The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


15. Part 2 Chapter 9

When Albus had talked to Thalia in herbology class and told her he wanted to meet her privately after class, in the library it took every inch of self-restraint she had not to explode then and there. Her heart thudded out of her chest as she counted down the seconds until her final class was over. After practically running to the library, only for Albus to pull her into a secluded corner she thought her heart was just about ready to fly out of her chest. However, the moment she saw Rose and Scorpius sitting at the table too looking at her expectantly that excited feeling came crashing down.

“what’s going on? I thought you wanted to meet me privately?” Thalia asked Albus

“we do…. We actually have something to tell you….” Albus began but Thalia was barely listening trying to keep her disappointment from showing through her face.

“it’s about that morning we all went for a walk and we accidently lost you” Rose began. Thalia remembered that morning at the beginning of the school year because after that things had changed. The four of them were so close after their shared bonding experience with the mist woman, but after that morning Rose began getting too busy to spend time with Thalia, infact she’d seen Rose sneaking off frequently with Scorpius, and Albus was so preoccupied he barely gave her a second thought anymore, much to her dismay. Thalia wasn’t blind she could tell something had happened that morning in the forest that they didn’t want her involved in.

“Okay…” Thalia nervously responded

“When we split up Al, Rose and I we found something…. we found a clearing with these three rocks… they reminded Rose of this tombing spell she’d seen in a book. We thought it might be the mist woman’s tomb, we think she might be inside…” Scorpius started

“So a few months later we snuck out again to see if we could find out what it was and … well….” Rose struggled to find the words to explain. “When Scorpius, Al and I touched these rocks they started glowing and these markings started appearing. We think the markings are words to give us the spell to open the tomb.” Thalia was stunned at this point.

“But that’s not all the markings…. They looked exactly like the ones you doodled on your bookmark.” Albus pushed his sheet of paper with the markings on forward to allow Thalia to see who stared at it in amazement. There was a silence to allow Thalia to digest what she had just heard.

“So… you have a lead to finding the mist woman… who you now think is alive by the way even though you protested it like mad! …. And you didn’t think to tell me?” Thalia tried to process.

“We wanted to but we didn’t want you to get involved with this, if it was dangerous” Rose tried to explain.

“Well it was a little late for that wasn’t it?” Thalia snapped.

“What do you mean?” Scorpius asked.

“I was already involved when MY necklace killed …or banished…or whatever a crazy demon spirit! I helped you find her, the entire school thought I was mad because I was sprouting prophecies about you and that crazy spirit! I was already involved!” Thalia explained beginning to get mad. It was at that inconvenient moment that Sienna Vane came around the corner chucking her bag into a spare chair and taking a seat next to Albus instantly learning her chair back and resting her feet up on the table.

“Sorry I’m late, Longbottom’s classes are never ending! Did you already start explaining to her?” Sienna asked. Thalia’s mouth hung open in shock.

“….What’s she doing here?”

“Ah, I see you haven’t got around to explaining my part yet!” Sienna smirked.

“I told her about everything that happened last year and she wanted to help us, she helped us sneak out the castle….. she’s been helping us.” Albus sheepishly explained. Thalia felt her heart split in two.

“You told her. You…. You let her in….and not….me.” Thalia stuttered in complete shock.

“Thalia it’s not….” Rose began but Thalia had finally snapped.

“No it’s exactly like that! You let a girl who has picked on you, called you names and downright bullied you join in and help you but you didn’t let me, someone who’s actually involved and your FRIEND!? I’ve spent months on my own feeling like I was being kicked out of the group only to be replaced by HER!?!” Thalia finally snapped her calm demeaned finally disappearing.

“She’s not that bad!” Albus instinctively began sticking up for Sienna much to Thalia’s shock.

“Not that bad!? Have you all lost your minds!? How could you involve her in this and not me!?” Sienna scowled.

“Hey sweetie be grateful! If it was up to me, you wouldn’t be involved at all… other than doing weird things you can’t explain you’re no real help to us here. We still wouldn’t have involved you if it wasn’t for your silly drawings!” Sienna tried to defend herself but this only made Thalia angrier.

“Well congratulations I’m not getting involved! I can’t help anyway. I told you before, I don’t know anything about these drawings there just something I’ve done. I don’t know what they mean or how to translate them, so you don’t have to inconvenience yourselves by inviting me to join. You can have your little gang, I don’t want any part of it!” Thalia stormed off tears forming in her eyes.

