The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


14. Part 2 Chapter 8

The trio were all running on adrenaline when they finally arrived back to their dorms, it took another hour for any of them to fall asleep after the excitement and nervousness they had experienced. By morning however, exhaustion had finally reached the trio, who were barely awake at breakfast so it came as a surprise when Albus felt something crumpled be shoved into his hand. He looked up to see Sienna Vane and Jasper Zabinie walking past barely paying any attention to him, but Albus smiled. Knowing what he knew about Sienna, he felt he had a secret with her the rest of the world didn’t know and he took a moment to remember and admire Sienna’s sacrifice. Albus was brought back to the present when he remembered the crumpled piece of paper in his hand. 

If you think you’re getting away without telling me what you found, you’re a bigger idiot than I thought. You owe me remember! I got 2 weeks’ detention and 250 points off for you! Meet me in the library after breakfast…. Bring blondie and freckles if you must. 
-    Sienna x

Albus’ attention was immediately focussed on the “X” signed after her name. She’d passed him notes before, like when the met in the classroom and she had sent him the odd note in class but she’d never signed her name with an “X” before.  He immediately started analysing what the “X” could mean and what it meant that she wanted to meet with him more than Rose and Scorpius. Although there was a feeling deep in Albus’ stomach that craved to meet her alone, he knew more secrets in the group would just cause problems. 
“Sienna just passed me a note she wants to meet us all in the library after breakfast to fill her in on what we know” Albus explained. Rose and Scorpius glanced at each other before a smirk appeared on their faces.
“Us or you?” Rose smirked. Albus’ eyebrows knit together confused.
“What do you mean?” Scorpius shrugged in response
“Your blushing Albus.” Scorpius chuckled. Albus’ hand instinctively went to his cheeks before he realised and tried to force himself not to blush even harder.
“Whatever! Look she’s leaving we need to hurry up and meet her!”

Albus was beginning to think that Sienna’s note was a joke went they couldn’t find her in the library until they heard a whisper coming from behind a bookcase.
“Albus!” Sienna urgently whispered Albus, Rose and Scorpius all instinctively turned to the bookcase the whisper had come from when they saw an eye peeking between two books. The three of them checked to make sure no one could see them before joining Sienna behind the bookcase on the private table she’d found. Sienna frowned as she inspected Rose and Scorpius while she sat.
“I see you brought Blondie and Freckles after all” Sienna sighed
“I didn’t think I would be right to meet without them. I didn’t want to …. I mean…I did but….I wanted to…. I …..” Albus stuttered trying to find a way to the explain the feeling in his gut that wanted to come alone without offending Rose and Scorpius. Sienna smiled at Albus’ stutter, and Albus realised he’s never seen Sienna smile like that before. Sienna’s smiles were all smirks like she knew something you didn’t and she was basking in that enjoyment, her smiles felt cold and knowing. But this one felt warm, happy, even her lips  let out a slight giggle as she raised her eye brows.
“Anyway! We did find the clearing again and that’s not all…” Rose began startling Sienna and Albus back to reality.
“Yeah that’s right we found when Rose, Scorpius and I touched the rocks the glowed with these weird markings. We didn’t get a chance to look at them anymore though, the caretaker nearly caught us!” Albus explained.
“But I have an exceptionally good memory and I couldn’t sleep last night so I wrote out all the markings I could remember…” Rose admitted bringing a piece of paper out from her bag with about 10 different markings on it.
“So I got 2 weeks’ detention and 250 points taken from my house for some doodles on a rock!? I thought we were going to find some misty woman!” Sienna asked unimpressed with their findings.
“We think she may be locked inside a tomb and we think those boulders might be the key to opening it. Rose found some ancient tombing spells and we think this could be one.” Scorpius explained. Sienna raised her eyebrows.
“….okay so those markings are a tombing spell, we go out again do the spell and bam misty woman!” Sienna excitedly explained, resting her feet on the table and leaning her chair back. Albus laughed slightly while Rose rolled her eyes.
“It’s not exactly that simple…. the book says the spell is unique to every tomb and the spell will be encrypted onto objects around the area…” Rose began
“The boulders” Scorpius explained. While Sienna glared at him, not sure whether she should be insulted he thought she wouldn’t come to this conclusion herself.
“…Yes but we found these markings on the boulders and unless anyone knows what these say I don’t think we can read the spell…” everyone gathered around the paper to see if they could recognise it, but one by one they all leaned back dejectedly.
“So before we can get to this woman we have to translate these …. whatever they are?” Sienna confirmed. Rose slightly nodded silently agreed.
“Right so let’s get cracking on translating them… Rose you take the runes section of the library, Scorpius you look at meanings of ancient drawings, Sienna you look at ancient spells, I’ll look at ancient languages. We should all copy these down so we can see if we can find anything similar.” Albus planned. Rose proudly nodded, proud of her cousin for taking the initiative. They all began copying Rose’s marks then promptly went off to their classes, making plans to return to the library afterwards to search.

