The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


18. Part 3 Chapter 1

“Lily! Come back here! You’ll get lost! James! Let go of your brother!” Ginny Potter frantically tried to collect her three children ready for their impending train ride. Her husband Harry had gone to collect Lily, who had ran off after a Kneazle she’d seen following their owner, while Ginny forcefully separated her sons who were engaged in a fight with James getting Albus in a headlock. When the whole family had assembled, Ginny took the opportunity to give her instructions before they all ran off again.

“Right listen up you three! James, this is your OWL year, I expect you to really buckle down and focus this year or you won’t get the NEWT classes you want! And please don’t make Professor McGonagall need to call us in again this year! You broke a record last year, more disciplinary visits from parents than any other student in the history of Hogwarts!” Ginny sternly warned James who smirked.

“I know best trouble maker Hogwarts has ever known, even uncle George thinks so!” James boasted.

“That is NOT something to be proud of young man! If we are called in at all this year, then you are not allowed your broom all summer! I mean it James you need to buckle down this year!” Ginny held her son by his face to try to get the warning in. James rolled his eyes and nodded. Ginny decided to take this as an agreement and moved on.

“Al, please watch out for your sister this year, make sure she stays on track and she doesn’t wonder off. I’m counting on you to be the responsible big brother to your little sister!” Ginny reminded him. Albus nodded his agreement he was used to being the responsible big brother.

“And maybe try making some new friends this year? It seems like you don’t hang around with anyone but Rose, I’m worried about you…” Albus glared at his mother.

“Mum I’m fine! I don’t need anyone but Rose! …Besides I have other friends, I’ve told you about Thalia.” Albus insisted still unable to tell his parents he did have other friends, they just happened to be a Malfoy and a Slytherin.

“That’s Rose’s friend, your mum and I are just worried you might be getting a bit lonely at Hogwarts…” Albus was about to interrupt to tell his father he was fine but his father continued before he could. “Just promise you’ll try find some more friends this year?” Albus sighed and rolled his eyes as he nodded. Knowing it was the best they were going to get they moved onto their third child.

“And you Lily Luna, you keep safe okay! I know you’re excited for Hogwarts but please be careful! No wondering off or exploring, you could seriously hurt yourself!” Lily groaned but at her mothers stern look she stayed quiet and nodded.

“Write us as much as you can and just be careful Lils! I need my little girl back to me in one piece this summer!” Harry insisted bending down to Lily’s level.

“Dad! I’ll be fine, I’m not a little girl anymore! I can handle it!” Lily insisted. Harry sighed knowing fully well he didn’t want to let his daughter go to Hogwarts, but there was no stopping Lily Luna Potter when she set her mind to something.

“Okay the trains gunna leave soon so you’d better all get on, come give hugs!” James, Albus and Lily stood in a line while there parents made there way down the line giving a big hug and kiss on the forehead to each of their children. As Albus was waiting for his hug he looked around the train station and noticed his best friend Scorpius waving at him. Only this time Scorpius was alone, his mother and father weren’t with him.



“What house do you think we’ll be in Hugo?” Lily excitedly turned to Hugo grabbing his wrists. Having already grown bored with the exploding snap they were playing, Lily focused her attention back to Hogwarts.

“Lily we might get put in different houses!” Hugo reminded her.

“Of course we won’t, whatever house we go in we’re going in the same one. It’s been you and me since I was born and it’ll be me and you till one of us dies!” Lily dismissed him confidently. Hugo didn’t look so confident chewing on the sleeve of his maroon jumper. Rose who was sat next to her little brother noticed this and swatted his arm away warningly.

“But what if we are Lily!” Hugo asked casting an apologetic look to his sister.

“Don’t worry Hugo we’ll be together I know it!” Lily stated. Albus was staring out the window already bored with this conversation when the door opening brought his focus back into the train. Standing in the doorway was Scorpius Malfoy who beamed at his two friends but his face turned to confusion when he noticed the bright blue eyed, ginger girl with pigtails and the scared looking brown haired, brown eyed boy who had started chewing his sleeve again. Albus registered Scorpius’ confusion and began the introduction.

