The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


22. Part 3 Chapter 5

Scorpius learnt that Christmas at the Potters, Christmas at the Malfoys and Christmas at the Weasley’s were three very different experiences. When Scorpius and Albus arrived at kings cross station Scorpius expected to be taken straight to the Weasley’s burrows home, where Albus had often spent his Christmases but Scorpius was corrected on this as he sat in the Potters car between Albus and Lily.

“Oh no Scorp we don’t go to the Burrows until the 23rd! There’s 27 people spending Christmas together 28 this year with you! We don’t leave until last minute and we only stay a week and a bit, we always leave January 2nd to go home and pack. We don’t like to overcrowd Grandma Molly and Grandpa Arthur for too long.” Albus explained

“Yeah so we spend the week between arriving and going to The Burrows at our home.” James’ continued leaning back from the front seat to look at Scorpius

“And the week between leaving The Burrows and going back to school!” Lily added.

“So we’re heading to your house?” Scorpius asked Albus who nodded in response. “Are you sure that’s okay Mr Potter?” Scorpius tentatively asked.

“Please Scorpius I’ve told you, It’s Harry. And of course it is. Gin and I are happy to help any of Al’s friends. I would have hated spending Christmas alone when I was in Hogwarts. But my friends stuck by me and never let me spend it alone again. I’m just glad Al has become that friend.” Harry smiled looking back at Scorpius in the rear-view mirror.

It was at that moment that Scorpius realised he really couldn’t understand what his grandparents had been telling him all his life. His grandparents had never been silent about their opposition to Harry Potter. They’d made him out to be a evil man intent on spreading mudblood loving filth. Yet here he was offering a total stranger his home for Christmas so he wouldn’t have to suffer as he had. Nothing about that seemed evil to Scorpius.



The week leading up to The Burrows trip was so pleasant, Scorpius had almost forgotten how awful and lonely his Christmases had been in the past. Ginny had given him their guest room and Scorpius found it odd that she made sure to fill the silences with pleasant conversation. She even seemed interested in him and his life. She’d asked him about school and quidditch and his interests and listened to him. Harry had made sure to give him the largest portions of food and he even let Scorpius decide what they were going to eat, He even smuggled him some cookies as a midnight snack once. James had spent the week training with him and Albus on their brooms whenever they could in the Potters garden, as annoying as James Potter could be with his constant pranking and mischief, Scorpius had to admit he was an amazing quidditch player. But a lot of the time Lily got irritated because her parents weren’t letting her fly with her brothers until next year. Scorpius found Lily just as interesting as her brothers though. The first morning he’d been at the Potters he’d accidently walked past Lily’s room as she was talking to a shoebox. Lily then let Scorpius into her butterfly covered bedroom to show him her most prized procession, her shoebox filled with magical creatures she’d found and taken care off. For the rest of the week then whenever the boys to a break from quidditch Lily would bring Scorpius to play with her creatures which Scorpius found fascinating. But he undoubtable spent most of his time with Albus though as they spent the evenings together in either Scorpius guest room or Albus’ bedroom chilling out as Albus showed Scorpius his muggle comic book collection that Scorpius fell in love with.

By December 23rd Scorpius realised he never wanted to leave the Potter’s home. He found it to be fun, caring and homely the exact opposite of his own home. But he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t curious about the famous Burrows Christmases. He wasn’t exactly sure how Christmas with 28 people was even going to work. But as soon as they arrived at 9am he found out exactly how it would work. Messily. He’d barely stepped out of the fireplace they’d flooed into when he ran into one of the few Weasley’s he’d recognised. His Quidditch captain Dominique.

“Watch it! … Oh it’s you. Dad said you were coming.” Dominique studied Scorpius as if trying to read his intentions of being here. Eventually she remembered her original task and ran off to find Roxanne. The next few hours were so loud and confusing Scorpius barely remembered all the names and face he’d been introduced to. He remembered Grandma Molly and Grandpa Arthur who were stood just by the fireplace giving everyone a hug and when they were introduced to Scorpius he was no exception. Grandma Molly held his in her arms and gave him a squeeze as Grandpa Arthur patted his back.

