The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


12. Part 2 Chapter 6

Christmas at the Malfoy’s was mostly just silent. But Scorpius preferred it that way, as whenever it wasn’t it meant his mum and dad were screaming at each other. Then there was the added joy of this yearly visits from his grandparents. Preparations for their visit started weeks in advance as their visit required a lot of attention. Firstly, they had to make sure the manor house looked just as dark and gloomy as when Lucius and Narcissa left it, which involved hiding any new pieces of furniture Narcissa would deem unacceptable, then all muggle or half born witches or wizards working at the manor would have to warned in advance not to come in for a while as Lucius and Narcissa still maintained their bitter outdated views on muggles. Preparations for acceptable feasts, acceptable clothes and acceptable decorations had to be put in place and lastly the most difficult challenge. Scorpius himself.

Draco often found himself thankful his parents never visited more often as he was unable to recall a visit that hadn’t ended in Scorpius screaming at Lucius and Narcissa while they criticised Draco’s “relaxed” style of parenting. Scorpius refused to quietly listen to his grandparent’s ugly views on how muggles should be seen and not heard and muggle born witches and wizards had no place in their world. While Lucius and Narcissa only seemed to find fault in everything their son and grandson did. The only person who seemed to enjoy their visits was Astoria, Lucius and Narcissa loved Astoria as if she was their own daughter, Astoria could do no wrong in their eyes as she held similar beliefs and her family were purebloods who taught their daughter what they deemed to be “acceptable beliefs”.

Family dinners had been tense for Draco since he married Astoria but these last 2 dinners had been a whole new level of tense as no one was able to break the news of Scorpius’ Hogwarts house to his grandparents, Draco and Astoria made the decision when they found out not to tell his parents as while they were barely able to accept his house they knew his grandparents would not. They quickly went to Madame Malkins and bought a whole new Slytherin uniform set to deceive his parents. Scorpius however was less able to hold it tongue about the family’s new secret. The first time Scorpius was told he would have to pretend to be a slytherin he blatantly refused. But after much begging he agreed to keep the secret but his longing to see his grandparent’s reaction was stronger than his promise so he often found himself about to blurt it out so his parents would have to excuse him to his room. He found himself spending most of his Christmas alone as it was easier to keep him away than it was to make sure he watched his tongue all the time.  

But it meant they barely even noticed that he spent his entire Christmas reading about the tracking spell and magical tombs in the Malfoys library. Even when he was back on the train to Hogwarts Scorpius still felt unprepared and nervous for their adventure. On the train back the group had decided they would carry out their expedition in 2 days’ time, to give Rose time to acquire the cloak from James. The next two days were impossible hard for anyone to concentrate on anything but the possible tomb. Rose and Scorpius spent all their free time in the library discussing what they had learnt over Christmas about the tracking spell. Whereas Albus and Sienna spent their free time sneaking away from her friends to discuss how they were going to escape unseen through the castle.

“Are we sure we should do this tonight? I mean we haven’t correctly cast the spell a single time, we barely know if it even is a tomb and we still haven’t got a plan for if you two get caught, none of this seems like a good idea!” Scorpius expressed his concern over dinner.

“We are doing this tonight! My dreams are getting worse, I feel like she’s getting stronger and every moment we send researching and studying and practicing she’s moving ten steps ahead of us!” Rose panicked, barely touching her turkey leg.

“Rose we don’t even know if she’s back at all, they could just be dreams! But I do agree with her, we should do this tonight. You and Rose are the smartest witch and wizard of our entire year if anyone’s going to do the spell it’s you two and as for our escape route don’t worry about us. Sienna can get us in and out of the castle undetected, I know she can.” Albus reassured glancing over at the slytherin table allowing himself to glance at Sienna for a moment before turning back to his friends.

“How do you have so much confidence in her? Nothing about Sienna Vane says we should trust her and yet you trust her with everything!” Rose frustratingly sighed finally taking a bite of her food.

“You don’t know her like I do, I know she’ll come through for us this time. I don’t trust her vibe I trust the girl I know, and she won’t fail me.” Albus confidently reassured. Rose sighed. This operation had to be executed perfectly and there was no time for betrayal in her plan, so she would trust her cousin’s judgement.



