teddy who smiled at the two girls who had yet to stop staring at his hair.

“And he’s actually my cousin….well second cousin anyway” Scorpius beamed.

“Teddy these are our friends from school, Thalia and Sienna” Albus pointed to each girl individually as Teddy put out his hand to shake both girls hands.

“Nice to meet you both Thalia and Sienna! … oh god the boss is onto me!” The gang followed Teddy’s eyeliner to see an old woman glaring at his from behind the bar.

“I’d better take your drinks, I’ll try come back to chat after.” Teddy frowned before putting on a huge fake customer service smile. “So are you guys ready to order?” He asked in his most polite voice.

“Yes we are, 5 butterbeers please” Rose said in an equally formal voice. Teddy winked at them as he went to fetch there order.



The quartet had managed to convince Rose that they didn’t need to go to Tomes and Scrolls and that they should just enjoy the fun of Hogsmeade while they could. After a heated debate Rose finally gave it and let them do what they wanted, Albus took Sienna to see the shrieking shack while Scorpius and Thalia spent the rest of the day going between interesting shops. Rose however had decided that even if her friends weren’t going to join her she was going to try and research. Thalia couldn’t help but feel guilty that night thinking about how they had abandoned Rose to do the serious work while they went and had fun. Rose had brought a number of books back with her and whenever Thalia tried to speak to her to apologise she’d simply hold her finger out to shush her and she read. Thalia gave up eventually and slowly fell asleep. Her dreams came in terrifying flashes. A flash of an army, of a tomb, a sceptre, a tiara, the mirror, the mist woman. She heard glimpses of conversation too as the various scenes flashed before her.

You nearly ruined everything! I need them alive now!

Use this to gather the muggles” Thalia saw a terrifying looking potion swirling red and black with black mist steaming from the top.

Find the muggleborns, the half-bloods, the blood-traitors. The ones who doubt. Bring them to me”

Thalia had forgotten she was dreaming until suddenly she heard her name being shouted above it all, waking her with a scream. Rose was sat at the end of her bed he messy hair standing on end in her pale blue pyjamas looking concerned and pale. She glanced around the rest of the room and found the other girls just looked vaguely annoyed by her nightmare outburst.

“Rose I saw her again…. In my dream. I saw her and I heard her! The mist woman!” Thalia frantically tried to explain. Rose bit her lip nervously.

“Thalia…. You were doing it again. I thought you were going to start walking! You started reciting…. It.” Rose tried to speak in code but Thalia’s confused expression gave away her little knowledge. “The same prophecy you recited on the first day of the year… you recited it again.” Thalia felt her blood go cold. Her insides suddenly felt like lead. Rose quickly moved to comfort her seeing the worrying on her face she gave Thalia a half hug.

“Don’t worry about it and try and get some real sleep tonight. We’ll have a library meeting first thing tomorrow morning. I found something in the books.” 

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