“You must be Albus’ friend Scorpius. It’s so nice to meet you and have you here for Christmas! You’ll have to excuse how loud and crazy it can get I’m afraid.” Molly smiled. Her smile was entirely infection and Scorpius found himself beaming too. For as loud and as crazy as it was he knew that at least it wasn’t as silent as Malfoy Manor.

When Scorpius had turned around after talking to Grandma Molly and Grandpa Arthur about his previous Christmases he found the entire Potter clan except Albus had disappeared.

“Come on let me introduce you to everyone!” Albus chuckled, though Scorpius already knew this would take most of the day.

Albus and him first made there way into the living room where the James, Fred and Louis were gathered around the coffee table with blueprints on the table.

“I believe you’ve already met the Junior Marauders as they like to call themselves.” Albus nodded towards James, Fred and Louis.

“Why do they call themselves that?” Scorpius asked.

“My mum once told us about our grandfather and his friends who used to pull epic pranks, messing about and get into trouble and they called themselves the marauders. James’ was names after two of them and pulling pranks and getting into trouble are like his, Fred and Lou’s favourite things so they called themselves the junior Marauders to uphold there legacy.” Albus explained. “Basically. Stay away from them or you WILL be on the receiving end of a prank!” Scorpius made a mental note of that. Albus nodded to the sofa where a stunningly beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair and icy blue eyes  wearing a flowing blue dress and warm winter leggings sat next to a woman who looked to be her total opposite. The other woman was smaller and had a brown bob of hair and grey eyes she was wearing a stained lilac button down shirt with a pair of worn out jeans and scuffed heals. Both women were sat laughing over a cup of coffee.

“That blonde lady is my aunt Fleur and the brown haired one’s my aunt Audrey. Aunt Fleur is Victoire, Louis and Dom’s mum and Uncle Bill’s wife. Aunt Audrey is Molly and Lucy’s mum and Uncle Percy’s wife.” Scorpius tried to take this information in but given he hadn’t met half the people Albus had just described he figured he’d probably forget it in two minutes.

“Aunt Fleur and Aunt Audrey are pretty harmless just stay out of there way when there helping Grandma make Christmas dinner!”

“Hey Al!”

“Merry Christmas!” Came two identical voices from just behind Albus and Scorpius. They turned around to see two girls who looked eerily identical, the only way Scorpius could see to tell them apart was one girl had orange hair and one had brown. Other than that they both had the same crystal blue eyes, the same cardigan which the orange haired girl had in yellow and the brown haired girl had in blue, the same black skirts and the same grey tights with black buckled shoes. Even their hair was styled in the same half up, half down fashion tied up with ribbon.

“Merry Christmas girls! Girls this is my friend Scorpius, he’s staying with us this Christmas. Scorp this is Molly,” Albus pointed to the brown haired girl “And Lucy. You may have seen Lucy around she’s in our year but she’s in Hufflepuff. Molly’s a year older though.” Scorpius extended his hand and both girls shook it.

“Hi Scorpius.” The replied in unison.

“There Aunt Audrey and Uncle Percy’s kids.” Albus explained. Scorpius remembered Audrey though he had yet to meet Percy.

“Nice to meet you both!” Scorpius remembered his manners as the girls waved and Albus ushered him into the kitchen where Scorpius could see a lot of adults.

“Right you already know mum and dad obviously, and there talking to Aunt Angie” Albus pointed out. Scorpius noticed Ginny having an intense discussion with a dark lady whose braided hair was tied up in a bun and who was wearing a thick jumper with her jeans and trainers.

“Aunt Angelina and mum have both played professional quidditch, they get pretty intense about it so stay off that topic with them. Aunt Angie is Fred and Roxy’s mum and Uncle George’s wife.” Albus said turning his head to another orange haired, freckle faced man with a button down shirt sticking out from underneath a cream and orange striped jumper.

“That’s Uncle George there. He runs the joke shop in Diagon Ally. You must have seen it!” Scorpius’ eyes widened.

“You mean Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes?” Albus nodded “I’ve always wanted to go in there but my father would never let me!” Scorpius sighed. Albus gave a half-hearted reassuring smile as he patted Scorpius’ shoulder.

“Hey maybe Uncle George will sell us some stuff from here and your father will never have to know!” Albus suggested. Scorpius’ eyes light up.

“MUM! Where’s my broom?” Scorpius and Albus were interrupted and pushed out of the doorway by the Weasley Scorpius recognised from quidditch as Roxanne with Dominique trailing behind.

