The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


9. Part 2 Chapter 3

Scorpius was so curious about Rose’s meeting that he hadn’t even bothered getting changed. Rose was waiting impatiently for him on the other side of the door with her red satchel in hand as he reached the 7th floor. The second he entered she grabbed his arm and sprinted down the corridor with him in tow.

“Rose where are we going!?” Scorpius panted. Rose stopped but kept a hold on his wrist. She was smiling proudly as she faced a wall.

“We’re here!” Scorpius looked around and then it hit him where he was. This was the corridor that Thalia’s necklace had led them too.  This was where the mist woman had tried to kill them.

“ROSE! Why are we HERE?” Scorpius hissed at her but her smile didn’t phase.

“Shh! I need to concentrate!”  Rose closed her eyes and within a few moments a door appeared again.

“You can’t be serious! You want to go back to the place you nearly died!?” Scorpius gave her a disbelieving look as she rolled her eyes.

“It’s the room of requirement dummy! It changes to suit the person’s needs, I asked to be alone and it gives me a room to be alone in ….. The mist woman asks for a room to hide in and it gave her a hiding spot” Rose explained as she pulled Scorpius through the door.



The room was simple and plain, a wooden floor with white walls, two chairs in the middle and a glass coffee table. It looked much less sinister than the last time Scorpius had been there. Rose instantly took one seat and looked at the other one implying Scorpius should take it, he got the hint and rushed to his seat.

“So ….why did you bring me here again?” Scorpius asked tentatively. Rose turned serious and frightened again.

“It’s about….her.” Rose paused. Scorpius half smiled

“I kind of figured but why couldn’t you talk to Albus and Thalia about this?”

“Because the second I even mention her name Al shuts off! It’s like he wants her to be dead so badly that he rejects anything that could threaten that! And Thalia tries to be nice but you can tell she doesn’t believe either! You’re the only one who’ll hear me out! … You will hear me out right?”  Scorpius paused for a moment and stared at her. He had to admit the theory that she had survived sounded unbelievable even to him, but he came from a family that believed in only speaking when spoken to, so he knew all about not being heard out.

“Of course I will!” He reassured her. “Now what’s your theory?”  Rose brought out a huge text book and opened it up it up about half way in.

“Well… That clearing we were in this morning with the boulders… I think it might be a tomb. I know it sounds truly crazy but last night before bed I was reading through this book about ancient wizarding tombs…” Rose was skipping pages trying to find the chapter she needed.

“As a bit of light reading?” Scorpius interrupted sarcastically.

“…Well not exactly! The prophecy in my dream mentioned a tomb so I figured it couldn’t hurt to look some up!” Rose looked at Scorpius guiltily as Scorpius rolled his eyes.  She finally found the page she needed and pointed the book towards Scorpius.

“Anyways, back in the Victorian era witches and wizards used to put their loved ones into concealed tombs so the muggles who were witch hunting couldn’t find their bodies and burn them. It was very popular during the witch hunting days, the descendants of the tombs occupant would use a concealment charm, which allowed rocks and boulders to be key that only there family blood could unlock with by holding touching the rocks while another magical person reads an incantation that will be visible on the rocks only to magical people.” Rose tried to explain. Scorpius stared at her wide eyed.

“So people would make a tomb for their dead relatives then open it by touching rocks and have someone else read the incantation on the rocks?” Scorpius tried to summarise

“Magic wasn’t as advanced in those days! Nowadays concealment charms are much easier!”

“Anyway you think that clearing might be the mist woman’s tomb?” Scorpius asked sceptically.

“I know I sound mad and maybe I am but think about it! A prophecy is recited in my dream saying a tomb is destined to be opened this year and then we come across a clearing with 3 rocks that have markings on them!”  Rose exclaimed passionately gesturing to the pictures of boulders in the book.

“Okay you have a point…”

“Exactly! But I can’t be sure because we weren’t close enough to get a good look at the markings on the rocks! Which is why…and please don’t freak out …but I want to sneak out and get a better look!” Scorpius’ jaw hung open as she said it.

“No! Rose you can’t….”

“I know there’s a high chance I’m just really shaken up from last year and maybe I’ve made this whole thing up in my head, but I truly belief she’s alive and if we could find her tomb we might find out more about her! I need to take this chance!” Scorpius shook his head unable to believe what he was hearing. Then realised what Rose really wanted to do, prove she was sane. All these months Albus had been dismissing her beliefs as crazy and now she had a chance to prove she wasn’t, she needed this.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but….fine. I believe you Rose and if you think going back to the clearing might help prove your point…. I’ll do it” Scorpius said confidently to Rose’s surprise.

“I didn’t ask you to come with me…”

“I assumed that was going to be you next question right?”  Rose smiled at him.

“Thank you. Really I’m just grateful that you listened and didn’t think I was crazy!” Rose sighed in relief. Scorpius looked seriously into her eyes.