“Oh Scorpius! Welcome back mate! This is my little sister Lily, she’s a first year” Albus said nodding his head in Lily’s direction who beamed at Scorpius with excitement and intrigue

“And this is my little brother Hugo… Hugo! Stop chewing your sleeve I’ve told you a million times you’ll get it all wet!” Rose said as she began fussing over Hugo’s sleeve.

“Guys this is our friend Scorpius Malfoy. Lily I swear if you tell mum and dad I’m friends with him I WILL tell them about the bowtruckle you’re keeping up in your room!” Albus warned. Lily’s face turned to shock.

“How did you know about Mimsie?!” Lily demanded. Albus laughed and pointed to her pocket which was squirming.

“I found her when I was looking for my textbooks that you stole!” Lily crossed her arms frustrated.

“And I don’t need to warn you about this do I Hugo? You won’t tell mum and dad on me, will you?” Rose asked sternly. Hugo shyly shook his head. Scorpius chuckled and took a seat next to a pouting Lily.

“I’ve always wanted to see a bowtruckle! I read about them once” Scorpius stated pointing to where Mimsie had poked her head out of Lily’s pocket. Lily beamed and began telling Scorpius everything about him until he regretted asking.



Half an hour later Thalia had found her way to the group and after promptly being introduced to Lily and Hugo Lily found she loved Thalia even more than she loved Scorpius. This meant that as much as the gang wanted to walk to Thalia about the journal they couldn’t with Hugo and Lily present. It wasn’t until an hour into the journey that Albus finally came up with an excuse to get rid of them.

“Lil, Hugo we’re nearly there maybe you too should go to the changing compartments and get changed, we’ll keep the carriage.” Albus suggested. At first Lily’s eyes dropped to have to leave her new friends but then a thought crossed her heads.

“I get to finally wear my Hogwarts uniform!?” Lily excited reached into her suitcase to find it.

“I don’t think you can say finally when you’ve been wearing it all summer!” Albus rolled his eyes. Rose was helping Hugo find his uniform. Lily almost fell over bounding out of the room excitedly.

“Come straight back here after, Lily!” Albus warned but it was too late both had already left. Albus quickly turned to his friends.

“Guys, Lily’s very quick when she’s excited we have 10 minutes tops but hopefully she’ll wander off a little. Thalia what did you find out from the journal?” Albus quickly asked turning to Thalia.

“Guys, I’m sorry but I couldn’t translate all of it only parts, and the parts I have don’t make much sense. I spent the whole summer in my room trying to read this thing and parts of it I’d never seen before in my life!” Thalia couldn’t meet her friends eyes as she felt them all sighing. Scorpius who was sat next to her put a hand on her shoulder.

“Look it’s alright, we’ll meet up with Sienna tomorrow night and you can tell us everything you did find out and we’ll see what we have from there. Albus, you’ll tell Sienna we’re gunna meet right?” Scorpius tried to positively reassure Thalia. Albus nodded.

“Has anybody …. Heard anything from her since we escaped from her? Anybody have any dreams or visions or sightings anything about her?” Rose checked. One by one the gang shook their heads.

“Me either. It’s weird that she’s this quiet right? Usually one of us is having dreams or visions or something and yet now there nothing?” Rose asked.

“I say we don’t take that for granted! We don’t know when she could strike next so I say we take advantage of not hearing from her and take it as a good sign!” Scorpius insisted trying to be positive but Albus could tell by Rose’s expression she wasn’t convinced.

“Well anyway Albus, you weren’t wrong when you said we’d better be going to get changed we will be arriving soon! Rose and I will go to the girls changing cart and you two can keep the carriage.” Thalia said as she began getting her robes from her suitcase. Soon it was just the two boys in the carriage and Albus decided to take this opportunity to talk to Scorpius alone.