“In your room where you left it!” Angelina replied barely taking her mind of her conversation with Ginny. Roxanne whose light brown curly hair was loose in it’s ringlets today promptly turned out of the room and pounded up the stairs with Dominique urging her to hurry so they could practice.

“You remember Roxy from quidditch right?” Al sarcastically asked. Scorpius rolled his eyes in response. Albus and Scorpius had barely turned out of the kitchen when they saw another relative Scorpius didn’t know talking to Albus’ grandparents. This man had curly orange hair that had been gelled back and bright blue eyes under silver crescent glasses.

“Uncle Percy.” Albus explained. “Married to Aunt Audrey. Father to Molly and Lucy. He’s harmless but he’ll talk your ear off about the ministry. Worked there since he left school. Bit boring really.” Albus summarised.

“HUGO COME ON!” Scorpius and Albus got pushed against the wall before they knew it by Lily running to the front door to go the garden with a worried looking Hugo by the hand.

“Lily I don’t know if we should…” was the last thing Scorpius heard before Lily slammed the door.

“Lily and Hugo obviously you know them.” Albus guided Scorpius into the dinning room Scorpius barely had any time to take the room in when a flying Santa ornament flew over his head.

“Sorry! Scorpius right? Nice to meet you!” a long orange haired man with a deep scar down one side of his face smiled as he picked up his Santa ornament and headed back to another long orange haired man but this one’s hair was in a ponytail that reached down his back and instead of one deep scar several scars were showing on his arms thanks to his short sleeved t-shirt.

“That’s Uncle​ Bill he’s married to Aunt Fleur and his kids are Victoire, Dom and Lou” Albus quickly covered. Suddenly the longer haired man seemed to notice Albus and his face lit up as he crossed the dinning room to them.

“AL! Hey buddy! God you’ve got so big!” He grabbed Albus into a bear hug.

“Uncle Charlie!” Albus grinned resting his head on his uncle’s chest. When they parted his uncle’s eyes landed on Scorpius.

“Uncle Charlie, this is my friend Scorpius, Scorp this is Uncle Charlie! He works with dragons and lives in Romania, I didn’t know you were coming home this Christmas Uncle Charlie!” Albus exclaimed giving his uncle another hug.

“Thought I’d come and surprise everyone, it has been 5 years after all!” Charlie ruffled his nephews hair. Scorpius smiled at the exchange.

“Charlie, come help us get this Santa on the tree!” Bill had the flying Santa on the table trying to get it to stay still long enough to get it onto the Christmas tree in the corner. Charlie rushed over to his brother which left Albus free to resume the tour.

“Let’s go find Rose you know her!” Albus joked at Scorpius’ overwhelmed expression he patted him on the back and directed him back to the corridor where three more people had appeared. One of them Scorpius recognised immediately as Rose and he assumed the two adults just behind her must have been her parents. Her father had orange hair, blue eyes and freckles. It was easy for Scorpius to see where she’s got most of her looks but her mother’s posture and pencil skirt made it clear to Scorpius where Rose had got her mind from.

“There’s Rose and her parents Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron.” Albus made his way through his Grandma Molly, Grandpa Arthur and Uncle Percy to meet them in the living room doorframe.

“Rose!” Rose turned to see Scorpius and her smile widened.

“There you are!” Albus gave his cousin a quick hug and moved into the living room to great his aunt and uncle. Scorpius stayed in the doorframe with Rose.

“So how’s your first Weasley Christmas treating you?” Rose asked.

“Honestly it’s a bit overwhelming but really lovely!” Scorpius admitted.

“That sums it up really!” Rose laughed. Suddenly Scorpius heard a screech behind him.

“Ooooh Rose is under the mistletoe!” A heart-stoppingly beautiful girl bounced on the spot making her white tights slip slightly. The first thing Scorpius noticed about this beautiful girl was that she was smiling so wide yet she had no smile lines, it was like her skin was made of pure perfection. Her silky blonde shimmering hair was curled loosely around her chest and her pink jumper dress was hugging tightly to every curve. Scorpius was so enthralled at staring at the beautiful girl he hadn’t noticed the mistletoe hanging above him and Rose that this girl was so excited about until suddenly he felt Rose’s soft lips against his cheeks. His attention snapped off the pretty girl as quickly as it had began and his cheeks burned red as he heard Albus wolf whistling.