“Hey! You can always talk to me! And I’m never going to think you’re crazy!” Scorpius squeezed her shoulders to reassure her, which seemed to help because she smiled and sighed with relief.

“So what’s our plan here?”

“Well…..we don’t EXACTLY have one….yet!”



One week later  Rose and Scorpius were still trying to come up with a plan to get out of the castle and find the clearing. There secretiveness about the plans was irritating Albus and confusing Thalia. One particular morning they had spent almost all of breakfast next to each other whispering.

“Okay that’s it! What are you two doing?!” Albus exclaimed annoyed. Rose and Scorpius looked at him panicked.

“What do you…”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about! You two have been sneaking around everywhere, going off by yourselves all the time and now you’re whispering with each other right in front of me! What is this about!?” Scorpius and Rose stuttered for a moment and looked at each other hoping the other would save them; Albus just continued to glare at them.

“Well uh….” Scorpius never did have to finish that sentence because before he could Dominique and Roxanne interrupted them and sat either side of Albus.

“Alright Ally?”  Dom smirked. Albus rolled his eyes.

“Albus! And what do you want?” Albus snappily replied. Dominique and Roxy pretended to be offended, and Dominique gasped

“Ally Potter! That is no way to talk to your captain and vice-captain!” Dominique put her hand over her heart as if she’d been wounded by his words.

“Yeah Ally! I think we’d expect more from our first line chaser!...of course there were plenty of others that tried out if you’re not interested in the position anymore…” Albus’ eyes lit up with excitement as Roxanne teased him.

“Wait! I got on the team!?” Albus nearly squealed

“Shh the line ups supposed to announce this afternoon but we wanted to tell you in person! Oh and rub it in James and Fred’s faces that you got on the team in second year and it took them till 3rd year! They’ll be dead jealous!” Dominique and Roxanne got up to leave.

“Thank you so much!”

“Don’t thank us! We didn’t choose you cause your family we choose you because you were good out there! Now keep it up!” Roxanne reassured. They were about to leave when Roxy noticed Scorpius’ face drop completely.

“You too Malfoy! Seekers an important job I expect you to keep training to keep it!” Dominique gave him a warning glance before she walked off.

“I…I made seeker?” was all a shocked Scorpius could manage. Rose beamed and looked between her cousin and Scorpius.

“And you both said you’d never do it! I knew you would!” Rose flung her arms around Scorpius which shocked him back to life as he hugged her back.

“We made the quiditch team!” Albus reminded himself.



2 months passed and Scorpius and Albus trained almost every day. As the months passed though Rose became increasingly frustrated with herself for not being able to find a way back to the clearing, or a way to sneak out of the castle. Albus was also getting more annoyed but at Rose and Scorpius, whenever they weren’t training Scorpius was always with Rose! He was beginning to miss when they hated each other! And they’d always deny whatever they were doing together; clearly he was being left out.

Eventually after months of practicing the time came for the first quiditch match, it was against Ravenclaw and both Albus and Scorpius were shaking with nerves before they entered the pitch. They looked into the stand just before the game and spotted Rose and Thalia sat next to each other cheering, although Scorpius noticed Rose also looked a bit impatient. It was only Albus who noticed Sienna sat behind them which seemed odd to him, considering that it wasn’t compulsory for everyone in the school to come and Sienna’s house weren’t playing today.

During the game Albus scored 6 goals, James scored 5 and Fred scored 1.  Scorpius managed to catch the snitch as well making Gryffindor win 220- 60. The celebrations and cheers as Scorpius held up the snitch were completely overwhelming for him.  When they dismounted there brooms Albus was surrounded by hugs from his family, eventually he broke free and ran to Scorpius to hug him and pat his back.

“That was AMAZING! The way you knocked past Gwen to get the snitch was incredible!” Albus cheered.

“No! That last goal after you stole the ball from Kris was incredible!” Scorpius stopped laughing when he saw Rose run towards them at full speed.

“Scorpius! We need to go!” Rose shouted grabbing his arm and trying to pull him away.

“What now!? Bu the celebrations….” Albus stared at her shocked.

“It was great game, congratulations on the win, you guys were so good but Scorpius and I NEED to go NOW!” Scorpius looked at Albus apologetically.

“What could be more important than celebrating our first win!? Where do you need to go!?” Albus shouted completely fed up of being excluded.

“Sorry Al….i might make it back later!” Scorpius shouted and he followed Rose back out of the quiditch pitch. Albus stared at them disbelievingly when Sienna walked up to him.

“Congratulations big shot, highest scorer of your first match. Don’t go getting a big head now!” Sienna smirked. Albus crossed him arms and angrily snatched his broom up from the ground.

“Not now Sienna! Can you at least save the merciless teasing for tomorrow? I’m not in the mood!” Albus started walking away but Sienna grabbed his arm tightly and pulled him back.

“Don’t talk to me like that!” Sienna fiercely warned. Everyone was starting to clear out of the pitch now and started heading to the Gryffindor common room for celebrations. Albus should have been terrified of her warning glare and he was momentarily shaken but then he regained his composure and glared right back at her.

