The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


19. Part 3 Chapter 2

Before Rose could even begin to process what she’d just heard come from Thalia’s mouth, Thalia had got off the bed and was halfway to the door. Rose bolted after her.

“Thalia! Thalia!” Rose hissed trying not to wake the rest of the girls up as she followed Thalia’s possessed body out of their dorm room. Thalia payed no attention and soon Rose began to realise it was helpless to try to wake her. As she stood on top of the stairs watching Thalia exit the common room Rose made a snap decision, she couldn’t wake Thalia alone. She needed Albus and Scorpius. As quick as she could without being too loud she flew up the boys staircase and entered the boys dormitory. She turned to Scorpius first who slept nearest the door.

“Scorpius, Scorpius wake up now!” Rose hissed shaking his body violently. Rose noticed that the shaking caused Scorpius to smile in his sleep.

“Rose…. Rose….” Scorpius murmured sleepily. It was then that Rose realised he wasn’t waking up because he’d been dreaming about her. Rose barely had time to prosses this as she was more concerned with Thalia’s disappearance.

“Scorpius!” Rose hissed more violently finally causing his eyes to flutter open. It took him a few minutes to process that he was no longer in a dream, but as soon as he did he shot up in his bed.

“Rose!? Why are you….? Where…? How….? What’s going on?” Scorpius finally settled on.

“Thalia’s been possessed! We have to wake Al she’s left the common room!” Rose warned. Quickly turning her attentions to Albus who was much easier to wake. After recapping the events to Albus the three of them ran out of the common room and down the stairs trying to get as quickly as they could to Thalia.



It wasn’t until she reached the grand doors that the rest of them caught up to her. They followed her outside and through the ground to the forbidden forest desperately trying to wake her up.

“What are we going to do!? She’s not waking up!” Scorpius panicked.

“I think she’s heading for the tomb…. What if the mist woman’s using her?” Rose suggested. Rose’s theories were proved correct when Thalia pulled back some trees to reveal the clearing. Thalia recited the spell in a docile, flat manner revealing the opening to the mist woman’s tomb.

“THALIA!” Albus shouted trying desperately to snap her out of it. But Thalia had already began descending down the ladder.  

“We have to follow her, She’s not safe!” Scorpius insisted. They all nodded and one by one entered the tomb behind her. After following her through the tunnels still unable to wake her. They arrived in the tomb, the docile Thalia made her way just past the mist woman’s coffins and finally stopped in front of one of the stone walls. Suddenly Thalia started saying something in her language and her eyes began to glow gold.

“I think she’s doing a spell we have to stop her NOW!” Rose insisted.

“THALIA!” Albus screamed grabbing her shoulders and violently shaking her. She continued her spell as if nothing had happened.

“Thalia… please I need you…” Albus quietly begged still holding her shoulders. “Thalia…”. The entire cave started to rumble again and bits of rubble began falling between them and part of the wall was splitting in two to reveal a hole

“What’s happening!?” Rose loudly exclaimed

“It’s her spell!” Scorpius assumed.

“THALIA PLEASE!....come back to me” Albus begged shaking her shoulders again. Suddenly the entire cave fell silent. And the two fragments of the wall that were beginning to come apart came back together. With quick reflexes Albus managed to catch Thalia as she collapsed to the ground.

“Thalia? THALIA!” Albus shouted trying to wake the unconscious girl up. Thalia’s eyes fluttered open gently.

“What…What’s… Where am I?” Thalia asked.

“We’ll explain later. Right now we have to get out of here and back to the castle!” Scorpius insisted.

Albus helped Thalia to her feet and they all left the tomb, making sure to close it properly and snuck back in to the castle to get to bed before anyone noticed they’d been gone.



“There was a midnight visit to the tomb and you guys didn’t invite me!?” Sienna sarcastically remarked. Albus smirked

“Well there was hardly time to run down to the dungeons AND keep up with her!” Albus retorted.

“I still can’t believe I did all that without knowing… it’s quite scary to know she could possess any of us at any point!” Thalia commented they all nervously look between one another from their seats at their table in the library. They all decided to meet in the library the next morning to fill Thalia and Sienna in on Thalia’s possession so they slipped a note into Sienna’s hand at breakfast and they all made their way up to the library after breakfast and before classes started to talk.

“Look Tha… I know it’s scary but … we’ll make it through this we always do…” Albus rubbed Thalia’s shoulder to comfort her. Sienna pretended not to notice.

“Hey if anyone should be worried about this it should be me. You sleep with Freckles and Albus sleeps with blondie so you all know someone will wake up and snap you out of it. I could be possessed and no one would find out!” Sienna joked trying to comfort Thalia, which earned a smile of appreciation from Thalia and a frown of concern from Albus.

“If anyone does get possessed again it’s more likely to be one of the four of us as we have to be used to open the tomb…” Rose logically reminded everyone.

“I knew this summer had gone far too well!” Scorpius sighed.

“Should we try and go back to the tomb…figure out what Thalia was trying to open?” Albus asked.

“No!” Scorpius and Rose replied in unison.

“Al it’s far too dangerous to go back there! It’s just what she wants! We have to stay away from the tomb and figure it out from there.” Scorpius stated.