“Happy now Victoire?” Rose rolled her eyes but couldn’t resist smiling a bit as Victoire Awwed them. Rose and Scorpius’ eyes finally met and they smiled slightly behind there red faces.

“So you’re the Malfoy kid invading my home.” A harsh voice broke the two apart as Scorpius looked up at Ron’s face.

“Hello Sir, I’m Scorpius. Thank you for letting me stay here this Christmas.” Scorpius nervously smiled and held out his hand. Ron stared at the hand and then at Scorpius face making no attempt to return the gesture.

“Don’t thank me. If it were up to me we wouldn’t have any Malfoy’s in my house. You may have fooled them but I still remember what you family did.” Ron scowled. Scorpius stared at him gobsmacked, unable to even close his mouth is violent shock.

“Daddy!” Rose snapped.

“Woah!” Albus protested

“Ronald!” Hermione growled all at the same time.

“Sir I’m not like my family….” Scorpius began to explain still in shock.

“No. Scorp you don’t have to explain yourself. Look Uncle Ron, Grandma said he could stay so he’s staying. So be nice or don’t say anything at all.” Albus stood next to his friend in solidarity. Ron rolled his eyes in frustration.

“Stay away from my little girl. You may be a Malfoy but you don’t have to bring her down with you.” Ron snapped as he walked away.

“Dad! Don’t say that…” Rose began arguing as she followed him.

“I’m sorry for him honey, he has some backwards beliefs sometimes!” Hermione shook her head in disagreement before following her husband. Albus took Scorpius by the shoulders and took him up to his and Hugo’s room where he would be sleeping.



Despite hearing loud conversations underneath them all day, Albus and Scorpius decided to remain in the most peaceful place in The Burrows for the majority of the day, Albus and Hugo’s bedroom. Albus & Hugo’s bedroom was barely big enough for another camp bed but Molly Weasley had fit one in there opposite the bunk beds somehow. Hugo hadn’t been given a break from adventuring with Lily so Albus and Scorpius had the room to themselves for the day. Which is why it came as such a shock to Scorpius’ system when he heard the loudest bellow he thought he’d ever heard come from Molly Weasley ascending​ up to the 3rd floor that Albus and Scorpius’ room was on and Scorpius was forced to leave the comfort of the bedroom for the madness of the dinner table. Albus, who was very used to the madness of teatime directed Scorpius to a chair next to him. Before Scorpius knew it everyone had settled quicker than he thought possible for a family of 27, but then again Scorpius remembered they must be used to this by now.

“Wait. Who are you?” The voice made Scorpius’ head snap up just as he was about to take a bite of his mashed potatoes. He quickly registered the young man sitting next to him in a plaid shirt with a weird-sister T-shirt underneath and skinny jeans on. But by far what most caught Scorpius’ eye was the young mans bright turquoise blue hair with orange tips, The colour was so bright and shocking that it stood out on the young man almost as much as his eyes which Scorpius could swear were violet.

“Oh…uh… I’m Scorpius. I’m Albus’ friend. Mrs Weasley said it was okay for me to stay here this Christmas.” Scorpius extended his hand which the young man happily shook. Scorpius couldn’t resist from staring at his hair. “I love your hair!” Scorpius complimented.

“Thank you! I’m Teddy. What colour even is it now?” Teddy chuckled running his hand through his short quiffed hair.

“You don’t know what colour your hair is?” Scorpius stared at it confused and before his eyes it turned the exact same shade of blonde as Scorpius’

“Wow! You’re a metamorphmagus!” Scorpius’ mouth hung open as Teddy’s changed his hair back to turquoise and orange.

“Yeah I forget sometimes that I’ve ever changed the colour!” Teddy laughed at Scorpius’ gormless expression.

“That’s so cool!” Scorpius admired

“Yeah, I never look out of place at the weird sisters concerts!” Teddy shrugged.

“I love the weird sisters!” Scorpius exclaimed.

“Awesome! Nice to meet a fellow fan! Not a lot of these Weasley-Potter’s are…. Except Ginny of course!” Scorpius’ eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“Wait… aren’t you a Weasley-Potter?”

