The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


20. Part 3 Chapter 3

The bright lights of the infirmary blinded Albus and his eyes began to flicker open. Before he was fully aware of his new surroundings he felt a strong hold around his neck and barely managed to see a mess of orange hair with ribbons in on his chest.

“Oh Albus!” He heard the unmistakeable cry of his sister Lily. The next thing Albus noticed was the grogginess of his head he felt as though his thoughts and comprehensions where made of mist, unable to actually touch but so close.

“Oh, thank Merlin! You gave us such a scare!” He heard his brothers voice and realised his brother was stood by his bedside too. Albus tried to recall how he’d ended up in the infirmary but his memories hadn’t returned yet.

“W…what h…happened?” Albus struggled to get out. James realised Albus was in need of water and instinctively grabbed the plastic disposable cup on his bedside table and helped him drink it.

“Well… I’m afraid you’re going to have to tell us bud…” James sighed as he helped Albus drink.

“Yeah we don’t actually know. The centaurs from the forbidden forest brought you in, they said they’d found you passed out in the forest but other than that they didn’t hear or see anything!” Lily explained wiping her tears of relief away.

“You’ve been in here a week and you haven’t stirred, Madam Lakehurst couldn’t work out what was wrong with you, you had no irregularities or anything, no injuries, nothing. She thought maybe you were under a sleeping curse but when she checked you all over for signs of curses or jinxes she found nothing. It was so strange we didn’t know if you were ever going to wake up again!” James explained. Albus stared from his brother and sister in confusion. Slowly his memories of the man in the forest that had attacked him came flooding back but he realised if he told them all now about him he may have to tell them about his involvement with Morana and he didn’t want anybody else that he cared about getting involved with her.

“I don’t remember… All I remember is going for a walk in the forest … and then nothing.” Albus lied. Suddenly Lily curst into tears and James instinctively wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s all my fault!” Lily wailed. Albus stared at her in shock, still feeling to week to move.

“How is any of this your fault Butterfly?” Albus asked calling Lily by the special nickname he came up for her when they were little.

“Rose said you went for a walk because you were upset about what I said to you that morning. All that stuff I said in the library…” Lily wailed. Albus managed to move his arm enough to beckon her towards him. Lily obeyed and lay down next to her brother.

“Doesn’t mean it’s your fault! I shouldn’t have been in the forest in the first place! It was a silly fight Lily, brothers and sister fight it’s what we do! It’s not your fault I broke the rules and went into the forest!” Albus insisted. The three siblings stayed there silently for a while James using one arm to rub Albus’ shoulder and another to rub Lily’s back. The silence however was broken soon after when the hospital doors opened with a violent slam and in flew Albus’ mother followed swiftly by his terrified looking father.

“Oh my Albus! Oh thank Merlin!” Ginny exclaimed in relief hugging her middle baby as Lily wiped her tears and got off the bed. Harry took to the other side.

“Al! Merlin! Don’t ever scare us like that again!” Harry gripped his son tightly.

“I’m sorry…” Albus started.

“Sorry for what? What exactly happened Albus?” Ginny demanded her mood changing quickly from relief to anger.

“I don’t remember… I just remember going for a walk in the forest and then I don’t remember anything” Albus lied again, he knew he didn’t want to lie to his mother and he knew if she ever found out he had he’d be dead but he didn’t want them involved in any more dangerous stuff.

“The FORBIDDEN forest! Al what on earth would possess you to go there in the first place!? You KNOW it’s forbidden! Do I have to worry about you breaking the rules now as well as your brother and sister?!” Ginny snapped.

“No mum… I just… I wasn’t thinking… I….” Albus nervously tried to string together a sentence.

“Your damn right you weren’t thinking! Why would you do something so dangerous and stupid!?” Harry demanded. Ginny then put a reassuring hand on her husband’s shoulder.

“Honey, I don’t think you can really lecture him about dangerous and stupid… That’s why I do it remember?” Ginny reminded Harry silently about his own escapades in the forest. Harry started to object but looked at the ground defeated.

“Anyway! Now that the shouting’s over and I can’t technically punish you until Christmas…. I’m just so happy my baby’s okay!” Ginny hugged her youngest son again.