As April rolled into Hogwarts, plants bloomed, the tree’s regained their leaves, spring unfolded, the sense of rejuvenation and regrowth was washing over all of Hogwarts, except for Albus, Rose, Scorpius, and Sienna who were quickly losing hope. As hours in the library turned into days, and days into weeks, and weeks into months, the four friends began feeling hopeless as all their efforts yielded no solutions to their current problem. Rose began losing patience after a few weeks as the solution to almost every problem she had in life, studying, was coming up with few answers for this predicament. Sienna lost patience shortly after Rose, as Rose’s defeatist attitude caused many arguments between the pair. Scorpius tried to hold onto hope, but after reading the same book twice without taking anything in, even Scorpius had to admit this seemed to be a failed endeavour.  It was Albus, who was desperately trying to inspire the rest of the group to continue researching, as it was the only thing they could do as the markings were their only lead on the mist woman.
“Come on, you can’t have read EVERY book in the ancient drawings section! Are you sure you’ve checked the restricted section?” Albus asked, one April afternoon in the library.
“I’ve checked a million times. I’ve read every book in that section 3 times Al!” Scorpius agitatedly responded.
“Look Al I think we may need to just face that these markings aren’t going to be found in here and discuss our next point of action…” Rose tried to calmly suggest.
“What point of action!? We have no other plan if we can’t find those markings, it’s our only lead to her and it seems to be impossible to find. We should just give up, it’s clear we weren’t meant to find her!” Sienna retaliated bored.
“Guys let’s not be so down okay! I’m sure it’s in here! Look let’s just head to potions, and then afterwards we’ll head to the library and have another search, maybe if we switch sections….” Rose, Scorpius and Sienna all groaned at the thought of searching through the library for what felt like the 100th time. They never thought they’d see the day potions would become a welcome distraction.

Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s had potions together on a Wednesday, but unfortunately they had been placed into pairs for the semester. Rose had been unlucky, being partnered with Amilie Dursley who Rose could barely stand. However, Scorpius would argue he had it worse by having to work with Jasper Zabinie who frequently made rude comments about him to his face, rather than working. Sienna found her partner Sapphire Mosley to be extremely tedious and frequently found herself barely able to stay awake during potions. Albus however felt he had got the best deal, as his partner was Thalia Delvine. Albus thought Thalia to be a good friend, if not a little shy, but he found her eccentric hairstyles and talk of funny muggle items made for very amusing potions classes. This April afternoon, the class were attempting to concoct a sleeping potion. 
“So is it three, or four extracts of newts’ heart?” Thalia asked. Albus rooted through his bag for his potions textbook to clear up their query, but found all his time in the library had caused him to forget about his schooling.
“Shoot, I forgot my textbook! I’m so sorry!” Albus apologetically admitted. Thalia rolled her eyes chuckling slightly
“It’s fine, just use mine; you give me the instructions and I’ll carry it out? I bookmarked the page.” Albus began flicking through the textbook when he found Thalia’s book mark. Albus figured it was typical for Thalia to bookmark her pages using paper she was doodling on, but it wasn’t until Albus took the folded up paper out of the book that he noticed that in the corner of the page there were drawings he found far too familiar. Drawings that were the same as the ones he’d been staring at every day for months. Albus quickly snapped back into reality when he realised Thalia was looking at him expectantly
“…oh yeah…um… 4 extracts of newts’ heart” Albus read. As Thalia began searching for the newts’ heart, Albus reached into his bag to get his copy of the markings. He placed them next to each other and saw that, in Thalia’s doodle she had drawn some of the exact same markings Albus had on his paper. The same markings that were on the rock. Albus quickly shoved his paper in his bag as Thalia turned to him.
“Thalia? These doodles are really cool, I’ve never seen anything like them before… where did you get the inspiration for them?” Albus asked trying to be subtle about his query, when really his heart was pounding at the possibility of finally having a clue. 
“Oh these? There nothing just some doodles I’ve been doing since I was little, my mum used to call it my made up language, I know it’s weird but I’ve been doodling this stuff since I was a kid!” Thalia blushed hard.
“Really? You’ve never seen them before?” 
“Nope, there just my doodle language.” Thalia joked. Albus smiled with excitement, suddenly longing for potions to be over so he could talk to the group.

“Thalia must have got them from somewhere!” Sienna mused. “It’s impossible that she just made up her own language that somehow ended up being a tomb locking spell!” Sienna insisted after Albus recapped his finding in potions class.
“Are you absolutely certain there the same?” Rose asked. Albus furiously nodded.
“I’m sure! I got my paper out to compare them, and some of them were the exact same!” 
“And she wasn’t inspired by anything?” Scorpius asked
“That’s what she says, she said she’s just been drawing these doodles since she was a kid.” 
“She’s clearly lying then!” Sienna folded her arms.
“Last year Thalia predicted the mist woman, it’s entirely possible she could be connected to this too!” Albus argued, Sienna glared at him.
“Maybe she’s a little too connected to this!” Sienna scowled.
“I think we have to tell her what’s going on, see if she can help us translate this stuff…” Albus suggested
“No way. No. We are not letting her in on this!” Sienna insisted.
“Sienna! She could help!”
“Or she could tell on us! I don’t trust her!” Sienna slammed her palms on the table.
“Fine let’s put it to a vote, who votes we tell Thalia the truth and ask for her help?” Albus asked immediately shooting his hand up. Rose instantly put her hand up as well and Scorpius gave an apologetic glance to Sienna before also raising his. Sienna sighed.
“You Gryffindor’s really are oblivious, fine let her in on this see if I care!” Sienna stormed out giving Albus one last direct glare. Albus didn’t know why Sienna was so against Thalia joining, but he knew she was involved somehow and their best bet was to involve her, even though another part of Albus wanted to run after Sienna apologising and begging for forgiveness. He wasn’t sure if it was a good thing that the first part of him had won.

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