“I just wish there was more we could do I feel like a sitting duck knowing she’s out there and she’s dangerous and there’s nothing we can do!” Albus sighed.

“For now I think the best thing is just to carry on our lives as normal and try and help Thalia decipher the journal” Rose suggested. Everyone nodded. Albus’ eyes began to wonder around the library in frustration when suddenly he noticed his sister talking to a talking book in the restricted section which she’d managed to sneak into.

“Oh for Merlin’s​ sake!” Albus got up grabbed his satchel and made his way over to Lily leaving his friends to rolls their eyes in sympathy with him when they noticed her. Albus grabbed Lily’s arm and shut the book quickly.

“Hey! What do you think you’re…” Lily angrily began before she was cut off by her brother.

“Lily Luna what on earth do you think you’re doing here!” Albus hissed at her. “It’s the restricted section! What if Miss Pince had caught you!?” Albus asked wide eyes with annoyance and fear. Lily’s eyes quickly turned from shock to anger as she pushed her brothers hand of her arm.

“I was fine! No one would have caught me! And even if I was it’s not your job to protect me!” Lily angrily retorted.

“It IS my job! Dad asked me to look after you and you don’t exactly make that job easy with all your wondering off!” Albus frustratingly remarked. Lily crossed her arms and rolled her eyes I annoyance.

“I am allowed to wonder Al! You and James do it all the time! Besides you didn’t need to look after me I was FINE!” Lily hissed back. Albus had got fed up with the conversation and grabbed her by the arm again and began pulling her out of the restricted section. When they made it out Lily shrugged Albus’ arm off.

“You are NOT my father Albus! I am not a baby I do not need to be protected and if I AM ever in trouble I am old enough and smart enough to accept the consequences or get myself out of it without my big brothers help!” Lily shouted as she stormed out. Albus rolled his eyes and left for Transfiguration class forgetting his friends in his anger who had seen the whole ordeal and decided to just follow him up there in a little while.



Albus spent the rest of the school day in frustration and his entire lunchbreak ranting about how stubborn and uncooperative his little sister could be. In fact Albus had ranted so much that by the end of the day Thalia, Scorpius and Rose had become sick of hearing about Lily.

“She thinks she’s so grown up and can do whatever she wants but if I’m not there to help her….” Albus began his rant for the 100th time.

“YES I KNOW! If you’re not there to help her she’ll get in trouble…” Scorpius began

“…Or hurt herself” Rose continued

“…Or get lost” Thalia added

“…Or fall into a black hole!” Scorpius dramatically ended as they walk up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room. “Look Al, I know your just looking out for you little sister but don’t you think you’re being a tad over protective?” Scorpius asked. Albus stared at him in disbelief.

“It’s true Al, you’ve been going on and on about it all day but I think you’re exaggerating, Yes Lily has a tendency to be a but scatter-brained but maybe she does need to do these things by herself now…” Rose agreed.

“Maybe you should let her wonder without her big brother always protecting her…. Maybe you should ease up a bit and let her learn how to take care of herself instead of always taking care of her?” Thalia suggested. Albus rolled his eyes.

“Look none of you know what Lily’s like! She’s always got her head in the clouds blissfully unaware of what’s happening in the ground and it’s my job to protect her from that! None of you are her big brother I am! So but out of what doesn’t concern you!” Albus shouted as he stormed down the stairs and out the main entrance.

Albus was getting so mad that he decided to go from a walk to try and clear his mind and calm him down. Before Albus knew what was happening he was instinctively walking through the forbidden forest. He only became aware of this fact when he encounters a confused looking man in his mid-30s. The man was wearing a grey knitted jumper, black trousers and a pair of smart beige shoes. Albus couldn’t help but noticed the man was dressed in muggle clothes which gave Albus the impression he wasn’t from the school. While he looked, dazed and confused the gleam in his eyes looked slightly manic.

“Excuse me sir… Are you lost? I can help you get where you need to be…. My name’s Albus Potter… just tell me where you need to be…” Albus gently spoke to the man coming closer. As the man’s gaze fell on Albus he noticed his confused expression turn to an expression on manic joy.

“Potter? You’re one of them! You’re on of the one’s mistress needs! I must bring you back to mistress! Tell me where you friends are! I want to deliver them all to mistress!” The man grabbed Albus by the arm alarming Albus who tried to step back but the man grabbed tighter.

“Mistress needs you and your friends come with me!” The man grabbed Albus around the middle and dragging him through the forest. Albus kicked and screamed in protest but the man had used him other arm to cover his mouth. Albus tried to reach for his wand in a panic but the man noticed this and before Albus could do anything he reached into Albus’ pocket and threw his wands as far as he could across the forest. Albus began to panic so he did the only thing he could and bit the man’s hand causing him to yank it away in surprise. Albus’ brain filled with adrenaline could only thing of one word a word he had never even encounter before, a word not even in the English language but every instinct in his body told him to scream it so he did, and as he did his eyes began to glow gold and the man was Thrust far against the forest and repelled away from Albus. Albus began to feel week but with his limited strength he managed to run to his wand and point It in the direction of the man who had just regained his composure. The man began to run through the forest and Albus took chase but soon Albus found himself unable to carry on and he feel to his knees before he felt the entire world go black as he passed out.


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