“Oh no! Not by blood I mean. I’m a Lupin. Teddy Lupin. Me and Gran get invited here cause Harry’s my godfather.” Teddy explained nodding towards an elderly woman with grey hair and pursed lips who was glaring at him from across the table. Scorpius smiled at her and extended his hand over the table.

“Hello, I’m Scorpi….”

“I know who you are.” The woman cut off. Her sharp bitter tone had silenced the entire dinner table to staring at them both.

“Oh Drom. I’m so sorry! I forgot to tell you he was coming… I was going to explain…” Grandma Molly’s cheeks had gone red as she frantically tried to explain herself. The woman was paying no attention to her though and her eyes remained fixed on Scorpius.

“You’re her grandson aren’t you. Scorpius Malfoy.” Teddy was looking back and forth between his gran and Scorpius in confusion.

“Excuse me, have we met?” Scorpius’ cheeks were starting to burn red as he noticed all 27 eyes on him.

“No we haven’t. Figures she wouldn’t even tell you I exist. I bet your father has no idea about me either.”

“Aunt Andromeda! He’s not like his father, or his grandmother. He’s like you. He’s here because his father’s been ignoring him and he doesn’t feel comfortable at Malfoy Manor. He’s just like you Aunt Drom. He doesn’t fit in there either.” Albus desperately tried to explain.

“He’s right Aunt Drom. You’d like him. He was cast out by them too!” Rose defended Scorpius despite her father’s harsh gaze.

“Is that true? Do you not fit in at their home either?” the old woman’s expression softened. Scorpius nodded.

“My father doesn’t like that I’m a Gryffindor or that I’m friends with muggleborns. It never felt right being in that house.” Scorpius shyly muttered.

“It never felt right there to me either.” The woman looked pleasant and nice now with her softened expression. She reached her hand out and clasped Scorpius’ in her own.

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude but… Who are you?” Scorpius asked the strange woman who seemed to know so much about his family.

“Andromeda Tonks. But before I was married I was known as Andromeda Black. You grandmother Narcissa was my sister. I’m your great aunt.” The woman explained. Scorpius’ mouth fell open.

“But…I didn’t even know my grandmother had a sister other than…” Scorpius knew better than to speak the name of his mother’s wicked sister. A death eater to the end she had been.

“There were three of us. But she was most ashamed of me. I married a muggle-born and was disowned. I doubt she even remembers me.” Andromeda remembered. Teddy’s eyes widened slightly.

“Wait, so Scorpius is my second cousin?” Teddy asked. Andromeda nodded in response Teddy smiled happily.

“They disowned you just like that?” Scorpius’ eyes flashed with fear.

“Our family have always been blood purists, I was deemed a traitor to there beliefs, Beliefs that they hold higher than family…. Why haven’t you been disowned then if you don’t share there beliefs?” Andromeda asked.

“My grandparents don’t know yet. My father makes me dress in a slytherin tie and act good for them.” Scorpius admitted feeling very embarrassed to admit it to a brave woman who had stood up to her family for love.

“Never let them do that. Never let them hide who you truly are and what you truly belief to fit there mold for you.” Andromeda advised. Scorpius was thankful everyone’s conversations had resumed now so no one else had to hear him admit to his great aunt who had been disowned for standing up for what was right that he couldn’t do the same thing.



Christmas eve was a blur of loud conversations and trying desperately to remember names and faces for Scorpius. Thankfully whenever Scorpius seemed to look lost either Albus, Rose, Harry, Ginny or his new cousin Teddy would come to talk to him to make him feel more welcome. Scorpius didn’t think it could get more mad at this house, but come Christmas morning he found he was sorely mistaken. With everyone rushing to either put the food in or open presents and 27 people around him trying to show off their presents to one another and thank each other, Scorpius found the noise level had risen several decibels. Scorpius was content however to sit and watch everyone else open there presents while he drank his hot cocoa Grandma Molly had given him. That was until Harry and Ginny had handed him a purple and gold wrapped present.

“You got me a present?” Scorpius looked up in confusion, placing his hot cocoa on the side for later.

“It’s nothing, we weren’t sure if you’d get anything and we wanted to make sure you had something to open on Christmas!” Ginny explained. Scorpius’ eyes welled up at there kindness. “Go on open it.”

