The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


21. Part 3 Chapter 4

Albus and Thalia had spent every free moment they had together in the library, sometimes with the others and sometimes alone, trying to decipher the journal. It was not as easy as they originally anticipated as the words of ‘Albusese’ as Scorpius had now dubbed it, weren’t coming as naturally as ‘Delvinish’ came to Thalia. So far, the pair had translated more than Thalia alone had been able to attempt but they had yet to complete a full sentence. One particular morning in late November the pair were sat in the library with the journal out in front of them feeling particularly frustrated.

“This word must be Albusese, it’s written slightly differently!” Thalia insisted pointing as the words on the page. Albus could barely concentrate on the word after having been staring at the book for over an hour.

“Are we sure it’s not Delvinish cause over half the words you say are Albusese are just patterns to me! Urgh! How does this come so easy to you!? I’ve barely been able to conjure up 20 words of Albusese since I did that stupid spell!” Albus sighed resting his head in his arms which were splayed out on the table.

“You’ll get there!” Thalia insisted “It just takes time. Be patient. You can do this!” The rested a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“That’s just it! My whole life everyone’s treated me like I’m invisible because I’m the famous Harry Potter’s son. Like they expect me to be able to do anything. But what if I can’t!? Everyone puts so much pressure on me to be able to do anything just like he can but I can’t do anything. I’m not Harry Potter I’m just his useless son who can’t get anything right!” Albus broke down. Thalia stared at him in surprise, Albus had never really talked about his father before and it happened so unexpectedly that it shocked Thalia.

“Al. I don’t think you can do anything you set your mind to because you’re Harry Potter’s son… I think you can do anything because you’re ALBUS Potter. I know it must be hard having such a famous father but … I think maybe those expectations you feel come more from yourself than anyone else. You expect yourself to be perfect because that’s how you see him. But the truth is you’re not perfect Albus and neither is he. No one is. Your allowed to mess up and fail. You’re allowed to be you and not him. I know you can do this Albus because I know how incredible you are. But if you can’t than it doesn’t matter we’ll find another way. This isn’t all on you. You can do so many amazing things but you can’t do everything Albus.” Thalia tried to reassure him. Albus looked up and smiled tentatively.

“Thanks Thalia, You’re sweet. It’s just hard you know?” Thalia blushed slightly as she nodded her agreement.

“I put so much pressure on myself to be the person everyone else wants me to be. The only person I’ve ever felt like I’m enough for is Sienna. I’ve never felt like I have to be anything more than myself around her.” Albus smiled. Thalia bit her lip slightly and took a deep breath before replying

“You really like her don’t you.” Thalia gave a sad smile.

“I do. I like her so much and I think she may even like me back.” Albus failed to notice Thalia’s face drop.

“Oh Albus. I don’t think she likes you back, I know she likes you back.” Albus’ smile widened. “The way she looks at you Albus, Not even Sienna can hide that.” Thalia let her smile drop to a frown when Albus was smiling to himself. Albus shook his head to try and get back on topic.

“Let’s get back to the journal. Albus said reorganising there scrap parchment with their first attempts at translating. “Thank you Tha, You’re a really good friend.” Thalia forced a smile onto her face as she watched Albus study the journal.

“Wait. I think I know what this means!” Albus began frantically scribbling.



Rose sat at the head of their table in the library the next day as they all met to discuss Albus’ finding. Scorpius and Thalia to her left and Albus and Sienna to her right. None of them had really understood how they’d wound up becoming a gang dedicated to solving the mystery of the mist woman (Who they were still tentative about calling Morana without any proof) but none the less it felt impossible to leave now, they’d got too far in.

“What did you find!?” Rose said barely able to wait till they had sat down. Albus got out the journal he and Thalia had been swapping between them and hastily unwrapped the leather buckle that was barely keeping the pieces together. He flicking through the pages tentatively, careful not to let any of the frail pages fall out of place until he reached his, He displayed it outwards on the table for everyone to see.

“So this paragraph here was where Thalia found out about the 3 sources connected to …her” Albus said still tentative to say the mist woman’s possible name. “And she couldn’t seem to translate this bit here which we assumed was what the three sources were. Well that’s because it’s in Albusese. I’ve been staring at this paragraph for days and the words only just came to me.” Albus grabbed one of his scrap pieces of parchment and his pen (A muggle invention his brother had recently started selling around school) and started copying out the symbols into three sets of two. The first two symbols looked like a sideways S with a line through it, and a single curving line that was formed into three loops. Underneath these, Albus wrote the words Staff and Power. The second set of symbols resembled a loop with a cross over it and an arrow with a twisted tail. With these symbols he wrote the words Circlet and Body. The final symbols were a diagonal line with squares either side, and a spiral with a triangle below it. With these symbols Albus wrote the words Soul and, after taking a deep breath, Mirror.

“I unleashed her soul when I let her out of the mirror.” Rose concluded breaking the stunned silence between them all. Her eyes started to fill with tears. Scorpius grabbed her hand before she could even sniff to comfort her.

“It’s not your fault. Any of us could have been persuaded by her.” Scorpius insisted.