“Well that didn’t go as expected!” Scorpius summarised.




Over the next few weeks Albus Rose and Scorpius did their best to try to encourage Thalia to help them and to apologise to her but to no avail. Thalia actively avoided them in the halls, and whenever someone did manage to find her she refused to speak to them. Thalia had been trying to find it in her heart to forgive them for excluding her, but when she thought of those months alone with her friends leaving her out she felt hurt and betrayed, seeing them made it worse so she started going to breakfast early and leaving as soon as they walked in, she changed her routes between classes to avoid them, she even moved seats a couple of time. But that hurt feeling was nothing compared to how she felt when she walked into the library to start her charms essay and found Albus and Sienna sitting in the private corner where they had told her the truth about their adventures, sitting close to each other and laughing. Thalia had seen it coming from a mile away, Sienna started coming to his quiddich games and they both stayed behind on the pitch to talk after every game, the notes she’d seen Sienna hand him class, the way they looked at each other when they thought no one was watching. It was clear to Thalia that Sienna liked Albus, but when she finally saw how much Albus liked her back Thalia couldn’t pretend she didn’t feel her heart splitting in two to see the way Albus gazed at Sienna. Thalia turned around and left the library, hoping no one had seen the tears forming in her eyes. But someone had, Rose Weasley, who was sitting unnoticed at a table away from Albus and Sienna saw Thalia’s hurt expression as she left and decided to follow her to some stairs in an abandoned corridor where Thalia was sat crying.

“Rose I don’t need this right now, please leave me alone!” Thalia instructed trying to hide her tears as she looked up to see the red head next to her. Rose however decided not to listen, and instead sat down next to her.

“Friends don’t leave friends alone when there crying!”

“How would you know!? You haven’t even been my friend these past few months!” Thalia retorted.

“You’re right! I got so caught up with my nightmares I forgot what mattered more, our friendship. We should have included you Thalia, we never should have kept it a secret” Rose apologetically explained.

“No you shouldn’t have! I could have helped you that’s what friends do! I could have helped with those nightmares!” Thalia sniffed.

“So help us now then. Prove to us just how wrong we were to have ever excluded you! Translate the markings for us! Prove you’re a better friend to us than we ever were to you… and let us make it up to you” Rose begged. Thalia sighed blowing her nose on the tissue Rose handed her.

“I already told you I can’t…”

“That’s not true! You know a lot more than you think you do. You know what it means if you wrote the markings it means somehow you can translate it! Please try for us…. please try for Albus.” Rose tenderly said. Thalia snapped her head around to Rose.

“What do you…”

“I know I haven’t been acting like it lately but you are my best friend…. I know you like him I can see it. I see how your eyes light up when he’s near, and you never seem quite as happy when he’s not. I know you’d give anything to make him happy and help him…” Thalia started at Rose for a moment for looking down dejectedly.

“It doesn’t matter anyway. He likes her. Sienna. He likes her the way I like him. She makes him happy so I’m helping him by leaving him alone.” Thalia sniffed.

“Yeah I can see that too. He’s got such a big crush on her! But even though he doesn’t like you the same way you like him, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. You want him to be happy? Well he’s happy with you in his life as his friend. I know it’s hard to be around them when there being all mushy, heck it’s hard for anyone to be around them, it’s sickening! But wouldn’t you rather be in his life than not?” Rose asked. Thalia thought for a moment before responding.

“I wasn’t surprised when I found out Albus chose to let Sienna in the group over me, I kind of expected it, but I thought you were my best friend and you choose her over me too.” Thalia changed the subject.

“I never choose her over you. I didn’t want to give her a chance at first either but then I realised there must be something Albus sees in her so I gave her a chance and you know what I found? She wasn’t all bad. I kind of like her I can’t pretend I don’t, but Thalia you’re my best friend! I would never want to choose between the two of you, but if I had to it would be you, hands down every time!” Rose smiled. This made Thalia laugh slightly as she wiped her tears away. “I know being around her is hard, but give her a chance and you might find she’s not so awful! Thalia we all really want you to come back to the group…Well except Sienna but she’ll warm to you” Rose laughed. Thalia contemplated it for a moment.

“If I do can you promise me, no more secrets, no more excluding me, you fully let me in?” Thalia asked


“Then I’ll come to the rocks and try and translate!” Rose gave her a giant hug which Thalia reciprocated. Thalia had to admit, she had missed her best friend.

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