The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


13. Part 2 Chapter 7

Rose was pacing back and forth nervously as she waited for Albus and Sienna, while Scorpius sat on the rock they had agreed to meet on holding the invisibility cloak and trying to keep himself calm.

“Something’s gone wrong I know it! This isn’t going to work!” Rose panicked.

“Look!” Scorpius exclaimed standing up and pointing to the distance where they could see Albus running towards them.

“Oh my god Sienna’s gone to tell on us! She’s betrayed us I knew it!” Rose said. “What happened!? Where’s Sienna!?” Rose ran to Albus grabbing his shoulders with a wide eyes nervous look in her eyes.

“The caretaker locked the door while we were inside!” Albus tried to catch his breath.

“WHAT!? I though Sienna said he doesn’t do that!? I knew she was a liar! She betrayed us didn’t she! No good Slytherin!” Rose gritted her teeth in anger.

“No. No. I hid in the cupboard and Sienna took the fall for me. She’s with McGonagall right now! She took the blame for me so I could get here!” Albus exclaimed. Rose released his shoulders and stared at him confused.

“Wow. I didn’t know she’d do that for you. That was really nice of her!” Scorpius said in shock. Albus shrugged his shoulders.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have judged her before you got to know her! Look Sienna sacrificed herself for us to be able to do this so can we get this started?” Albus asked. Rose nodded and grabbed her wand from where she concealed it in her shoe. She took three steps forward, took a deep breath straightened her shoulders and closed her eyes.

“Vestigium” Rose announced moving her wand in an eight motion. Her wand started to spark for a moment, then suddenly stopped. Rose opened her eyes and saw that nothing had happened.

“Vestigium” Rose announced more impatiently this time, again the wand sparked but did nothing more. This continued for half an hour while Albus and Scorpius curled up on the rock.

“It’s useless, I can’t do this! I give up!” Rose dejectedly fell to the ground. Both Scorpius and Albus startled awoke from their naps and jumped off the rock.  Albus sat down next to Rose while Scorpius held her shoulder.

“Rose it’s okay to find a spell hard, this is a tricky one. But you can’t give up! We are so close to her tomb!” Albus encouraged. Rose sighed.

“It’s hopeless. I’ll never get this spell; I can research it all I want, but it can’t make my magic any stronger!” Rose sighed and Scorpius rubbed his hand across her shoulder apologetically. Suddenly a thought came to Rose’s head and she jumped up excitedly.

“Wait! Scorpius! You can do the spell!” Rose excitedly exclaimed.

“Me? I’ve practiced it just as much as you have! And neither of us has got it right so far, what makes you think I can do this?” Scorpius nervously backed away slightly.

“Because we both know who here is the best at spells. Scorpius I will never be as good as you at casting spells because you understand the feeling behind them, you’re a natural at casting technique and you put your emotions into your spells, it makes you stronger than I could ever be, so I’m telling you. You can do this!” Rose placed her hands on his shoulder encouragingly. Scorpius gulped and nodded his head. He moved to the entrance of the forest and focused all his energy, soul and mind into the look of the clearing, the three stones next to each other, the pedestal, the way the trees swayed around the clearing like a force field.

“Vestigium” Scorpius calmed announced and suddenly faint white glowing footprints appeared on the ground in front of him.

“YOU DID IT!” Albus exclaimed jumping up and running as fast as he could into the forest.

“I knew you could!” Rose beamed at him, taking a moment for herself to be with him, while Albus ran off.

“Thank you.” Scorpius whispered in her ear as he pulled her into a hug. Rose’s cheeks burned red as she allowed herself to hug him back.



When the three of them finally reached the clearing it was hard not to feel dejected as they explored every corner of the clearing with no sign of any spell appearing anywhere.

“I don’t get it! The spell book says the spell to open the tomb should be hidden around the area!” Rose tried her best not to cry.

“Maybe you were wrong, maybe it’s just some rocks.” Albus dejectedly admitted. Albus moved to explore the third rock, but when he leant his hand on it to balance himself the rock began to glow red.

“YOU FOUND IT!” Rose exclaimed as her and Scorpius ran over. Albus experimented with moving his hand away but the glow began to fade so he placed his hand on the rock again and the glow returned.

“It’s my hand?” Albus asked confused.

“Look there’s marking on it!” Rose exclaimed examining the strange markings. “I’ve never seen markings like these before!”

“Me either! Wait… do these two rocks do that too?” Scorpius asked pointing to the two other large rocks in the circle. Scorpius made his way over to the next rock and placed his hand on it, surely enough this one began to glow as well, except instead of red it started glowing green.

“These marks are slightly different from the other rock….” Rose examined. “I wonder….” She ran over to the third rock and surely enough when she placed her hand on it, it began glowing blue and revealed its own markings.

“I think these markings together make up the spell!” Rose excitedly shouted.

“WHOSE THERE!? SHOW YOURSELF!” They heard the bellow of the caretaker.

“It’s the caretaker! We have to get out of here!” Albus exclaimed making his way to Scorpius and Rose.

“But the markings…” Rose frantically tried to continue studying the markings.

“Come on!” Scorpius grabbed her arm and dragged her into the forest with Albus. “We’ll find out what language they are, then come back another night but right now we have to get out of here!” Scorpius exclaimed as they ran back to the castle.

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