The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


10. Part 2 Chapter 4

That night even though there were extremely noisy celebrations going on Albus choose to sit by himself on the sofa. People kept coming up to him though and congratulating him and his brother and cousins kept trying to pull him up to join in. Albus wasn’t in the right mind to celebrate though, what Sienna had said struck a nerve with him, he’d been putting his fears ahead of his family and NOTHING should come ahead of family. He was so lost in his own thoughts he didn’t even hear Thalia sit down next to him.

“She’s very pretty” Thalia nervously started. Albus looked at her startled by the fact she’d crept up on him.

“Sienna I mean…. I saw you with her today. Everyone thinks she’s pretty! You do too don’t you…. Is that why you were talking to her” Thalia looked down at the butterbear in the hands and avoided eye contact. Albus blushed heavily.

“I….she’s not….i mean we’re not….we didn’t…. it wasn’t like that!” Albus spluttered.

“Well… you looked pretty cosy out there with her. Don’t let her fool you Al, Sienna only cares about one person and that’s herself. Anybody else is just collateral damage…you’re better than that!” Albus stared at her, shocked at the harshness of her words.

“How would you even know that?! You haven’t even had a real conversation with her! She’s not as selfish as you choose to believe! You shouldn’t judge her without knowing anything about her!” Thalia looked up at Albus stunned at his outburst.

“I didn’t realise you cared so much about her…”

“I don’t!” Albus defensively insisted. Thalia immediately directed her attention to her feet while Albus directed his awkwardly to the wall.

“I should go…” Thalia began but Albus quickly interrupted her by grabbing her wrist.

“Wait! Before you go, do you know where Rose and Scorpius went after the game? I need to talk to them….” Thalia’s face turned red at his grip on her wrist, he immediately noticed and let her go.

“Uh… No.” she said absent minded, then she shoke the blankness out of her head and tried again. “No I haven’t seen either of them since the game” She said and rushed off to the girls’ dormitory.



When Rose and Scorpius got back Rose was rushing off to read up on the tracking spell and Scorpius rushed off to practice it, leaving Albus alone again but this time he didn’t give up instead he planning to catch them at breakfast when they couldn’t possibly sneak away from him. Unfortunately for Albus they were both too engrossed in a spell book from the library to talk to him, no matter how hard he tried to get them to listen. Both Rose and Scorpius finished there breakfast early and told Albus they’d talk later and hurried off.

On their way to the room of requirement Scorpius finally started to question her.

“So this sneaking out plan? ….How mad and risky is it exactly?” Scorpius hesitantly asked.

“Don’t you dare back out on me now! I told you before it’s insane!” Rose responded turning the stairs from the 3rd to the 4th floor.

“I know, I know it’s just…. I want to know what I’m dealing with here!” Rose stopped two steps before Scorpius’ step and turned to face him.

“We’re negotiating with possible future criminal masterminds for something that I’m pretty sure is against every school rule ever! Does that make you feel better?” Rose sarcastically asked, Scorpius thought about it for a moment then carried on following her.

“You’re right it’s best I don’t know!”



When they finally reached the seventh floor 3 boys were there to meet them by the wall that held the room of requirement. When they noticed Rose and Scorpius they all turned to face them with one boy taking the lead and staying a few steps ahead of the others.

 The one of the left was so incredibly beautiful that he stood out more than the other two despite being further back; his pale blonde hair fell lightly over his brow exposing his light blue eyes and thick lashes. The boys frame was slim yet with a muscular tone and the blue and gold tie he wore over his white shirt with the sleeves pushed up, revealed him to be a Ravenclaw while the other two were Gryffindor’s.

The boy on the right could not look more different, his dark tone and short black curly hair contrasted with the other boy’s fair and pale looks. The boy on the right had a wicked gleam in his green eyes and a half smile that suggested he loved every moment of this meeting but at the same time gave off a worryingly unpredictable vibe, like you never knew who this boy would prank next.