“Scorp? Is everything okay at home?” Albus tentatively asked. Scorpius turned to Albus in confusion.

“Why would you ask that?” Scorpius pondered. Albus shrugged.

“Well I noticed you were alone at the station, and I know you are your parents don’t have a great relationship but they’ve never made you go to the station alone before. Is everything okay at home?” Albus sensitively asked. Scorpius sighed and studied the scenery as it passed by the window.

“Honestly? There is no okay at my house! My parents are former death eaters and I’m their goody goody Gryffindor embarrassment. My Grandparents don’t even know I am a Gryffindor!  Okay left my house a long time ago!” Scorpius rolled his eyes. Albus sighed.

“I know things in your house aren’t okay but why didn’t they bring you to the train station? Did something change?” Albus pressed the issue.

“Okay fine you win, something changed over the summer and now things are infinitely worse, I just don’t think I’m ready to talk about it yet. It was pretty bad but I’m okay now I’m away from home.” Scorpius noticed Albus’ concerned face “Look Al, I promise I’m okay now, but if I’m ever not I’ll talk to you about it, I promise!” Scorpius reluctantly agreed.

“You don’t have to tell me anything, I just want to make sure you’re okay, you’re my best friend I want to be there if anything bad happens to you!” Albus put his hand on Scorpius’ shoulder. Scorpius smiled.

“Thanks man, you’re my best friend too and I will tell you eventually. I’m just not ready to talk about it yet. I just want to pretend it’s not happening for now and escape to hogwarts!” Scorpius smiled at Albus who looked like he was trying to find the right words to comfort him but before he could say anything the carriage door flew open.

“Al, I’m so sorry but I lost Lily again! I was keeping an eye on her this time but this kid walked in front of me and she wondered off again!” Hugo frantically tried to explain. Albus sighed as he and Scorpius got up.

“Oh for godsake Lily! I swear everything I say goes in one ear and out the other! Hugo stay here incase Lily comes back, Scorpius and I will go find her. Tell Rose and Thalia were we’ve gone when they get back!” Albus ordered as he and Scorpius left to find his wondering little sister.


“Lily!? Lily!?” Albus called looking over the heads of hundreds of students as they piled off the school train.

“She must be here somewhere!” Rose frustratingly stated.

“I’ve been in charge of her for 3 hours and she’s already got lost 3 times! For godsake Lily!” Albus grumbled as he continued pushing through students trying to find his sister.

“Look she’s over there!” Thalia pointed standing on her tiptoes to point to where Lily was examining the magical flowers hanging around the train station far away from the other students and paying no attention to where the other students were going. Quickly the five of them made their way against the crowd to Lily. Albus grabbed her by the arm and began pulling her back to the crowd.

“Lily! We’ve been through this! You’d have got lost if we hadn’t found you!” Lily rolled her eyes as Albus rushed her over to the groundskeeper who was waiting by the boats for first years.

“I was fine! I was just looking at the flowers! Ally they have Vitaeflos! There so pretty and they move on their own… Albus let go of me I’m fine!” Lily insisted finally breaking free of Albus’ grip on her arm. Albus held Lily’s shoulders to make her look at him.

“Lily Hogwarts is so easy to get lost in you HAVE to be paying more attention to the real world!” Albus warned her. Lily responded by rolling her eyes at him. “Look you and Hugo need to get on the boats now, I’ll see you at the sorting ceremony, for heaven’s sake stay with the group…. And keep her hidden if the school see Mimsie they will send her home to mum and dad!” Albus warned. Lily stopped listening when she realised it was time for her to finally go to Hogwarts.

“Come on Hu it’s time to go! We’re finally gunna see the castle!” Lily exclaimed grabbing Hugo from Rose who was brushing her brothers jumper off and giving him plenty of rules to remember.