“He’s right” To everyone’s surprise it was Sienna who spoke up to comfort her. “She’s processed Thalia too. It’s not about how strong you are it’s about how strong she is. She’s clearly insanely powerful and we’re all 14… well nearly all of us are 14” Sienna joked “She’s more powerful than all of us Freckles. It wasn’t your fault.” Rose stared at her in shock.

“Thank you Sienna. It’s hard not to feel guilty though when we see that her soul was connected to that damn mirror.” Rose sighed.

“Look, just because her soul is free doesn’t mean the rest of her is.” Thalia reminded them. “She can only appear in mist form and she can’t touch daylight, clearly her body’s still locked in the circlet and she can’t perform real magic without a body to possess like Rose’s. So her Magic must be locked in the staff” She concluded.

“So she’s trying to reform. That must be why she needs us then to unlock them and free her.” Albus realised.

“So we have an upper hand here!” Sienna smirked, pleased to hear a bit of good news for them.

“Only problem is that we have no idea where the circlet and staff are or even how to find them!” Scorpius reminded them earning an audible sigh from the rest of them.

“Never mind, that just means we need to do more…” Before Rose could even finish the rest of the gang finished for her.

“Research!” They all said in unison.

“I’m getting really sick of all this researching. It’s getting us nowhere!” Sienna complained.

“But now we have at least something for certain to look for!” Rose reminded them. “We should split up over Christmas and look for different things. It’s the quickest way. Thalia you can try and translate more of the journal since you won’t have any books on magic. Sienna you can study the mirror, see if you can find any kind of magical trace on it or where she was trapped. Since you don’t have magical books either.” Rose said bringing the silver hand mirror out of her bag. It looked as regal as it had when they’d all first laid eyes on it except now there was a long crack down the middle and an in mistakable blood stain in the centre.

“You kept that thing!?” Scorpius demanded.

“Yes. To study it. I thought maybe I could figure out how she was trapped in it but I haven’t been able to figure it out at all! Maybe a fresh pair of eyes will help.” Rose suggested. Sienna shrugged and reluctantly placed the mirror in her bag.

“You keep that thing in your bag?” Albus muttered. Rose chose to ignore Albus and move on.

“Albus you can look up the staff and I’ll look up the circlet. We can convince our parents to take us to Flourish and Blotts.”

“Yay” Albus muttered sarcastically “Christmas trip to a bookstore!”

“I know this is supposed to be serious but any excuse to go to a bookstore is fantastic!” Rose beamed not picking up on Albus’ sarcastic tone. Albus rolled his eyes.

“What about me?” Scorpius asked.

“You can look up the word ‘Morana’ See what you can find about anybody named that.” Rose tentatively said the name.

“Great I’ll use the hogwarts library and I’m sure I can sneak out to Hogsmeade to go to Flourish and Blotts at some point.” Albus frowned at this.

“Wait. Why would you have the Hogwarts library over Christmas? Are you not going home for Christmas?” Albus asked. Scorpius avoided his glance and Rose met his eyes with a look of sympathy and encouragement.

“Scorpius… You should really tell him.” Rose tentatively suggested. Scorpius sighed in defeat.

“Tell me what? Does this have to do with why you came to school alone?” Albus asked. Scorpius nodded. Rose gestured to the other girls who promptly understood and began packing up.

“We’ll leave you guys alone.” Rose said as she ushered Thalia and Sienna out alongside her. Albus didn’t take his eyes of Scorpius.

“Scorp? Why aren’t you going home for Christmas?” Albus asked.

“Because my mother’s gone and my father hasn’t spoken to me since she left” Scorpius summarised. He sighed as he began to recap the story to Albus.



Weeks passed and before long it was time to go home for Christmas. Albus ran in to his bedroom in the Gryffindor common room to find Scorpius reading on his bed. Every other bed in the room was filled with trunks and suitcases half packed. Albus rushed over to sit on Scorpius’ bed with a letter in his hands from the owlery.

“Scorp! Start packing!” Albus beamed. Scorpius gave him a puzzled look as he set his book town on his bedside table.

“Why? I told you I’m not setting foot inside Malfoy Manor until I absolutely have to!” Scorpius insisted. Albus shook his head excitedly.

“No you’re not going there. You’re coming with me!” Albus excitedly stated.

“Wait what?”

“You’re going to stay at my house over Christmas!” Albus handed Scorpius the letter. “I didn’t like the thought of you spending Christmas all alone so I came clean to my dad about our friendship and I asked if you could stay and he said you’re welcome at our house anytime!” Scorpius looked up for the letter in shock.

“You…You want me to spend Christmas with you?”

“If you want to that is!” Albus quickly amended. Scorpius suddenly did something very unexpected and flung his arms around Albus and pulled him into a hug.

“Of course I want to! Oh Albus! Thank you!” Scorpius beamed. Suddenly a thought came to Scorpius’ head and he quickly sprung off the bed. “Oh my god I have to pack! The train leaves tomorrow!” Scorpius frantically started grabbing his trunk from the end of his bed.

“I’ll help, mine’s almost done anyway!” Albus smiled helping Scorpius lift his trunk onto the bed. “I should warn you though, the Burrow can get a little crazy at Christmas!” 

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