“Why shouldn’t i!? You’re always mean to me!” Albus stood up for himself.

“Because I wasn’t teasing you! Just because you’re in some kind of a mood doesn’t mean you can take it out on me when I’m trying to be nice to you!” Sienna let go of his arm and crossed her arms. Albus’ expression softened as he gave her a confused look.

 “Why ARE you trying to be nice to me? I though you hated me!” Sienna shrugged, her crossed arms dropped a little.

“I don’t hate you! …. I tease you sometimes true but I don’t HATE you. Besides there’s no point kicking someone whose too knocked down to fight back. You looked all miserable, even though you were just the highest scorer of you first match! You should be celebrating not pouting!” Sienna boldly insisted.

“Tell that to Scorpius, all he wants to do is hang around with Rose!”

“Aw and your jealous that your best buddy is now best buddies with your cousin!” Sienna deduced although her tone was mocking Albus could tell she didn’t mean it harshly. Everyone had left the pitch now and it was just them. Or so they thought, as Sienna and Albus both sat down cross legged on the grass Thalia who had been watching from the entrance at the other side of the pitch ran out.

“At least she’s not telling me about…” Albus caught himself before he was able to tell Sienna what he was about to tell her.

“Not telling you what?” Sienna asked leaning back to look at the sky, but when Albus wouldn’t reply she turned back to him.

“Doesn’t matter you’ll just use it to make fun of us with Jasper again” Albus picked at a piece of grass as he avoided Sienna’s eyes.

“Maybe that’s why you should tell me… you know I’ll be back with Jasper and his crew tomorrow and there’s no way I’m going to be telling him I was at a GRYFFINDOR match, yet alone here with YOU….no offense”

“Offense taken!” Albus thought about it for a moment, there was no way Sienna would risk her reputation with the Slytherin’s to give them material to tease them with. Sienna cared for about herself more than making fun of him, and keeping the secret was getting so hard. So he told her, he told her about the mirror and the room and Rose’s glowing red eyes, and the prophecy from divination, everything. By the time he was finished she was completely speechless.

“How did you do ALL that without anyone finding out!?”

“With extreme difficulty! Anyway Rose is determined that the mist woman is back and she’s been having these nightmares with prophecy’s in them and ….it’s crazy but every time I tell her she’s dead she gets so angry and I just don’t know how to get this insane idea out of her head!” Sienna thought for a moment before she responded.

“I think you should believe her” Albus stared at her trying to comprehend what she’d just said.

“What!? But…”

“She’s you family! Maybe she’s completely mental and should be locked up in St Mungos but she’s you family and you should always stick by your family and it kind of sounds like she needs someone to stick by her right now.” Albus couldn’t believe it, last year he’d gotten family advice from a death eater’s son and this year he was getting it from someone who bullied him! How had he gotten so out of touch with his family?

“Is that what you’d do if it was your family?” Albus sighed. Sienna carefully planned her next sentence then said,

“I don’t have a family. I got left on the steps of an orphanage when I was born with my birth certificate and I’ve been in care ever since. I’d kill to have a big family like yours and if I had one I wouldn’t be taking it for granted like you’re doing! Stand by Rose, she needs you.” Sienna said as she got up and wiped the grass off her skirt. “Oh and if you ever tell anyone about ANY of this I’ll hex you into oblivion!” Sienna left Albus thinking about what she’d said.



Rose and Scorpius were alone in the library as everyone else was celebrating, Rose brought out the book she was looking for and threw it down on the table and starting skipping to the page she wanted.

“I wanted to show you before but I knew you couldn’t get out of the quiditch match. I found it this morning after breakfast, ah here we go!” Rose twisted the book around to face Scorpius.

“It’s a tracking spell! We can track places we’ve been before, we just cast the spell and it’ll show us the path we took!” Scorpius excitedly scanned through the page but his face fell when he saw one important part of the spell that Rose had properly overlooked.

“Rose it’s for 5th years!”

“I know but we’re two of the smartest people in our year! If ANYONES could do a spell 3 years ahead of their age it’s us! We have to try we’ve already wasted 2 months! She could be getting stronger!” Scorpius tried to protest, but he realised how important it was to her that they try so he simply sighed instead.

“Okay fine we’ll try it but there’s still the matter of actually getting out of the castle! Do you have a plan for that too cause getting past the caretakers is not going to be easy…” Rose bit her lip and looked at Scorpius nervously.

“I’ve been think about that and I have an idea … it’s mad though! And it’s going to require you to lie your head off! It’s also pretty risky so I didn’t want to tell you until I was sure there was no other way but ….”

“This whole plan is risky and mad! What do we have to do?”

“Meet me tomorrow morning after breakfast by the room or requirement and I’ll explain everything I promise” Scorpius glanced at Rose worried and wondering what he had gotten himself into.

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