The boy in the middle seemed to be a balance between the two with his tightly crossed arms and smug smile, bringing the serious calmness of the boy on the left together with the manic excitement of the boy on the right.  His messy black hair and brown eyes suggested he was wild and impulsive yet his strong stance and control over the two others suggested he was there leader.

Although Scorpius knew James and Fred the boy on the left was entirely new to him and Scorpius couldn’t help but stare confused at him, after a few seconds he finally shifted his gaze back to Rose who was matching James’ stance ready for negotiation.

“Rosie” James Acknowledged her father’s nickname for her mockingly.

“Jamie” Rose countered with his mother’s nickname.  Rose gestured to the wall.

“Let’s not pretend, we all know where we will be meeting so let’s just go in shall we?” Rose closed her eyes and within a few seconds the door appeared and the standoff in the hall way moved into the room of requirement.

After Rose and Scorpius hurried off Albus sighed and carried on with his breakfast, until he felt someone brush against him and push something into his hand. He quickly looked up and noticed Sienna Vane leaving with Jasper Zabini and his gang of Slytherin’s, she didn’t even look like she’d noticed him but the note in his hand said otherwise.  The note simply said ‘Professor Hall’s classroom in 5 minutes’. Albus wasn’t sure if he could wait that long.



The room was similar to the one he and Rose had met in before but with more chairs and instead of a coffee table an actual glass table parted the chairs with two on one side and three on the other. Rose gestured her head to the empty chair next to her signalling him to sit down.

“I thought this meeting was just going to be us. You don’t tell me he was coming along!” James warned.

“I told you I was bringing the bargain and I have.”  Rose calmly stated.

“Suis-je raté quelque chose? I don’t even know this guy!” the blonde boy exclaimed, switching between French and English fluently. James rolled his eyes and turned away from Rose.

“Louis! I’ve told you a million times no one else speak French! Please make an effort to speak English for us!” James impatiently asked.

“FINE! AM I MISSING SOMETHING? I don’t even know this guy!” Louis sarcastically pronounced every word of his previous sentence in English and sticking his tongue out in protest.

“This is Scorpius Malfoy, he’s here to help me with the bargain, Scorpius you know Fred and James from quiditch but this is my cousin Louis. He’s Dominique’s brother” Rose explained using Dominique to try and hurry up the meeting.

“Wait! DOMINIQUE is YOUR sister!? Dominique? The scary beater quiditch captain who knocks bludgers open for fun? ….But you look nothing alike!?” Scorpius stared at him confused, despite his seriousness over the negotiations he didn’t look nearly as terrifying as Dominique and she looked nowhere near as beautiful as him!

“I believe what you’re referring to is the fact that Louis is a full blown veela whereas Dom completely skipped that gene.” Fred explained.

“You come from a family of Veela’s!?” Scorpius stared at Rose in amazement as she slightly blushed.

“Not ME! Louis and Dom’s mum is ¼ Veela and my dad and there dad are brothers so only Louis, Dom and Victoire have the Veela blood….there mother also explains the French side.”

“No offense but…. Are you sure Dominique is your real sister? I mean she doesn’t seem French or …..veela-ish” Scorpius tried to politely put it.

“Dominique’s a Weasley.” Louis shrugged.

“Were getting off the subject!” Fred insisted.

“Right, now you told us you wanted something extremely valuable from us in return for assistance on our latest prank…. which by the way I still have no idea how you know about!” James leaned forward placing his hands on the table.

“It wasn’t hard! I overheard you three idiots planning it in the common room!”

“So what do you want? I trust it’s within reason and something we can actually get you.” James calmly replied.

“Yes, it is actually. For one night, just one night we want…. The invisibility cloak” Rose crossed her arms while everyone else in the room stared at her in shock and horror.



Albus rushed off to Professor Hall’s empty classroom to find Sienna sitting at his desk.