Albus was beginning to get tired of repeating the same lie so many times in one day. Madame Lakehurst was sceptical of his telling of events and Albus could tell she didn’t trust him. The headmaster professor Harlow had also quizzed him and had tried a lot harder than Madame Lakehurst to get the truth but Albus stuck to his lie. Professor Harlow couldn’t punish him for what he had done but could still punish him for being in the forbidden forest and so had taken 300 points from Gryffindor, an act than Albus realises would cause his entre house to turn against him, and 10 weeks of detention. The only people Albus hadn’t had to lie to was Rose, Scorpius and Thalia when they had come to visit him. However, he didn’t want to risk Madam Lakehurst or anyone else finding out so he’d simply told his friends he’d fill them in when he got out. By evening Harry and Ginny had left for home wishing their son a speedy recovering and making him promise to write to them and keep them updated. James and Lily, who had barely left his side had gone to the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff common rooms to get some much-needed sleep and it was now just Rose, Scorpius & Thalia left trying to cheer Albus up. The four of them were discussing what Albus’ mother was going to do to him when he was home for Christmas when all of a sudden the doors slammed and before any of them could notice a flash of a blonde-haired girl was running toward Albus. Before Albus could properly note Sienna’s appearance her arms were round his neck in an intimate hug. Albus, who had now regained enough strength to move, put his arms around her waist and could feel her tears hit his gown. Part of Albus wanted this to last forever but soon she pulled away and met his eyes. Albus suddenly felt Sienna’s soft lips as she kissed him on the cheek. He could barely hear Scorpius’ chuckle or Rose’s gasp he was too in awe. When she pulled away Albus noticed tears running down her cheeks but also a flash of complete fury running through her eyes. As he registered her anger he felt a hard palm hit his face with terrifying force. Albus barely had time to register the fact that Sienna had just slapped him when he felt her face in his neck again and heard a sob.

“If you EVER do that to me again I will go mad Albus Potter!” Sienna pleaded letting out another sob. Rose, Scorpius & Thalia all looked at each other in shock and surprise and slowly all rose from their seats.

“We’ll leave you two alone…” Scorpius suggested as he ushered the other two girls out. Albus moved his hands up and down Sienna’s back to comfort her but she just seemed to sob harder. After a while Sienna moved to lie next to Albus with her arms around his chest and his arms around her shoulders.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again!” Sienna warned. “….I thought you weren’t going to come back!” Sienna winced at the memory.

“I’ll always come back to you…” Albus instinctively responded.

“Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep… especially to me.” Sienna sighed.

“Do people do that to you a lot… break promises?” Albus asked. Sienna shrugged in response.

“I’m a care kid. Every foster family I’ve ever had has done that to me. They all promise this time it’ll be different. They all promise they’ll stay. They all promise they love me and want me and next you know I’m back in care.” Sienna couldn’t meet Albus’ eyes and she let her guard down to him. Albus lifted her chin until their eyes met. For the first time ever Albus saw real vulnerability in them and could finally understand why Sienna was so cruel and harsh. If she pushed everyone out no one could hurt her.

“Yeah well I’m not here to make false promises. I’m not going to make a promise I won’t keep. I’m in your life Sienna and I’m here until the moment you get fed up and push me out. I’m not going anyway. I’m alive and I’m staying.” Albus insisted. Sienna curled into his chest and the two spent what felt like hours curled into each other’s arms until Madame Lakehurst insisted Sienna leave for bed. Despite everything Albus had been through this past week he went to sleep with the biggest smile on his face.



Albus was kept in the infirmary for another 3 days for observation, and in hopes of him remembering what he was actually doing in the forest. By the end of his stay even his brother didn’t believe him.

“Come on bud! You know I won’t tell anyone! Brother’s code! Just tell me what you were REALLY doing there…” James pleaded as he left the infirmary with Albus.

“I told you I don’t remember! Why don’t you believe me!?” Albus sighed in frustration.

“Because it takes a rule break to know a rule breaker and you most defiantly are a rule breaker! But I gotta say little bro even if you can’t remember what you did to break the rules, I’m still a little proud! All these years of trying to get you into pranking and troublemaking and I thought maybe my trouble gene had just skipped to Lily, I was ready to give up! And then you do this! 300 points from Gryffindor! That’s so impressive! Welcome to the troublemaking family baby bro!” James pretended to wipe a proud tear away and his shook his brother’s shoulders. Albus rolled his eyes and shrugged his annoying brother off.

“I’m not a troublemaker! I ACCIDENTLY wound up going for a walk in the forest without realising and then I collapsed I don’t remember the rest end of story! Now will you please leave! I’m fine I’m going to meet Rose Scorpius and Thalia in the library to catch up on the work I missed!” Albus lied. His brother smirked.

“Whatever you say little rulebreaker! That Slytherin girl going to be there?” James nudged his brother suggestively. Albus’ tried his best not to blush but his entire face went red.

“W...What slytherin girl?” Albus tried to lie but his voice broke in the middle of his sentence.