“Lily! Were you listening too…. Lily just stay with the group!” Albus shouted to Lily who was already docking onto her boat with Hugo stepping cautiously on behind her.

“Hugo! Be careful with the boat okay!” Rose shouted her warning. Scorpius came up behind his friends and put his arms around both there shoulders, making Rose go slightly red.

“They’ll both be fine, your not their parents you know! Come on lets get a carriage before there all gone!”



Albus, Rose, Scorpius and Thalia sat nervously waiting at the feast waiting for Hugo and Lily’s sorting.

“Can you see her? I don’t see Lily anywhere!” Albus panicked standing up slightly to try to find his sister.

“Al, She’s over there behind the blonde girl with pink bow. Stop worrying!” Scorpius sighed.

“What house do you think she’ll be in?” Thalia asked.

“I’ve been asking myself that question since James’ went to Hogwarts and I can honestly say I can’t tell. Lily would do well in any house! She’s always going off on her little adventures and I swear that girls fearless so she’d be a great Gryffindor, But she’s so inquisitive about magical creatures and magical plants and she’s always off in her own world trying to figure out how things work so maybe she could be a Ravenclaw, but god save the person who gets in Lily’s way when she’s set her mind on something and when she wants something she WILL get it, so maybe Slytherin but she’s the most dedicated, loyal girl I know and she works so hard to get what she wants when she wants it so maybe a Hufflepuff. The sorting hat really has its work cut out for it with Lily!” Albus mused.

“Well there’s no way Hugo will be in Gryffindor or Slytherin, He has no determination and he’s not brave enough to be a Gryffindor, he’s scared of everything! He’ll probably either be a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff” Rose decided.

“LILY POTTER” The headmaster announced. The gang fell silent as they watched Lily excitedly run up to the sorting hat. Unlike when Scorpius had worn the hat, it seemed to be taking it’s time with Lily.

“She’s been on there for 7 minutes now, She’s officially a hat stool!” Rose nervously told the rest of them.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” The hat loudly degreed. Albus beamed and clapped louder than anyone in the room. Scorpius couldn’t help but notice the reluctant smile on James’ face.

“See she’ll be fine in Hufflepuff, Lucy can take care of her!” Rose clapped Albus’ shoulder.

“HUGO WEASLEY” The headmaster declared. Rose caught her breath as Hugo took a deep breath and nervously sat down shaking. The hat had barely reached his brown curls when it called out.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” Rose smiled.

“At least there together!” her and Albus smiled at each other.




The next day Albus, Rose, Scorpius & Thalia met up with Sienna in the library after a long first day of lessons. Sienna arrived first and was already sat chewing bubblegum, that Albus couldn’t help but notice smelled very strongly of peppermint, with her feet on the table by the time the rest of them arrived.

“How was your summer?” Albus asked taking his seat next to her.

“As interesting as summer in a care home gets! What about you? Was I mistaken or were there even more Potters & Weasleys at the feast last night? You lot breed like rabbits!” Sienna joked. Rose smiled as she got out her notebook.

“My little brother and Albus’ little sister, They’re Hufflepuffs.” Rose responded. Sienna leaned forward in her chair taking her feat of the table.

“So I heard, I thought it was like illegal for Potters and Weasleys to be in anything but Gryffindor?” Sienna joked.

“We have cousins in the other houses too, Molly’s a slytherin, Louis’ a Ravenclaw and Victoire, Lucy, Lily and Hugo are Hufflepuffs.” Albus tried to justify.

“But we do have more of us in Gryffindor. Me, Al, James, Fred, Roxanne & Dominique are Gryffindors. But just because there’s more of us in Gryffindor doesn’t mean we HAVE to be in there” Rose argued.

“God your family really does breed like rabbits!” Sienna rolled her eyes as Albus playfully punched her. Sienna kicked him back and it turned into a full-on play war.