“I thought you never wanted to talk to me again” Albus said confused, Sienna smiled her wicked smile.

“I don’t believe I ever said that! It’s not true anyway. I just didn’t want you to tell Jasper that I do” She crossed her legs over the table as Albus closed the door and started walking towards her.

“Why do you even hang around with that idiot? He’s such a jerk!” Sienna’s smile widened.

“True.  But in case you haven’t noticed there aren’t exactly many nice Slytherin’s!” Albus shifted his gaze from the floor to her eyes.

“You’re a nice Slytherin…” Sienna’s smile faded as she studied him.

“You think I’m nice?” She asked confused.

“Nicer than the rest of them anyway. And if there’s no nice Slytherin’s why don’t you just hang around with me?” Albus nervously asked her.

“Same reason you properly haven’t told your friends you’re here with me. Doesn’t matter if we understand each other or not, our houses won’t and they’d put too much pressure on us.”

“Why did you invite me here?” Albus shifted the focus of the conversation back on point.

“I want to know what happened last year. And not just the quick version, the complete details.” Sienna crossed her arms as she regained her superior posture.

“Why? It’s not like you care…”

“I’m interested.  Plus if Rose is right you’ll need all the help you can get finding the mirror lady, may as well start informing me now” Sienna smirked. Albus hesitated for a moment, a few weeks ago she was picking on him and his friends and now she was volunteering to help them catch a potential killer!  Albus waited for a while and then started the story from the beginning.



“Invisibility cloak?” Scorpius asked amazed.

“We don’t have a …” James firmly began but Rose cut in.

“Don’t even try it! When I was 8 years old I realised the story of what your father did didn’t make any sense, the way he was able to sneak around the castle, the way he snuck into the boat house while Voldemort was there, how he hid from the minister of magic when they came to arrest Hagrid. So much of it was impossible, so I asked my mother and she told me he had an invisibility cloak passed down through his family. And then you started Hogwarts and there was NO WAY you could have done all the pranks you’ve done without it, you would have been caught for sure, so I figured you stole it.” Rose explained, James studied her for a moment then looked at Louis and Fred who both looked worried.

“So if you found out I stole it, why haven’t you told on me yet?” Rose shrugged.

“None of my business really”

“So what? If we don’t give it to you you’ll rat on us?” Fred angrily asked.

“No point, you’ll just hide it and no one will believe me anyway.”

“So if you’re not going to blackmail us what makes you think we’d ever give you our most valuable possession?” Louis asked confused.

“Bribery. You give us the cloak for one night, we’ll return it in the morning, and in return you get an alibi for your ridiculous prank.” Rose simply stated, Scorpius was completely lost but tried to copy her intimidation. Unfortunately James’s also matched her intimidation.

“We don’t need an alibi we’re going to pull it off without them ever finding out!” Fred confidently insisted.

“Oh please! You two prank this school so much they won’t think twice before putting you all in detention, maybe worse!” Rose rolled her eyes. James paused.

“Even so, your family to all of us, even with your perfect record they’ll never believe you; they’ll think we put you to it!”

“That’s why I’m not offering my own services, I’m offering his.” She pointed to Scorpius who did a double take between her and James.

“Me? I’m the Alibi? …. But I won’t even see there prank” Scorpius asked confused. Rose stared at him confused.

“You know for a really smart person, that was a really stupid comment! I told you you’d have to lie!”

“I didn’t realise it was going to be to the headmaster!” Scorpius nervously added.

“Remember what we’re doing this for! Besides your records just as perfect as mine, they’ll believe you in a heartbeat!” Scorpius nodded uncertainly.

“What do you even want the cloak for anyway!?” James asked annoyed.

“That’s none of your concern! Oh, and the final condition of this deal is no one else finds out about this. There it is the whole deal, take it or leave it.” James looked at Louis and Fred; Fred nodded vicariously while Louis lightly shook his head. James contemplated the offer for a moment before turned back to Rose and Scorpius.


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