“Don’t play dumb! The one that kept coming to visit you while you were unconscious!” James teased. Albus’ eyes went wide.

“Sienna visited me while I was asleep!?” Albus asked trying to keep the excitement out of his voice.

“Sienna huh?” James’ beamed at his brother embarrassment.

“I mean… who?” Albus tried to lie but even he knew it was hopeless.

“It’s cool I won’t tell mum and dad about your little girlfriend. Go have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” James’ laughed as he started to walk away.

“There’s nothing you wouldn’t do! …. AND SHE’S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!” Albus called after his brother who was laughing as he walked away.



When Albus arrived at the library everyone was already waiting for him. He was immediately greeted by a hug from Rose.

“It’s so good to see you back on your feet and well again!” she sighed as she took her seat next to Scorpius again. Albus’ eyes met Sienna’s who had managed to regain her tough cruel composure since he’d got out of the hospital and refused to meet his eyes.

“Now it’s just us Al, You have to tell us what happened!” Scorpius insisted. Albus nodded and leaned forward on his chair.

“I was attacked! There was this man, I think he was a muggle, he sure dressed like one, in the forest and I tried to help him thinking he was lost but when I said my name he went crazy! Started talking about how his mistress needed me and my friends and he had to bring me back to his mistress. He didn’t use any magic but he attacked me and threw my wand away from me. I panicked and did the only thing I could think to do, I bit his hand that was covering my mouth so he jumped away and I didn’t have my wand so I couldn’t fight back but then this word come to my head. It definitely wasn’t English. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before but it was all I could think about so I shouted it and he was thrown away like magic. Then I started getting really tired so I grabbed for my wand and then I must have collapsed!” His friends were all on the edge of their seats listening in captivation.

“What was the word?” Scorpius asked. Albus repeated it and they all looked to Thalia.

“Is that… is it Delvinish?” Scorpius asked hesitantly.

“Delvinish?” Rose asked getting distracted by Scorpius’ new word.

“Well I figured since she has her own language it should have a name. Delvinish… like Delvine?” Scorpius suggested, Rose nodded bemused.

“No. That’s defiantly not… Delvinish…” Thalia tested out the name. “But…. It sounds like a word I saw in the journal. One of the ones I didn’t know” Thalia frantically searched her bag for the journal she always kept with her.

“Wait! So there are two languages? … Delvinish and…. Albusese?” Sienna suggested. Scorpius nodded his approval.

“Well if Thalia can’t understand the words that come to Albus’ head and Albus can’t understand the words that come to Thalia’s head then there must be! … Nice name by the way!” Scorpius complimented. Sienna grinned.

“So you did a spell in Albusese without your wand?” Rose tried to wrap her head around it. Albus shrugged.

“Speaking of the journal though I’ve been managing to translate a little bit more. I found a paragraph that talks about 3 sources connected to a person… it was quite confusing and I’m still not sure what it means exactly!” Thalia tried to offer.

“Well done Tha, keep trying to translate all you can.” Scorpius put a hand on Thalia’s shoulder in reassurance.

“Do you think that man, do you think he could have been a servant of…” Rose tried to continue he sentence but it was so dark and scary for her to even think.

“The mist woman. I thought the same” Albus bleakly finished her sentence.

“So we think she’s forming some kind of army of muggles to get us?” Sienna tried to sum up.

“Maybe? I wish we had come kind of a clue as to what she wants, what she’s up to! Why does she need us?” Rose pondered.

“Look right now we don’t have any idea and after Albus’ encounter in the forest it’s far to dangerous to go back to the tomb so I say we all just try to find whatever we can about her here” Scorpius suggested.

“What choice do we have!?” Thalia reminded everyone.

“Let’s just try live our life’s and not think about her. We know she can’t get into the castle there’s too many protection spells, so as long as we don’t leave the castle unless necessary we should be fine. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m STARVING. I’m missing dinner for this!” Sienna tried to be optimistic and cheer the rest of them up. It worked to a degree everyone smiled again.

“Sienna’s right I need food! Come on let’s head down to dinner!” Thalia suggested. Her Albus & Sienna all got up to leave but Rose & Scorpius remained in their seats flicking through some books they’d got while waiting for Albus.

“Coming guys?” Albus asked.

“You go ahead I’m gunna stay here and research for a bit.” Scorpius smiled. Rose looked at him then at her friends.

“I’ll stay with Scorpius, go on ahead” Rose nodded. Sienna shrugged and grabbed Thalia and Albus by the wrists to bring them with her to dinner.

“You didn’t have to do that, you can go to dinner if you want…” Scorpius smiled.