Scorpius all but shredded the wrapping paper to find a leather bound book entitled ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ Scorpius studied the boo in confusion.

“You mentioned how you loved to read and how interested in muggle culture you were… and that you weren’t allowed to look into it. It’s a muggle story book.” Harry explained. Tears started to fall from Scorpius’ eyes and he couldn’t even voice his appreciation so he simply pulled them both into a big hug and hoped they knew what he was struggling to say.  Scorpius then excused himself to the bathroom to clean himself up. When he emerged he found Albus in the corridor with a thin rectangular present.

“There you are! I’ve been looking for you! Merry Christmas!” He handed Scorpius the present. Scorpius tore open the paper to find a shiny covered comic book with the words ‘Superman’ written in bold red letters on the front. Scorpius thanked Albus and laughed as he handed him his present for him…. A Batman comic he’d got from the store near the Potters home. After breaking apart from there hug Scorpius looked Albus in the eyes and said

“Thank you for giving me a home from Christmas.” Albus smiled at this.

“Don’t mention it. Happy to help my best friend.” Scorpius resisted the urge he felt to well up again. Albus then returned to the Christmas tree in the living room to open the rest of his presents and Scorpius returned to his armchair to finish his hot cocoa, when he was interrupted again this time by Rose who sat down on the sofa next to him.

“Here” Rose simply stated handing over a perfectly neatly wrapped present with a bow wrapped around it. Scorpius was a little taken aback he and Rose had never exchanged presents before and he couldn’t help but feel her father glare from over her shoulder.

“um… thank you.” He said unravelling the bow and trying his best not to tear the paper. Inside he found a picture place in a frame of him, Albus, Sienna, Rose & Thalia they had taken last year. Sienna was rolling her eyes at Thalia who was standing on tiptoes to fit into the frame and Albus was giggling at Rose’s attempts to look smart and regal as Scorpius took the picture of the 5 of them with Rose’s camera. He remembered taking this photo but he had no idea Rose had kept it.

“I figured you might need something to remind you who your family are…. Us.” She smiled. Scorpius felt so overcome with emotion that despite her entire family being fully able to watch and her father looking like he wanted to behead Scorpius just for talking to his daughter he leant over and hugged her.

“Thank you. This means a lot to me thank you! Scorpius reiterated his gratitude. Scorpius felt so overcome with happiness he didn’t think anything else could make him feel more emotional but he found himself mistaken when after the most mouth-wateringly beautiful Christmas dinner he’d ever experienced Grandma Molly announced it was time for everyone to open there presents off her and line up for the family pictures. Scorpius settled himself onto the sofa as he watched everyone open up jumpers with their initials on in various colours. He was so enthralled with watching this he didn’t even noticed grandma Molly come to sit next to him.

“Here you go sweetheart.” She said handing him a present. He looked up at her warm, loving, smiling face to make sure she knew she was talking to him. He unwrapped his present trying not to let his mind jump to conclusions but he found it was exactly what he’d expected, a dark green hand knitted jumper with a lime green “S” in the middle.

“You made this for me?” Scorpius reiterated suddenly becoming very afraid to hold it.

“Of course my dear, when I heard you were coming for Christmas I needed to make sure I had something for you!” For the second time today Scorpius’ eyes filled with tears.

“Come on try it on then!” Grandma Molly urged. Scorpius pulled the perfectly fitting jumper over his grey t-shirt and found it to be comfortingly cozy.

“Thank you Mrs Weasley!” He chocked out.

“Oh my dear!” Mrs Weasley noticed his tears and pulled him into a comforting hug. “Come on now dear, you’ll have red eyes for the family photos!” She joked.

“Oh no I couldn’t possibly, it’s just for family!” Scorpius insisted. Molly fiercely shook her head.

“And you my dear are Albus’ family, you take care of him and Rose at school, so you belong in this photo as much as any of us do.” Scorpius pushed a lump out of his throat as grandma Molly got up and started arranging him and the rest of the 27 Weasley-Potter-Lupin-Tonks’ to fit into her photo. As Scorpius knelt between Albus and Rose smiling he couldn’t help but look around at the room filled with 27 strangers that barely knew him but had almost all adopted him into their family because he had nowhere else to go and think of their kindness and generosity and how proud he would feel if he were a member of their family and wondering if maybe one day he really could be. 

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