“Guys, let’s try to get back to the task in hand alright?” Scorpius awkwardly interrupted. Albus blushed hard and Scorpius could swear Sienna had turned a lighter shade of pink.

“Sorry you’re right, Go ahead Thalia.” Albus smiled at Thalia who looked down nervously at the journal she’d placed on the table.

“Right, well as I told you guys on the train this thing is hard to read. Some of it I could understand and some of it I’d never seen before I translated as much as I could but it wasn’t a whole lot. But what I did find was this…” Thalia said turning the book around to face the gang who peered in slightly closer.

“That word there…” Thalia pointed out a strange symbol “It’s the symbol for Delvine, and that one there means Malfoy, and that one means Potter and that one…”

“Weasley” Rose nervously finished.

“Yep. They keep appearing all throughout the journal. Whatever this journal does contain I think it has something to do with our ancestors.” Thalia concluded looking between everyone’s expression to take in their states on confusion and shock.

“Are you SURE that’s what they mean Thalia? I mean you could just be wrong, whatever this language is in your head it’s not an translatable language…” Rose suggested.

“Yeah and she’s the only one who can translate so if she says that’s what those words mean I’ll believe her. So far she’s our only hope at translating this thing” Sienna defended Thalia who looked shocked for a moment before smiling gently at her.

“What else did you find Thalia?” Scorpius asked.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t even translate a full sentence just random words, but I did find this…” Thalia said taking a piece of paper from the back of the journal. She handed it to Scorpius who slowly handed it around the group. The paper was clearly a black and white photograph of four men in their 30s standing proudly outside a large building. Judging by their clothes you could tell the photo was old. One of the men stood in the centre with a white lab coat and googles, while next to him stood a man with a thick moustache and a beaming smile wearing what looked like a knitted sweat with light trousers and a golf cap. To the right of the two men stood another man, the thinnest of the three who maintained a strict posture and glared at the camera. This man was in a suit with a top hat and was holding onto his suspenders. Behind him stood the final man, a short man with dark hair and a button-down shirt. Out of all the men this one looked the most out of place smiling nervously at the camera.

“Is that…?” Albus tentatively asked.

“I think so…” Thalia replied cautiously.

“That’s you ancestors!” Sienna replied with certainty.

“So this journal IS connected to our ancestors” Rose concluded. Thalia nodded.

“I can’t believe this…” Scorpius stared in amazement at the photo.

“That’s not all… there was one other word I translated that I think might be relevant.” Thalia sighed flipping the journal ahead a few pages. And placing her finger on one of the symbols.

“That word there…. It means … Morana. I don’t know how I would even know that word but I do and I think it’s because whoever Morana is I think she’s important to all this.” Thalia deduced. Everyone looked at each other in astonishment. Even though they hadn’t found much from that journal, they had more to go on now. They had something to work towards.



That night as Rose’s blinking alarm clock struck midnight she heard a rustling coming for another bed. Rose turned over to see what was happening and to her surprise found Thalia sitting bolt upright in her bed. Thalia turned and her legs hit the floor and she began to walk out of the room. Rose quickly decided to get up and see if she needed anything.

“Thal…. Hey Thal….Thalia? …. Thalia!” Rose called as she bound down the steps after her. Rose quickly caught up to her and stood in front of her. Thalia stopped moving and stood dead still.

“Thalia?” Rose asked suddenly noticing Thalia’s eyes weren’t there normal shade of electric blue but instead were glowing gold. “Thalia!” Rose shook her shoulders to try to snap her out of this. Suddenly Thalia responded in a raspy voice that barely sounded like hers, speaking first in the language Rose had come to know as Thalia’s language and then speaking English.

The servant of darkness is rising again.

With the help of her servants she will regain.

Ones who search her tomb beware.

For not all can be found there.

The Heroes will discover more than they know

If they do not succeeds their lives they will forego.” Thalia recited. Rose dropped Thalia’s shoulders in shock realising they had just received another terrifying prophecy.

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