When midnight finally arrived Rose quietly barely put her feet to the ground and tiptoed over to her trunk where she has stashed the package her older cousin has discreetly slipped into her bag at lunch time. She carefully undid the bow and allowed the velvet material surrounding the cloak to fall into her trunk. Rose gave herself to admire how well the cloak worked before wrapping it around herself and tiptoeing over to the boy’s dormitory and gently pinching Scorpius’ arm. Scorpius quickly bolted upright as Rose carefully hitched the robe up just enough for Scorpius to be able to see her shoes. Scorpius crept over to her as she quickly threw the cloak over them both. Scorpius looked at her startled face and smiled. Rose awkwardly shuffled her way to the front of the cloak as she was smaller. Scorpius nervously placed his hands around her waist and they began to walk in unison towards Albus’ bed. Rose gently pinched Albus who seemed more alert than Scorpius and gave them a thumbs up before quickly and silently following them out of the dormitory. As the made it out of the portrait hole Albus spied Sienna behind a gargoyle statue waiting for them.

“You made it. Where’s tweedle blondie and tweedle know it all?” Sienna excitedly whispered as she came over to Albus. Rose and Scorpius raised the cloak enough for her to see their shoes and Sienna’s eyes widened.

“Wow that thing really works! Think I can borrow it sometime?” Sienna asked while Albus rolled his eyes and gestured for her to follow him. The plan continues without a hitch as they snuck down the stairs, however when they reached the bottom of the grand staircase Albus and Sienna, and Rose and Scorpius split up as Sienna was aware that the caretaker always patrolled by the main entrance at precisely midnight. Rose and Scorpius snuck past him as he opened the main door to give the ground entrance a quick check over and made their way to the forest entrance where they were set to meet up. Meanwhile Albus and Sienna waited for his back to be turned and slipped into the unlocked door to the great hall. Sienna had watched his routine enough to know he always forgot to lock the great hall doors so the plan was to slip inside wait for him to go then sneak back out and they’d get off scot free.  Albus and Sienna pinned themselves to the wall barely breathing, waiting for him to move on but suddenly they heard the clink of the doors moving and realised too late that they were being locked in.

“I thought you said he never locks this door!” Albus panicked trying his best to keep his voice under control as they heard the click of the lock.

“He doesn’t! I’ve done this a million times and he’s never locked it before! Why tonight!” Sienna exclaimed her voice raising only slightly.

“It had to be tonight! Oh god what are we going to do!? We’ll be locked in here until morning then everyone will catch us and know we snuck out! We’ll be suspended! Oh god I can hear his footsteps walking away!” Albus panicked slowly losing his ability to whisper. Sienna slapped Albus’ face and cupped it in her hands. Albus stared at her shocked for a moment and for one crazy moment he thought she was going to kiss him but instead she just glared at him.

“Pull yourself together!” She dropped his face and looked around frantically “Get in the cupboard!” she exclaimed pointing to the cupboard used to store the logs for the fire places. Albus stared at her like she’d gone mad. “Just go!” She frantically pushed him towards the cupboard. Albus could tell by her panicked tone she meant it. As soon as Albus closed the door of the cupboard with himself in it Sienna began banging as loud as she could on the door screaming for help at the top of her lungs. Albus wanted to burst out of the cupboard and gag her

Is she trying to get herself expelled!? She’ll get caught!” Then as the huge doors opened it began to dawn on Albus what she was doing

‘She’s taking the fall for me’

“What the hell are you doing out of bed!?” The caretaker screamed grabbing Sienna by the shoulders. Sienna did her best big scared eyes and began stuttering

“I….I just wanted…some…some food and then the door….the doors locked!” Sienna began doing her best fake cry. Albus had to admit her scared act was very convincing.

“Well we’ll see what Miss McGonagall has to say about this insolence!” the caretaker said hauling Sienna in front of him to march her off. Before he pushed her out the door Albus saw her mouth the word ‘Go!’ at him. In his rage the caretaker hadn’t even shut the doors.

Albus was frozen for a moment in shock. Sienna Vane, the girl everybody had told him not to trust had just saved him from being punished and locked in the great hall over night by accepting punishment herself. She had saved him. That was the moment Albus knew, she wasn’t the untrustworthy, cruel person everyone believed her to be. She was misjudged.

Albus’ thoughts were cut short by the realisation that he had to leave soon before the caretaker came back and Sienna’s sacrifice was in vain. He jumped out of the log cupboard and snuck towards the entrance slowly opening the doors and sneaking into the grounds before anyone would notice.

If Sienna was going to sacrifice herself in order for him to continue their mission, he was going to make sure they did it. 

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