“It’s fine. I’m not really hungry anyway, plus I always feel happier in the library” Rose shrugged. Scorpius chuckled.

“How did we not get along for an entire year when were so similar?” He mused.

“Parents” Rose answered half-heartedly.

“Yeah they tend to ruin everything.” Scorpius frowned in contemplation. Rose studied his face for a moment trying to understand his answer before she spoke

“Is everything okay at home?” She finally asked. Scorpius chuckled.

“Okay and my home don’t go in the same sentence. Nothing’s ever okay there” He joked. Rose looked up at him from her book and turned to face him.

“Something’s different about home now, though isn’t it? I saw you already signed up to stay here over Christmas, you’ve never done that before. Are you okay?” She asked concerned. Scorpius sighed.

“I’m fine. I’d just rather be anywhere but home.” Scorpius shortly replied. Suddenly to Scorpius’ surprise Rose grabbed his hand.

“You can tell me. What happens in the library stays in the library.” Rose joked trying to lighten the mood slightly.

“I’m not ready to talk about it, I haven’t even told Albus yet!”

“That’s fine you don’t have to say anything but, I think whatever your not saying is eating you up inside and I think you’ll feel a lot better when you talk about it.” Rose suggested still caressing his hand. Scorpius moved his other hand on top of hers.

“My mothers gone.” Scorpius blurted out. Rose looked at him in confusion.

“Gone where?”

“I don’t know. I came home for summer and she was gone. Father wouldn’t even tell me for 2 weeks. Then he finally gave me her notes to me and dad. She said she was sorry but she couldn’t stay in a loveless home anymore and she had to get out. She said she didn’t want to be found and would send signed divorce papers through her parents. She told me she was sorry and she loved me but she had to go and she’d miss me every day. Even said I was the only thing keeping her here in the end.” Scorpius recounted. Rose was stunned.

“Oh Scorpius, I’m so sorry!” Was all Rose could think to say. Scorpius shrugged.

“I don’t even care that she left. But why didn’t she ask me to go with her? Why didn’t she take me too?” Scorpius asked to no one in particular.

“Do you think you would have gone with her if she’d asked?” Rose asked curiously

“I don’t know, maybe, depends where she was going. I love Hogwarts it’s my home and I can’t imagine ever going to a new school and leaving everyone. Albus is my best friends and Thalia’s so funny and Sienna’s even grown on me… And you Rose. I can’t even begin to fathom leaving you!” Scorpius blushed slightly not meeting her eyes. “But I hate him just as much as she does! I don’t want to live with him either! Why didn’t she take us to live somewhere else in Britain! Why didn’t she at least talk to me about it first instead of just up and leaving one night. Leaving me with him!” Rose caressed him back comfortingly with her other hand.

“Is that why you’re not going home for Christmas? You don’t want Christmas without her?”

“No. I don’t want Christmas with him. Now that she’s gone he’s barely gotten out of bed. All summer our butlers had to bring everything to him. It felt like there was no one in our big huge mansion but me. I’ve felt lonely before. Hell I’ve spent most of my life feeling lonely in that place but with him not leaving his room and my mother god knows where it was too lonely. Too empty. We have such a huge house and no one to fill it anymore. It was hard. I understand he’s sad she left but he didn’t even take me to diagon ally or my grandparents manor house…. Or hogwarts. I had to take myself to the train this year. I get he’s sad but I can’t spend my Christmas in that house anymore.” Scorpius had tears in his eyes.

“I understand. It must have been hard to loose your mother and father in one summer.” Scorpius nodded in agreement. “For what it’s worth though, you did still have a home and a family. Hogwarts is your home and we are you family. Friends are the family you choose after all! You know you can come to any of us, right? When you feel lonely or sad where all here for you. You can come to me if you ever need to talk.” Scorpius smiled at her as they rested their foreheads together.

“Thanks Rose. Thanks for being so sweet and understanding. Your right it did help to talk about it”

“Hey, I’m always here for you. You can always talk to me.” Rose smiled. Their eyes met and Rose could see a deep gratitude and relief in Scorpius’ eyes. There moment however was interrupted by Thalia who coughed loudly to alert them to her presence. As soon as they noticed her the pair split apart both turning red.

“I just came to see if you guys wanted me to bring you any food up... am I interrupting something?” Thalia smiled slyly.

“N…no.” Rose quickly tried to justify

“We were just researching! We’ll come down to tea with you now!” Scorpius got up flustered and grabbed all his book.

“Researching huh?” Thalia raised her eyebrows at Rose who was scrambling to get her stuff together.

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